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After staying at Amorosa for a week, I think I should advise future potential renters NOT to rent this home unless they see it in person, as we feel that the description from management is extremely deceptive and inaccurate. The pictures were obviously taken years ago. The home has been for sale for nine years, and it is apparent that the upkeep and maintenance has gas x strips instructions been sadly neglected. The house is not beach side,no walk to the beach. Here is just a sample of the problems that we noticed with the house Filthy although housekeeping was leaving when we arrived we still found items from other renters Most screens have holes/patches electricity and water where they have attempted to repair Rugs in master bedroom are shredding The monogramed beach towels are shredding –the captain of the dive boat we rented kept making jokes about our towels and the “classy” place we must be staying at. Patio dining set – 3 chairs are broken, you can’t sit back Light fixtures throughout the property are broken and dirty with electricity quiz 4th grade lights missing Exposed wires in electrical box at the front entrance Paint splashed all over the bedroom doors in Master bedroom Rubber seals on some doors are pulled out or hanging Many windows need replacement MAJOR ANT PROBLEM Steps near hammock are washed out and the pergola above is rotting with pieces that have fallen, the area around the hammock has not been cleaned or weeded in ages Light pole by the pool area is falling apart, broken light and leaning terribly, lounge area by this pole has obviously been overlooked in the cleaning process for some time, would not sit on the furniture. This is just a list off the top of my head At one time this house must have been magnificent, but unfortunately it has not been maintained and through our experience with management, they do not seem to care. The owner gas chamber jokes of the home is aware of the issues. He did offer to “buy a few hundred dollar gift certificate” to a restaurant, we thanked him but told him that we felt that we should advise future potential renters of the conditions instead. When we go on a family vacation, we expect to stay at a place that is at least as nice if not nicer than our own home. Our visit to St. John was enjoyable, our stay at Amorosa was the pits.

We are always as humble and respectful as possible with our guests. This review is very difficult to read though because most of it is not true and all of it is exaggerated gas prices in texas beyond anything reasonable. I spoke to these guests several times during gas mask drawing their stay, they called our managers multiple times per day (who were very responsive) and our maintenance man went out many times, mostly for odd reasons. We have a very close and long-term relationship with our maintenance man and spend money right away when things come up. One complaint, however, was about ants on an outdoor terrace. Another complaint was that the artwork in the house was outdated (it’s the same artwork as shown in the photos). They got the idea that Peter Bay Beach was closed just embedded electricity games online free in their mind, which was definitely not the case and we tried several times explaining this. I have no idea where they got the idea that the house is beachfront. It is in walking distance, not beach front. To top it all off, our property manager received a butt-dial voice message from the guests where we heard them laughing and saying how they would complain about everything possible until they gas after eating dairy got the trip for free. There are indeed about half a dozen small screen patches, but we are replacing all of the screens right now. When they say things like Paint splashed all over the bedroom doors in Master bedroom I have to assume that they are talking about a small speck somewhere because I have never seen what they are referring to and I believe that applies to the other comments as well. I don’t like writing this sort of thing in response to a guest. I’d rather be completely complimentary, but the review is just so unfair that I have to defend the house and our wonderful staff. Thank you for reading!

Spent a week with three adult children and their friends and significant others (29-35). There were 8 of us and the home was perfect for this size group gas questions. Four bedrooms, none of them really significantly worse than the others. All with private baths and balconies with views. Plenty of room inside or out for all of us to sit down to dinner, beautiful kitchen with large Viking fridge and Wolf oven and range. Great place to cook (one of our group is a chef), though light at night was a bit weak due to low wattage bulbs I assume. Plenty of space for z gastroenterol journal lounging outside with 8 padded lounge chairs. View was wonderful, I could have spent all my time in the pool looking at the BVI’s. 5 or 10 minute drive to Cinnamon beach, perhaps 15 to Trunk. Easy to get back and forth. Overall we had a truly wonderful time in this home, but there were a few issues renters should be aware of

Wine room not as advertised, no furniture. Not sure we would have done anything in there anyway, but not as advertised (not a big deal at all). All electricity is on timers, and AC shuts off after three hours in bedrooms unless you get up and turn the gas vs diesel prices timer again. Have rented other homes in the Caribbean and never seen this. Wasn’t a big deal, electricity is very expensive on St Johns. Mostly just interesting. Others have said that you could walk to the beach with your coffee – not quite accurate if you are a 65 y/o guy with a hip replacement. It is VERY STEEP to get down and up from the closest beach, fortunately my wife and two children went down there first and I didn’t attempt this. Pool filter system didn’t seem to work real well, water was not clear. Pool electricity rates el paso guy showed up at midweek unannounced and while it was a bit awkward to suddenly have this guy in the back yard, he at least did dump some chlorine in the pool. There were a few other very minor issues k electric bill payment online with the home but nothing major. My only real complaint is that there is no garbage pickup. You have to drive to a dumpster to get rid of the garbage (and none are particularly close) And if you don’t take it when you leave, they charge you an additional $75. Not sure that a rental this nice and in this price range should charge you additional for this service.