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A clerk at a convenience store who was shot to death during a robbery in 2015 could be heard yelling “no sir, no sir, no sir” on store security video before the sound of three gunshots rang out and a man wearing a mask and armed with a handgun ran into the store. The video was introduced during the second day of the trial of Lorenzo Kellon, who is charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery in the June 22 hold up of the Big Red at 1802 E. Electricity magnetism and electromagnetism Harding that resulted in the death of Hardip Singh. Jury selection was completed late Monday with six men and eight women, including two alternates, who were seated for the trial, which is expected to take all week. State Medical Examiner Dr. E payment electricity bill bangalore Chatles Kokes said Singh, 46, received three separate wounds, one to the right back of the head that exited near the left eyebrow — a second that grazed his right jaw — and a third that entered the right side of the back, striking the spinal cord before lodging in the soft tissue of his chest, where the bullet was recovered.

Kokes said the wound to the back of the head would have caused Singh to lose consciousness immediately, while the wound to the back that hit the spinal cord would result in a complete loss of motor control. Singh was found slumped over on the west side of the building where, according to Kevin Baquet, who was also working that night, Singh had gone to smoke. Us electricity supply voltage Baquet said Singh had been gone between three and five minutes when he heard the gunshots, and then heard someone police believed was Kellon run into the store wearing a mask, take money from the register, then leave the store and “walk in a skipping motion” toward a bronze Cadillac that was parked at a gas pump farthest away from the building.

When he was cross-examined by Defense Attorney Scott Brisendine, Baquet said he “did not see what happened, didn’t see the face of the person wearing the mask who entered the store, didn’t see that person’s hair and didn’t talk to that person.” Store security video, which was collected by Pine Bluff Police Department Detective Roy Gober, provided four different views of the robbery, but there was no video of the shooting of Singh. That video showed a second suspect, Sha’Quille Carter, then 18, enter the store after all the customers had left and purchase a soda pop, then walk back to the car, where it appeared that he had a conversation with a person police believe was Kellon.

Electricity demand That person got out of the car wearing a mask, button down shirt and blue jeans and walked to the side of building, from where the shots were heard. The video also showed a person police believe was Kellon enter the store and crawl under a counter before going to the cash register and pushing buttons trying to open the register before finding a key. Gas relief while pregnant Then the person opened the register and took cash from the drawer before throwing the drawer on the floor and taking more cash that had been under the drawer. In his opening statement, Chief Deputy Prosecutor Wayne Juneau said Kellon told detectives who interviewed him, “If I had not found that key then I would have killed that person for nothing.

” Using the video, police were able to get a description of the car, which had a broken window on the rear passenger door, and spots, possibly peeling paint, on the top and right side. Pine Bluff Police Department Detective Sgt. Electricity storage costs Jason Howard testified that he and other vice and narcotics detectives watched the video and then went looking for the car, then saw what he believed was the vehicle at a convenience store at West 15th Avenue and Cherry Street the next night. Howard told Deputy Prosecutor Cymber Gieringer that when the car pulled out of the gas station, he followed it after calling for assistance, then when the car pulled up to a house at West 17th Avenue and Mulberry Street, two males got out with each walking to a different vacant house. Gas x coupon 2014 After five or six minutes of watching the car and the two men, Howard said other officers arrived and took over the investigation.

Also testifying was Pine Bluff Police Department Detective Lt. Gas problem in babies Denise Richardson, who was one of the detectives who located a handgun and mask that were used in the robbery and shooting. Richardson said that after Kellon was initially interviewed, officers received information that led them to the 1100 block of East 17th Avenue, where they encountered Kellon’s mother and another person. Electricity experiments for high school They then went to an abandoned house next door and to the back of the house where Richardson said the underpinning had been pulled out. Using flashlights, Richardson said she and Pine Bluff Police Department Detective Cassandra Briggs-McAfee, the lead detective on the case, looked under the house and first saw a magazine, then a nine-millimeter gun beside it. Electricity explained The magazine had four rounds in it. Richardson told Gieringer she also checked the front of the house, where she found a trash container. Electricity 1 unit how many watts When she opened the container, she saw a white tee-shirt that appeared to be wrapped around something.

Electricity nightcore lyrics That something turned out to be a mask. Electricity for beginners pdf Crime Scene Technician Cathy Ruhl was called to process the evidence.

Briggs-McAfee is expected to testify when the trial continues Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. Gasbuddy near me in the First Division of Circuit Court with Judge Berlin C. Gas jobs pittsburgh Jones officiating. He also said that there was no physical evidence linking Kellon to the robbery and slaying, and prosecutors would be able to “present words.

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