One mixer output to multiple amps – how 9gag memes


If I’m running my subwoofers from the single mono output of, for example a MixWiz3 16:2, via the traditional EQ/crossover (DBX 231 & 234XL, for example) signal path, how do I connect that single mono output into my two EQ channels and on to my two subwoofer amps?

Maybe you just didn’t show the complete system, but putting this statement together with the drawing makes it seem that you might actually be addressing a form of aux fed sub, perhaps with the mains fed via the main outputs. Is this true or is the mixer mono out signal actually feeding a split mono, multi-way system?

Would having an open EQ and/or crossover channel be of any benefit? Provided that all the subs are the same, there seems to be minimal times where you would get too much benefit from being able to adjust the left and right subs independent of one another. But if there is no advantage by having the open channel on the EQ or crossover and you don’t mind what may be some additional setup, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have it.

I’m trying to put together a connectivity plan for our rig (always feels too cheesy to use "rig" to describe a weekend warrior’s band PA, but it’s quicker to type than "set-up". Or it would have been if I hadn’t typed this qualifier ), so any one of the band could hook it up without always relying on me.

In previous posts of my own and by others, I’ve gotten loads of advice on aux-fed subs, mixer choice, simplifying connectivity and more, so before we decide on a revamped rig, I want to know as much as possible to avoide choosing inappropriate gear.

What we want to aim for is dual mono mains (nothing panned from centre – that makes it dual mono rather than stereo, yeah?) from MixWiz LR main outs into both channels of our current 231 eq, then into both channels of a new crossover (thinking of DBX 223 or 234), then into both channels of our current MPA750 amp and on into the JRX125s.

This dual-mono method allows us to raise or lower the volume of either left or right speaker stacks – some of our venues have a dancey side and a sit-down-and-chat side. I understand that the left/right separation functionality will be lost for the mono subs, but I plan to close-couple the subs in centre whenever possible, so it’s not an issue, is it?

We thought the aux-fed subs could run from the MixWiz mono (dedicated aux-fed sub) out into our current DRPA, using the parametric eq (rather than the 28-band eq), to focus only on the sub frequencies (if necessary), and the crossover, then into our two current P5000S amps and on into the four JRX118Ss.

[ EDIT: Just spoke with Yamaha UK tech support on the phone – the signal is not present at input B. He suggested chaining from the amp 1 channel A input 1/4" jack (the input from the crossover will be into the channel A XLR input) to the second amp’s channel A 1/4" input jack – how’s that sound to you guys?]

Compressors – maybe 2 x DBX266XLs? We currently use the compressor from a TC M300 on the vocals in an effect send/return – that suffices, but the flexibility of having four dedicated quality (and good value) compressor channels to insert as required would be good to have.