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I’ve continued to take strength class with enthusiasm. Immediately after getting pregnant, my body felt so fragile that I didn’t want to move around that much, but as I’ve entered the second trimester energy spike I’ve been pushing myself a little bit more with the weights and am feeling normal again doing all the cardio moves. I remind myself: “My arms and legs are not pregnant.” Just because I have a growing belly doesn’t mean my biceps should get a free pass to be lazy. (Meanwhile torso exercises like ab work are totally reasonable to modify.) I sometimes think I want to take the easier option “because I am pregnant,” but I’m trying hard to really listen to my body and ask it if I really need the rest or modification or if I’m just creating an excuse to avoid a challenge. That said, I used to do 20-pound free weights and a 30-pound kettlebell, and I’ve already downgraded to 15-pound free weights and a 25-pound kettlebell for most of our exercises. They still feel very hard!

I haven’t been to yoga in a month, mostly due to our sunnier weather and being out of town for a week. Our studio isn’t that hot, so I feel ok with the temperature (and always bring cold water), but I’m not sure I’d be able to do as many of the floor and stomach moves. I am hoping to get back there soon to see how I feel. I do want to start going to the ACAC prenatal yoga class again soon because I loved it last time as a great way to unwind, focus on the baby, and connect with other moms.

I remember with Mazen I gained a chunk of weight in the first trimester and then really slowed down once I got my appetite for healthy foods back. I am hoping I follow the same path this time because I definitely put on some weight this first trimester with all the nausea eating! I think with Mazen I really relaxed my diet in the beginning when I was sick and during the last month of pregnancy when I said “I better carpe diem!”

This time I feel more aware that every pound I gain on this side of the equation (that is not uterus, baby, blood, etc!) is a pound that I will eventually want to lose. How can I remind myself of this when all the delicious temptations of life present themselves? I think I need a picture of me post-Mazen remembering the hard work it took to get my figure back on my fridge. Or perhaps in my wallet when I’m most likely to be out to dinner and eating too much. Thankfully, I am back to eating big salads for lunch and my old appetite has returned to normal, for now!

Now that I’m out of the first trimester craziness when I was eating anything and everything all the time, I’m not snacking that much and still doing three meals a day, mostly, with a late afternoon snack half the time. Most foods taste good again, and I’m craving seasonal things as the weather warms: salads, yogurt bowls, fresh fruit, and grilled meals.

I am obviously not drinking, so that helps to balance out those calories a little, although having mocktails do count! And lastly, I’ve been surprised that my sweet tooth has actually been better than it’s been in a really long time. I am wondering if warmer weather is to thank for that because I don’t crave sweets as much in the summertime.

Kath – This is almost exactly how it was for me too! I gained my biggest chunk of weight (following initial first trimester puking/loss) from weeks 12-20. 9 pounds in two weeks at one point! Then very slow and steady much less after that with almost nothing in the third tri. I was so worried those weeks in the teens but looking back wish I hadn’t even given it much of a thought. I was so nauseous the entire time but it’s was especially bad until week 18 and steady eating was the only fix. I will say after that I am glad I moderated my food intake and would do it again if I had a second pregnancy. You almost get used to endless nausea snacking and it can be tough to moderate as a habit in the later weeks.

I’m a longtime reader and very rare commenter but I’m so happy for you and I just wanted to share that I relate to your weight gain experience and goals and history of having loat weight pre baby and kept it off mindfully and with a lot of thoughtful living choices and work. Although I too agree that there’s far too much pressure on women’s weight in pregnancy, we also know who have been through it and maybe who had a weight loss journey journey pre pregnancy how difficult those pounds are to lose after. I’m just at two years post partum back to my pre pregnancy weight through mindful eating and exercise and if I am lucky enough to have a second I will again be mindful about real hunger after the nausea nightmare knowing now how hard the extra is to remove. I gained about 33 pounds total in the end and the last six were the toughest.

I’m right there with ya since we are like two days apart in our due dates I’m experiencing many of the same thoughts! Since you’ve been there done that it’s nice to hear how your perspective is a little different from last time. As a first timer, ha ha, I have zero idea what to expect about how my body with respond to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I too am definitely aware of every pound that isn’t clearly located in front because I know what it’s like to lose weight. Luckily, I’m finally craving veggies like no other but man that took a while, it wasn’t quite the start of the second trimester for me! I’m in the same boat, I don’t really have a sweet tooth. We got ice cream the other day and it stayed in the fridge for 4 days before I wanted it (which is a big deal for me.)

Oh! Question! What salad dressings are you loving? I’m normally a creamy high-calorie girl and most of those have eggs in them. It’s kind of hard to tell if the eggs are pasteurized when you get dressing in the refrigerated section. So, I figured I’d ask what pregnancy safe dressings you are into?

I happy to read that you’re expecting again. Congratulations! I’ve been a blog reader since before Mazen’s birth and love your approach to healthy living. But I feel the need to comment on this post Specifically the portion where you discuss running and hot yoga. I teach yoga. And one of the lessons I focus on is doing what FEELS right for your body where it is, at the moment it is in. So I ask t, as I ask all of my students when they are in a challenging posture, hat you consider not putting pressure on your self as to how far you ran, how much weight you lift now compared to how you did before – it’s important to keep the body healthy or course, but now is not the time to compare or judge yourself. Prenatal yoga is fantastic to do to prepare the physical body. The social and emotional connections are so important too! BUT, as far as doing yoga in any heated environment, I would ask your doctor to make sure it is ok. IMO, putting the baby in a hyperthermic environment is not providing optimal conditions for growth and development. If it were my daughter, I’d ask her to hold off on hot yoga until after birth. Definitely as your doctor about doing heated yoga.