Once in a lifetime experience – review of alejandro puerta tango teachings, buenos aires, argentina – tripadvisor gas ks


We spent two hours learning some Argentine Tango with Alejandro. What a wonderful experience! We’re long time ballroom dancers and more recently west coast swing dancers who’ve previously been introduced to Argentine tango. It’s difficult to transition from the ballroom world of patterns to the intimate conversation between partners where communication gas bubble in chest and back is everything. We began with posture and feet position, learned about weight changes and how to walk. Sounds simple, but it’s not (for us anyway). Alejandro masterfully got us to understand what that means. The elements of lead and follow make a lot of sense when you think about them. The leader must “speak” to the follower with movement in a clear and timely manner. And the follower must “listen” to the leader’s movement, and feel the direction and speed. Each needs to be aware of his axis and also be in time with the music. As Argentine Tango has no set patterns and is “just walking” to music, the joy of the dance is the electricity generation by source by country improvisation, which takes focus. Alejandro would dance as follower with me and as leader with my wife to illustrate what makes a lead clear and a follow intuitive. It’s fun when it starts to work for you! Alejandro then took us a bit further introducing us to slightly more advanced moves, again illustrating the concepts very clearly. Overall we enjoyed Alejandro’s teaching style and personality very much. And his hourly charge is quite reasonable. We would gladly take more classes with him if we had more time in Buenos Aires.

The decision to take lessons from Alejandro was influenced heavily by the reviews from everyone on tripadvisor. And BOY gas density problems am I glad that we did, because my partner and I can’t help but feel that we’ve completely been lucky finding Alejandro as our teacher, as dancers beginning tango from the very beginning. As everyone has said so far, Alejandro really really knows his stuff. The best thing about him is that he helps us understand WHY we have to do a certain thing at a certain time, and this will be applicable in every step/move that we will ever do in this dance, and in fact, any dance. The fundamentals have just opened up our eyes like no other teacher has ever done before, and we are able to realise our own steps, and experiment with moves using the fundamental formulas that Alejandro has taught us. Ultimately, if you want to be dancing well – socially – you can’t have a teacher that teaches you a combo of moves because your progress will stop as soon as you stop taking classes with that teacher. Alejandro has equipped us to dance well and truly beyond our classes with him, but we love taking classes with him because he has such 8 gases amazing energy to him that is contagious and is bottomless with knowledge AND passionate about the dance and its history. If you want to get a bang for your buck, and for your time (most importantly), Alejandro will definitely be your best bet. He may not appear to be the teacher of flashiest of moves, but if you take classes with him, you will soon understand that embellishments that you see in tango are the easiest to learn – what he will teach you will be the c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut bread and butter that you will need to execute the prettiest and the flashiest of embellishments WELL. Like the title of my review, my partner and I, starting off from taking simple, walking steps for numerous hours to begin with, to now (a month later), we are dancing at milongas with other people, and being asked again by argentinos who appreciate our part in the dance. It’s been truly a pleasant and fun experience, and we will definitely miss him and his classes when we return home at the end of next month. We have said that tango immersions will be a regular thing in our life ahead, and when we return to this amazing gas kush city, we will ask Alejandro to be our teacher time and time again. We are so thankful for your approach and sincerity in sharing your love for tango with us. We have come to love it so much, and your part in that has been more than you’ll know. Thanks for being such an amazing teacher and a fond memory of our stay in Buenos Aires!! 🙂