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‘ Oliver Twist’ The Parish Boy’s Progress is a book in which Oliver Twist is a nine-year-old orphan boy who doesn’t know who his parents were. He escapes b games car from a workhouse to London where he meets the ‘Artful Dodger’ ,leader of the gang of the juvenile pickpockets. Fagin, the leader of a criminal gang of boys, he trains Oliver for unlawful activities, which was unfamiliar to Oliver. And this is how Oliver started passing his life with criminals. At the end of the story he has escaped and is living with his Aunt Rose, and Great-Uncle Edward Brownlow.

In Victorian times, a young woman named Agnes Leeford is pregnant and walks all the way to a workhouse in an unnamed city in England. She enters the workhouse and then has her baby – a boy. She dies before she can name him. Sally, an old woman who worked at the workhouse a gas is a form of matter that, takes care of the baby. Mr Bumble, the head of the workhouse, surnames the new workhouse children by alphabetical order. He comes to ‘T’ and names him Oliver Twist.

Nine years later, Oliver is a workhouse-boy. In his room, the boys have a dare and Oliver got the shortest straw. Because of this, he has to ask the dining hall master for more Gruel. This angers The Parish Board and they sell Oliver wikipedia electricity consumption for £5, wanting to get rid of him. A man named Mr Sowerberry buys him. When Oliver is at his house, a teenager named Noah Claypole bullies Oliver about his mother. Oliver punches Noah, but only gets himself into trouble with Mr Bumble, who Noah tells to come round. Oliver is let out of the cellar and is whipped by Mr Sowerberry. He escapes and walks for seven pass gas in spanish days to London. When he is there, a boy named Jack Dawkins (who is better known as the Artful Dodger) takes Oliver to the loft where he lives with other boys. Oliver meets Fagin; an old man; Nancy, a woman who grows to care a lot about Oliver, and Bill Sikes, Nancy’s boyfriend who is a murderer. Fagin, Dodger, and a boy tropico 5 electricity named Charley Bates teach Oliver how to steal. Oliver doesn’t realise they are thieves. The next day Oliver, Dodger and Charley go out to steal. Dodger and Charley steal a handkerchief from an old man called Mr Brownlow. They give it to Oliver and run off. Mr Brownlow orders the police to chase Oliver. When they do, they take him to court and a man tells everyone he saw the real national gas average 2007 thieves (Dodger and Charley).

Oliver faints and the next thing he knows, he is on a bed. He sees two women. Rose (his Aunt) and Mrs Bedwin (the housekeeper). He explains his life and they understand. Meanwhile, Fagin and Bill get really angry with Dodger. Bill tells Nancy to look for Oliver and bring him back. Oliver is told to go to the library but Nancy catches him. Oliver screams saying he doesn’t know them, but nobody believes him. When he returns, the other boys bully him for his fancy clothes. Meanwhile, Edward Leeford (known as Monks), Oliver’s half-brother, wants Oliver dead. They had the same electricity kwh usage calculator father. Monks secretly tells Fagin if he wants a few coins, he’ll have to murder Oliver, and if not then Monks will do it himself. Nancy hears all this so she tells Mr Brownlow static electricity zap at the old bridge at midnight. Dodger hears this, and tells Fagin that Nancy has betrayed everyone. Sykes secretly hears this and murders Nancy. He takes Oliver for a long walk with his dog Bullseye. When Bill is trying to escape, he accidentally hangs himself. Oliver is reunited with Mr Brownlow and Rose. Monks is ultimately arrested.