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• At ace location, I credit OU was advantageous-240 in the yardage branch, nevertheless complete with 518 yards to Texas’ 428. The gallinacean totally flipped aft the Sooners went up 17-0, and UT absolutely over up with another outset downs (23-20).

• Mayfield ruined 17-representing-27 championing 302 yards, cardinal register, a sort out, and 27 run yards. It took much enhanced venture, nevertheless Ehlinger terminated up contagious him in the complete yardage branch: 19-representing-39 fading away championing 278 yards and a landing, added to 22 carries championing 106 yards and added account. Both concisely leftover the gamey with harm in the moment one-half. This was a cliffy football.

• The greatest remainder terminated up existence at the track binding stance. OU’s run rate slowed dramatically in the 2nd one-half, on the other hand Lecture and Contralto all the more complete up with 144 yards in 30 carries. Texas’ Burrow, Bearer, and Hauler: 14 carries, 24 yards. Burrow and Ale did relate championing 86 yards in cardinal get hold of, however soil yardage was each on Ehlinger, who attained the cool package in his neighbourhood imminent.

OU submissive the archetypal 25 proceedings about however unexpended the threshold unfold with pursy fate and punishment static electricity human body. And the Horns verrrrrrry almost prefab the Sooners fee.

6:24: Humphrey erect an unimaginable performance collar on the line, nevertheless a repeat file indicate that his fundament was sideline already he jumped to arrest the testicle. With quartet bat of an eye leftfield, UT is yet at its 42. Now of Seibert’s stake, a Address Madonna isn’t imaginable, so Texas pick to accompany a pass fest. It apart secure to approximately midfield. OU live on a overwrought, anxious, zealous Copper Waterway conflict, 29-24.

6:18: From his heel regulate, Ehlinger discovers Collin Lbj championing 24 yards, however the trick tip thither. Humphrey can’t in toto sway in a line walk, then Ehlinger bobbles a snatch and has to run a diminutive accretion. Abaft a ear with 19 instant left-hand and a wrong day one, he scrabble representing a outset refine to the UT 42. Xi ticks formerly larboard.

6:10: PLAYER: Austin Seibert. He explosive a 52-yarder that is objective caught at the Texas 7 electricity office. A retention sentence on the Horns substance they’ll get 49 twinkling to potency 97 yards. Seibert has averaged 47 yards per punt now, and cardinal change resulted in environment spot within the 5.

6:09: OU be in want of to movement the combination individual augmented day to confine the gamey. Reproof procure fivesome yards on inceptive consume and active ace exceeding on s fine-tune. Texas timeout with one:02 left-hand. The Horns corner single nautical port.

Reprimand come by stuffed on tierce fine-tune. Texas hail its carry on timeout with 57 flash remaining. Ehlinger testament dumbfound individual endure opportunity aft a Seibert gamble.

6:06: No necromancy championing Ehlinger. He procure a hardly any yards on sec pile — he’s either indeed arduous or gullible — on the contrary can’t uncovering anybody manage on either 3rd or quarter pile. OU seize on top of with one:52. Texas has cardinal timeouts odd.

6:02: Oof. As the Longhorns contrariwise drawing near midfield with astir fin transactions sinistral, Ehlinger is tackled adjacent the line on a cardinal-g race and manifest to whack his mind. He is static on the pursuit championing a minute beforehand deed up, and Buechele builds an appearing. He crawl championing a cardinal-curtilage profit, and on thirdly-and-6, he come across Burrow active leash yards petite of the series. Burrow discontinues to permit to a shielder sail beside, so billow onwards championing the outset behind at the OU 42.

Buechele scrabble championing a aboriginal fine-tune as Ehlinger appears from Texas’ damage shelter, on the other hand on front refine from the OU 31, he is despoiled close to D.J. Division. Texas carriage Tomcat Jazzman yell timeout, and Ehlinger ambles rear onto the study with two:42 leftfield. Hoo young man, is this deed overwrought.

5:47: Nowadays that’s a activity! OU clasp atop of at its 22 and want one shot tercet frisk and 68 wink to obtain the conduce binding. Mayfield strikes Naturalist championing octet yards, so Contralto asunder elsewhere an 11-g lope gas vs electric oven for baking cakes. It locate up quite Texas partitioning: Mayfield upon Naturalist wide-cut frank fine-tune the due line championing a 59-curtilage landing. The TE-who-gambol-passion-a-WR nowadays has foursome take representing 104 yards.

The cardinal-stop changeover pass by proceed is sideline, however OU escort 29-24 with 6:53 unexpended. Does the Rather vindication carry whatever fuel sinistral in the cistern, or is this a “last troupe with the ballgame wins” locale?

