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The Ontario Science Center is an excellent example of an interactive experience for children. It’s much larger than other Children’s Museums (Exploriums, etc.) we have visited in other cities and offers enough to keep electricity 1800s any child busy for an entire day. The museum is clearly well-funded based on it’s sheer size and breadth, but many exhibits do seem dated. Therefore, it may not be great for repeat visits as other reviewers have lamented, but it is a must-do activity for first-time visitors to Toronto with kids. Suggestions: – Save on admission by purchasing the Toronto CityPass. If you have several days to spend in Toronto, the CityPass grants access to the CN Tower, Zoo, Casa Loma, Museum, as well as the Ontario Science Center. It cuts admission in half . . . if you are going to multiple attractions. – Toronto schools run through late June, so go on a weekday when local kids are still in school. Also, arrive early to see everything and electricity and magnetism quiz questions avoid crowds. – Parking costs a few dollars, but access is easy (avoid the expensive 407 toll road!) – Check ahead for special exhibits. My kids really enjoyed MythBusters during our visit.

For Toronto, it is about average cost for a family activity, but you can easily spend a whole day there, and if you are in Toronto for gas x chewables reviews a few days, you should check out the CityPass which includes the OSC, zoo, CN tower, Casa Loma, and the ROM , all for not much more than you would pay for the CN tower alone. OSC also partners with other museums so if you have a membership to another museum somewhere in Canada or the States, check the details of your membership as you might be able to get into the OSC for free. I don’t recommend this attraction for people without children, unless you’re only visiting the IMAX theatre. The exhibits would be interesting only to adults interested in science but, if you’re interested in science, you probably already know most of the stuff they’re teaching at the OSC and what you don’t know you could pluck off of Wikipedia. You’ll get good value if you take kids 6+ years old year 6 electricity unit, moderate value if you take kids 4-5 years old, and virtually no value if you take kids 3 years old or younger. While they do have an area specifically geared to younger children and the Weston Innovation area and electricity area have hands-on activities that would be of interest to younger children, you are not going to get npower gas price per unit good value for your money if you are only bringing younger children as many of the exhibits will bore them to tears. Children 4-5 years aren’t going to get a tremendous amount of science knowledge out of the place, but the hands-on activities will still at least be fun for them. While visiting, definitely take time to visit the demonstrations they offer throughout the day. They are, in my view, a major highlight of the OSC. Their What’s The Matter? demonstration is particularly engaging and frankly should be on a national television if the folks who did the demonstration at our very recent visit are the ones delivering it (Kayla was the woman’s name gas jobs pittsburgh but I don’t know the man’s name — but their charisma was just fantastic). The demonstrations incorporate humour quite well and use volunteers. The only exhibit that I would say either needs to be retired or significantly updated is their exhibit that deals with racism, acceptance of and appreciation for other gas arkansas cultural practices, etc. It’s not that the content isn’t relevant or important, but the exhibit itself just looks old and feels poorly connected together, as if they have tried to mash together whatever items they didn’t have another place for in the OSC If you’re stuck for time, I would give this exhibit a miss.