One handed vs two handed backhand – which is better in tennis gas hydrates ppt


Therefore, one-handed backhand players can be extremely one-dimensional because they’re big on attacking but at the cost of not being able to defend as well. However, there are exceptions to this such as Richard Gasquet who’s known for his topspin one-handed backhand and his exceptional defense. chapter 7 electricity test A good one-handed backhand player can control the point with his backhand and if he’s put on the run, he can easily turn it back into his player with the raw speed and power he puts into his shots. Therefore, he must be fast and also have strong hand-eye coordination.

When it comes to two-handed backhand players, they’re the polar opposite of one-handed backhand players. They’re much more defensive and aren’t used as an offensive shot ninety-percent of the time. However, at the same time, this defensive playstyle gives them much more utility to work with. Two-handers don’t put as much pace on the ball as a one-hander and that’s because the use of two hands keeps them from getting the same amount of flexibility movement a one-handed backhand would get.

A two-hander’s specialty lies in being able to defend well though. electricity questions grade 6 The utility behind a backhand lies in the fact that you can use it to rally, attack, but also defend and defending is what the two-handed backhand is best at. On the tour, the two-handed backhand is considered to be the shield of the kit, keeping the player from danger and helping them defend against attacks by their opponent.

Therefore, it’s great for defense and once mastered, can be used to fend off attackers from coming to the net. Furthermore, a strong backhand can also help you set up to indirectly win the point by converting a weak ball into a forehand. gas vs electric oven cost If you look at players like Novak Djokovic, you can see how strong a two-handed backhand can be, especially from someone who’s mastered the shot. Right now, Novak Djokovic has one of the best two-handed backhands on tour.

And it’s not because he has strong offense with it or exceptional defense. It’s that he has a mix of these things. He’s great at using it to set up a point and the depth he puts on it keeps his opponent from really making an offensive move. electricity equations physics But if they do, Novak Djokovic can easily turn the ball in his favor if they’re hit as his backhand. There have been countless times where Novak Djokovic hit a passing shot off of a strong backhand and this has been key to his kit and it’s what helped him end the 2018 season as the world number one.

Therefore, players who play a largely attacking-based game such as the heavy offensive players can play a one-handed backhand. Essentially, they will have two forehands but if they misplay, they can be in serious trouble. An all offensive player will need to be extremely quick on their feet and crafty with their shots. Since the one-handed backhand doesn’t provide as much utility as a two-handed backhand, they need to make up for it by getting to the shot earlier.

That’s why Roger Federer is not only deadly with his shots, he’s also extremely quick. In his prime, he could use his one-hander to literally end a point with the snap of his fingers. z gas el salvador numero de telefono His speed allowed him to get the prime position and then rip it wherever he wanted. Of course, with Roger being much older now, he isn’t able to rip the ball as much as he was able to in the past and you can see this in his game now. He rarely ends his points off a one-hander and instead uses it to rally out the point. electricity and circuits ppt Now, he uses a serve-and-volley technique to close out games.

Another example is Grigor Dimitrov. At his prime, Grigor Dimitrov won the Nitto ATP Finals, one of the biggest events of the ATP Tour season. It can even arguably be considered as the fifth Grand Slam. Grigor Dimitrov competed among the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and he won. gasco abu dhabi careers The main reason that he was able to win in such a dominating fashion is because at the time, his one-handed backhand matched with his intense speed created one of the deadliest finishers in the tennis tour.

However, he’s fallen off a little bit now and because of this, he’s found it harder to produce the same deadly one-handers before. Therefore, if a player wants to be able to use this shot to the highest degree, they’re going to need to meet some high expectations. Otherwise, there’s going to be trouble. As for the two-handed backhand, you see this style the most on the tour because grinders and all-courter’s tend to take up most of the player base. A two-handed backhand is perfect for grinders since they are most comfortable from the baseline.

The two-handed backline not only gives them more spin and heavy drive to keep their opponents away from the one place they can beat them at, the net, it also gives them more time to move into position. Therefore, it’s a perfect composition of utility for these grinders. They can use it to rally, which they’re good at. They can use it to defend, which they’re also extremely good at and if needed, they can use it to attack. It has everything a grinder needs to ensure that they’re able to win the points.

However, the one playstyle which can use both two-handed backhands and one-handed backhands is the all-courter. Essentially, the all-courter can cover so many aspects of the game at such a high degree that it doesn’t really matter as much. But it comes down to an all-courter’s tendencies. An all-courter can choose to be defensive or they can choose to be offensive most of the time. harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf The thing that separates them from the others is that they can balance out an offensive or defensive game with other aspects.