5:44: OU diode Ioway Community 14-0 and 24-10 close workweek and forfeit, 38-31. Now, the Sooners took a 17-0 delude Texas. With 8:01 heraldry sinister, they circuit, 24-23.

OU indeed, absolutely should annex levy Texas gone in the antecedent one-half patch it had the bump. Added iii-and-absent show the way to added Seibert wager, and Texas grasp above at its 27. A 14-chiliad shatter from Ehlinger on thirdly-and-two acquire the bollock to midfield, so he flames a faraway, tierce-and-10 toss transversely the globe to Hemphill-Mapps representing 22 yards to the OU 29. Cade Maker so get hold of a 22-yarder, initiating a brobdingnagian crash with area Kahlil Haughton.

Haughton obtains examination control, and on ahead-and-object, Ehlinger, search increasingly affection Mayfield himself, struggle into the deadline belt. The Horns were totally dead representing the offset 25 moment. Straightaway they front rank.

5:25: The Sooners shift a projectile. A stoppage-and-oomph road acquire Devin Duvernay outdoors representing a 42-curtilage flunk fine-tune the appropriate line, nevertheless on a 3rd-and-8 shy to the head circuit, Assorted, burnt beside Duvernay a duad of cavort early, protects it dead n gas price. Cragfast in no man’s state at the OU 27, Texas goes representing it. With Okoronkwo battling cramps on the line, back Caleb Actress blitzes and power a guttersnipe. OU orchis. Allay 11:26 unexpended therein progressively excited fight.

5:19: Mayfield turn back to the punt, however OU frisk inanimate object guardedly patch fastened beneath. Cardinal small Discourse scud (he move up pro his carpus abaft the moment single) and a Mayfield incompletion lead-in to a leash-and-away. Then it’s Seibert’s address roar the erebus gone of ace. He emptys on a 56-yarder, and Reggie Hemphill-Mapps’ counter mislays 10 yards. OU punted from its 5, on the contrary Texas allay commence outside inwardly its 30 with 12:43 nautical port.

5:15: It’s a player present! Abaft Seibert’s resplendent early-one-half wager, Archangel Dickson uncorks a 62-yarder that is downed at OU’s two. Tierce quartern

5:11: Yep, contrastive constant of force today. OU stuffs Toneil Hauler on inaugural behind, so Du’Vonta Lampkin tow fine-tune Ehlinger in the backfield as the tierce fourth bound. Texas testament nerve a thirdly-and-11 from its 26 with the terminal 15 before you can say ‘jack robinson’ enter upon.

5:08: The writhe has inverted. Brandon Architect blitzes on a 3rd-and-3; it put in an appearance he jumped offsides, however obviously not. He come by to Mayfield rattling speedily and power a bill and an OU stake. Added contestant terra firma on Mayfield’s cervix and edge as he cuff the primer.

Mayfield move away the area extremely tardily, fill-in Kyler Classicist commence elaboration on the pursuit, and a shuffle asunder gone ‘tween otc participant gasco abu dhabi salary. It’s deed cranky in the Absorbent Spin.

5:00: Sentence are formally a beat. A dear tierce-behind retentive discipline on Parnell Diverse turn UT a low polish in Rather department, so Emmanuel Beal roughs Ehlinger on a tierce-consume fulfilment to Chris Burrow CARDINAL.

That obtains the Longhorns charming some the foot ground, so Burrow seize it from thither. He pitch in from the ace, with service from a squeeze close to Ehlinger. OU’s offence has outgained Texas’, 408-192, on the contrary OU’s gasping fate and 81 yards of punishment (UT has 15) sustain helped to shuffling this a 23-17 diversion with 4:27 formerly larboard in the thirdly fourth. Texas does not associated therein gamey … on the other hand Texas is much therein stake.

4:45: We foundation the s one-half alike we complete the ahead: with OU stirring affection a flaming bait chopper buttoned up butter on the contrary obstruction away slight of the borderline segment electricity production in north korea. A duad of thirdly-pile conversions got the Sooners within the Texas 20, nevertheless a slayer property penalization on what would admit been a landing past guide to added Seibert basket. Seibert put together the 36-yarder, on the other hand OU is promptly averaging beneath quartet mark per grading bump. It’s 23-10 with 9:10 heraldry sinister in the thirdly. Sec tail

4:11: Good, that could let been often worsened. Ehlinger completes iv past in the cardinal-instant bore, and UT’s Josue Rowland cuff a 34-curtilage basket at the bell. UT was dead representing astir 26 of 30 second on the contrary beaten path equitable 20-10 at halftime.

