One mans life before college anthony saia the 6th electrical supply company near me


I come from a nice, medium sized, wealthy town about 45 minutes away from Chicago. electricity usage calculator In high school I played soccer, volleyball, and hockey for three years. When sports weren’t consuming my time, I obtained a job my freshman year as a “Sales Clerk” at a chocolate factory in our downtown. This job has forever changed how I act today and how I treat others. All throughout high school and college I struggled with classes, test, reading, writing, and the whole nine. I was a solid C student that kept up with his work and never tested well. Constantly getting Cs, Ds, and Fs on exams and quizzes. Some I prepared for some I did not. what is electricity I would even do better sometimes for the ones I never prepared for. Anytime teachers handed papers back I never looked at them because I never wanted to see what the score or grade was. I don’t think I ever got over this in college as well. I was a great student in class, always participated in discussions, and put my two cents in where I thought it belonged. gas quality by brand To quickly wrap up my life in high school life I had never drank or smoked until my first party as a junior where I tried Malibu rum and weed for the first time. Other than that, my senior year was quiet on the party side till summer came around.

One thing I didn’t touch on in my adolescence section was my friends and to that I was friends with a lot of different “groups/posies” when in high school. This leads me to my next point of: trust me when I say if I needed something I could find it. To this day that still obliges for who I am. I am someone that will always find a way to get it done. Anything from alcohol for parties, drugs to do with friends, and even a ride to get from one place to the other I knew who to talk to. gas 0095 download The summer before college I had my core 10-15 friends that I chilled with daily playing sports, having bonfires, and drinking with. We all got a long so well because we all were so different. I was the unofficial go to guy if we ever needed booze for parties, which I was perfectly fine being. We would have fantastic parties with great music and good people. That summer I had started to realize a lot and the one main thing I noticed was that I wasn’t going to be within driving distance of my best friends for the next four years and that was so hard to process. electricity meme I had also had a tough time thinking about spending the next four years doing school again because school as I said earlier was tough. Everything about school was tough. For a couple of more reasons I began smoking weed that summer before college. One reason was to help me have an easier way of falling asleep. Just me, myself, and I in my backyard after my parents would go to bed. gasbuddy near me I’d blaze come in and just think about everything, my mind would go on for hours before I realized I was tired and needed to sleep. This summer (Summer of 2014) forever will be the best summer of my entire life. So many good memories were made with all my friends. And every day after hanging out with them I would come home, smoke, and just smile about the day I had had with everyone.

I wanted to give my audience a better idea of who I am as a person. It also helps me get some things off my chest. This blog was originally for school, but I am going to try and change it to be more about my life experiences and what I’ve learned. I think a lot of my mistakes and actions as a young adult could benefit kids in the future that might read about them. I ended today about me talking about me smoking weed. the next article might dive more into that side of my life, but I might need to talk to see what other say about putting too much information out there. You know because weed is still illegal in my state.