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We were on a cruise ship touring New Zealand. We booked this excursion online prior to embarking on the cruise. We did have a concern that we would not get back to the pier to catch a tender to the electricity usage by state ship but no worries. They had us back with time to spare. There was a long line to board the shuttle. The tour was excellent. Ben was our tour guide and drove us though the scenic countryside which allowed gas news australia for wonderful views of the water. Our personal experience was with kayaks that you sat on top. For this adventure we used the sea kayaks that you sit down in. Ben was very knowledgeable and taught us how to maneuver in the bay. It was a small group of eight which was perfect. He took pictures on our phones for us while paddling. We are middle aged and had no problems. You do need to assist with carrying the kayaks. The beautiful blue penguins and seals were wonderful to see on the cliffs and among the rocks. We unfortunately did not see the dolphins. Ben stayed out with us but they did not want to come and play electricity generation by source by state that day. This was a delightful day that was not rushed or you felt like cattle being herded. It was very personable and you could ask any questions. Definitely would do again. More Show less

We drove from Christchurch to Akaroa. The Pohatu Penguins office is just behind the BNZ bank at Unit 2, 8 Rue Balguerie, Akaroa 7520. The road from Christchurch is called Highway 75 and it is a beautiful p gaskell drive. The people who work for Pohatu Penguin Habitat/Plunge are absolutely phenomenal. For example, our flight from Philadelphia to Christchurch was delayed which meant we could not make our reservation electricity origin. A few desperate emails from the Philly airport rendered a new next day reservation for us. So appreciative for the quick and friendly response. Special recognition to Kevin and Geraldine, and to our fantastic Sea Kayaking guide from French-speaking Basque gas problem in babies country. We took the noon sea kayaking tour and it was absolutely incredible. As we were in Akaroa during early February and we saw numerous penguins, tiny playful baby seals, various birds, and it was all coupled with the sheer joy of sea kayaking. We could not have had a better time. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. This is a truly joyful experience and not to be missed. In fact we had such a great time we are planning another trip and we will o gastronomo absolutely book again with Pohatu Penguin. By the way, they offer an option to drive to the kayaking site yourself. If you are considering that just know that the road is quite steep and unpaved. I was glad that we let them do the driving. Plus, if they drive, then the driver will probably be kind enough to take a picture of you from a scenic location which is quite nice. What a beautiful, memorable experience.

We were on a cruise ship and as arranged gasbuddy near me made contact with the company’s representative at the end of the wharf to meet them at 12 noon. Our tour was the 4WD Scenic Nature Safari. The guide was a young woman from Minnesota who was passionate and informative about preservation of threatened species, and the efforts being made to protect the Pohatu Penguins and their habitat. The drive out to Flea Bay through farming country list of electricity usage by appliances was in itself interesting and we stopped at various lookouts for photo opportunities including a diversion down Lighthouse Road to Haylocks Bay. If you choose to walk the last half kilometer be prepared for the steep return climb! We then rejoined the road to Flea Bay to arrive at the owner’s house where sheep were hand fed before taking a short walk to see some of the 300 nesting boxes constructed to house the birds. We were able to see up close a bird in rehabilitation care and another still in its electricity 2014 molting phase in a nesting box. (we knew we were not visiting in the optimum season to see many penguins). A very welcome afternoon tea followed then back to the cruise ship by the appointed time.