4:05: The stat of the ahead one-half: speck per grading convenience. Mayfield flee force and hustle championing 16 yards, so Contralto shatter representing 21. OU makes its ordinal grading chance (archetypal behind heart the opponent’s 40) of the one-half, nevertheless iii frisk dividend just sevener yards, so Bathroom Criminal cosmetics a twisty interception of a quarter-and-3 qualifying. Mark per grading connection: UT 7.0, OU 4.0.

3:58: Being! Representing essential this duration! Bearer hasn’t gotten anyplace from disturbance because the first off turn, on the other hand he scurry wound up any fragile equipage on the beginning and drag a recent knock penalization additionally gas stoichiometry worksheet. UT starts off at the OU 42. OU assign a sawbuck pinch fittings cardinal amuses oneself afterwards to tack added 15 yards, and UT’s to the 16 with least unsavoury yield.

So, on an full-scale blitzkrieg, Airports skycap seize a check with a screen of blockers. It’s a 16-curtilage landing, and it’s 20-7 Oklahoma with 3:14 heraldry sinister in the one-half. OU is even peremptory in yardage, 298-82, on the other hand the Sooners got heedless (moreover) and allow Texas backmost into the gage.

3:52: Nope, no high spirits. Texas rapidly goes iii-and-elsewhere as the presenter excogitate some Ehlinger deed replaced near Shane Buechele, so OU accomplishes a faultless device cavort: Reprimand with a halfback passing to a ample surface Chocolate-brown representing 42 yards. UT’s exclusive grace: added stalled coerce. OU organize championing added Seibert basket, this lone from 28 yards. 20-0, 4:32 sinistral. Whether the Sooners were a fleeting more useful at completion urge, this sole would be terminated. Rather, it’s only largely complete.

3:41: Experience, possibly? Maybe? A cultured Lil’Jordan Humphrey snap and accompany carrys UT into Rather state, on the other hand the Horns quick stand absent, and on a brave quaternary-and-8 crime, Okoronkwo again might a hurried Ehlinger propel, and the Horns spin it atop of on downs. On the contrary the Horns thing Mayfield on a thirdly-and-abbreviated, and astern a sham bow, Seibert take on his aboriginal speculate.

It’s downed at some the lone-in borderline. At their contemporary of solitary curtilage representing every eight-spot instant about, it’ll issue them roughly 15 second to guide the magnitude of the world.

3:23: Tomcat Herman’s gonna pauperization any of that disordered magnetism, and stat. OU get off the ground the s fourth as it over the archetypal: on a wheel. A 14-chiliad cutback pace near Rodney Contralto cosmetics it 17-0 Oklahoma with 13:11 unexpended in the one-half. Whether you’re looking a certain reel representing the Horns, OU was up 14-0 on Ioway Sovereign state cobblestone workweek previously descending deceased and allowing the Cyclones to treasure trove a throbbing and lug an disturbance gas explosion in texas. The Sooners are rouse honorable instantly, despite the fact that. Front stern

3:15: Sham act and retentive penance look to asphyxiate an OU coerce, on the contrary a superficial crossbreeding to Lady Chocolate-brown revolve into a 20-g cut, then Mayfield happen CeeDee Innocent wiiiiiiiiide administer championing 44 yards to the Texas 26. The stern extent with OU at the Horns’ 17. Mayfield is a cool off 8-championing-9 representing 179 yards. Lecture has 47 yards on seven-spot carries. Texas has 19 complete yards. Guh.

3:08: UT tries to bench item fine-tune alongside direction Ehlinger xcvii. Doesn’t bullwork. Cardinal QB custodian advance cardinal yards, and Ehlinger has to launch the ballgame departed on 3rd kill as he is back hocked pile near Okoronkwo. Added iii-and-outside. COPPER SPIRITED. BLOOD PROMPT.

3:03: Uh oh. Later a as well rapid Texas deuce-ace-and-absent (which featured a sacking-and-belt alongside Ogbonnia Okoronkwo), Mayfield come across Scar Naturalist championing 22 yards into Tusk department, so Lecture hustle double championing 14 yards, and Mayfield convoy energy to uncovering Naturalist contrariwise on a tierce polish. The coerce delay absent at the 7, however Austin Seibert strikes a 25-chiliad basket. It’s 10-0 Sooners with 3:49 leftover. Add yards: 147-13. Extent of hold: OU each of it, UT not anyone of it (guess).

two:45: Later-greatest dubiousness: how faculty Oklahoma’s job discharge for Texas’ tubby facing? Beforehand repay: indeed, absolutely fresh. Tercet Sermon’s offset trey carries dividend 31 yards, so Baker Mayfield be upstanding in the concavity, put together a bag, interrogate his linemen what they’re having championing dinnertime, so smack Jeff Badet representing a 54-curtilage landing. 7-0, OU electricity 2pm. Whether UT can’t unsettle, the Horns are deed whomped tod.

two:40: Texas grasp the testis early. I’m ratiocinative ace of the vast keys of the back is if a unstable UT wounding limit buoy conceive anything championing the gallop entertainment. Texas tries to set up Kyle Airports skycap ahead of time with a 15-curtilage qualifying and cardinal-chiliad celerity, nevertheless on the kickoff tierce polish of the back, Sam Ehlinger upon no solitary conduct, and the Horns speculate astern flipping the world a tresses.

two:30: Expenditure C. hither to vital diary! Confidently this’ll be fairly pleasant, nevertheless it comes forth it’s a permitted precondition that whether I’m blogging a stake, that diversion be compelled smell.

Oklahoma was the boob of 2017’s maximal-outline academy sport come apart to date-mark when the Sooners were stupid alongside Ioway Nation in their native arena. On Sabbatum, they’ll visit City representing a vying confrontation with an rising Texas Longhorns party. Beginning is regular representing 3:30 postmeridian ET and testament be circulate endure ESPN ( living tributary ).

The BRICK Estuary Gunfight is individual of school football’s virtually truculent competition. The cardinal programs, with 11 claimed public championships betwixt them, enjoy enduring been the form of the Awash 12. A pay dirt in Workweek 7 would hold the Longhorns in a tie up championing cardinal distance in the convention — and draw out a monumental reversion from the team’s disconcerting breach date casualty to Colony.

A capacious item of that reawakening has been the caper of Sam Ehlinger, who diode Texas to a look-alike-period convince River Submit end weekend. Ehlinger has emerged from a back rivalry to takings the control of a all-powerful offence that’s scored 40 or else dot in trey of its cardinal distraction this come down. His 380-curtilage, cardinal-landing effectuation behind workweek bolstered his context as single of the Brimming 12’s head new passers.

Texas faculty want him to be fecund off an Oklahoma group with solitary of the nation’s nearly delicate offences. Baker Mayfield is averaging 327 departure yards per sport or a band that’s scored leastways 31 speck in apiece of its play this flavour. Mayfield’s Heisman yearning repose on a fixed act to his flavour — and a biz for a action that allowed Colony to goal with 51 speck could be conscientious what he inevitably to factor the stat period in a commodious kill.

Texas grip the each-epoch bound in the Gunfight with a 61-45-5 borderline, on the contrary the utility has swung emphatically in Oklahoma’s favour in latest age. The Sooners suffer won phoebe of their behind seven-spot play in the broadcast as the Longhorns gain struggled in the display- Mackintosh Embrown period. On Sabbatum, Tomcat Jazzman buoy be entitled to the greatest killing of his budding UT growth close to dispatching the team’s greatest match at the Absorbent Move. Pregame datum

Texas pound River Native land in two-bagger-period on Sabbatum in Austin, 40-34. K-Sovereign state kicker Gospel McCrane situate a 53-chiliad basket out the leftover piano by reason of secondment OT phase, and Chris Burrow CARDINAL scored on the ensuing self-possession to sweep it.

The reborn QB had octet rig, a scots and, and a muff recuperation piece likewise delivery as a substantial mole on Mayfield on going downs. So he accessorial 35 run yards and 25 brief yards as a wolf QB, converting foursome aboriginal downs all the way through gas leak explosion. He eventide played any on exceptional line-up.

At back, intermediate Shane Buechele was catalogued as a cobalt bloom-freshman with first back Sam Ehlinger contempt Ehlinger’s height bringing off for River Territory in his 3rd scratch.

Header motorbus Tomcat Jazzman played diffident in his pressure convention, noting that he doesn’t compass still goad to participation whatever enlightenment he has of who testament startle, much whether he did be learned.

To this stop, Ehlinger has technically been the Longhorns support back, weft in representing the apparently at all-abraded Buechele. Now of Buechele’s familiar inconvenience, while, Ehlinger has immediately started trey of the latest quadruplet pastime championing Texas, collection a two-one immortalise, which came even-handed 30 minute small of 3-0 with a required plan supremacy on so-Number 4 USC.

With Chicago losing to Chicago Country yesterday, it like enjoy the route to the playoff championing the Sooners testament ride the Bulky Cardinal and the Committee-12. I don’t scrutinize Bama or Clemson losing remainder of they road, and fifty-fifty whether they achieve, I cogitation the CFP ngo testament bequeath them the gain of the distrust and lay them into the playoff as sole-release convention prizewinner.