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I chose a three-day trek on the advice of Alex. It was a great surprise. Organized flawlessly, the tour turned out a real find, of places and people, in a truly beautiful places, with a very knowledgeable guide, who was our interpreter with the population and electricity and magnetism ppt explaining the customs and beliefs. There also prepared simple but really good food.

At the end a swim in the river, which makes us take all our strength…. When I decided to go to Luang Prabang, I looked for the agencies that suggest the tours that were outside the usual tourist destinations. White Elephant Adventures, accidentally found on the web it seemed right away what he did for me. I chose a three-day trek on the advice of Alex. It was a great surprise. Organized flawlessly, the tour turned out a real find, of places and people, in a truly beautiful places, with a very knowledgeable guide, who was our electricity jokes interpreter with the population and explaining the customs and beliefs. There also prepared simple but really good food. The accommodation with families in my view was great, in the village so you can observe the family life. Do not expect hotels with showers and other facilities. They have decent housing, with common rooms in the house with protective mosquito nets. There were no problems in adapting to this type of simple life, in which we are are not accustomed, but at the end of the excursion really makes you feel better. The second night I was also at one store for some b games unblocked time, and I managed, in spite of the difficulty for the language, to communicate. The tour is of medium difficulty, even for the hot, but the guide knew to dose our efforts to stop the right time to regain his strength. At the end a swim in the river, which makes us take all our strength. i Recommend this experience so that you can see with their own eyes a reality that in the cities and in the electricity projects for grade 6 most tourist villages is not seen. More Show less

Alex at White Elephant took me out to see the elephants at Luang Probang Elephant Camp. Great experience. On the way, we visited a school where an NGO he works with has built dorms for students and may need some classrooms. If adventure trekking is in your past, maybe you would like to share the adventure of reading with Lao children. For $300 at the White Elephant office you can arrange to purchase a “mini-library” and go out on the library tuk-tuk to deliver it to a school that may have no books at all for the children to read. Even gas variables pogil packet answers if you never get outside the White Elephant office, you have an opportunity to buy a $2 book to be given to a remote school that has none. The White Elephant Adventure Tours office is also the Louangprobang headquarters of Community gas and supply locations Learning International. You will see posters advertising their work in the office. Alex, the operator, puts bread on the table with the adventure tour operation, but spends a lot of his time improving the lot of the people where his tours operate. He is fluent in Lao, and in the process of operating the tours through remote villages, he has come to care deeply about the people there. When you care about someone, you want to help them. CLI builds schools, learning centers dorms, water and sanitation projects in some of the villages you will visit on the treks. Of course, this makes for great relationships between White Elephant gas and bloating after miscarriage and the villagers which results in a more enjoyable trip for you. If you are interested, you can arrange a tour at White Elephant focused on development work. It was clear that White Elephant Adventures is deeply concerned to be an operation that benefits the Lao people as it provides an unforgettable experience for us.

Dear Stan F, Thank you for taking the time to write a review here. I’m pleased you enjoyed your day out and appreciate the work we do on the side. Of course we cannot do as much as our NGO partner, but for anyone wishing to make additional support or donate books please do contact us. In fact I believe we go above and beyond any company regarding community support i gas shares and certainly do so in a way that does not promote increased numbers of tourists to the villages we go to because that is not sustainable nor fair. We pay our way, and then focus on children’s education, rather than market the usual ‘this amount of money per tour group goes to the village’, giving the idea that more tourists equals more money for a village which ultimately leads to a detrimental effect or two levels…from having too many tourists descending on a village and no control that the money filters down to all. Keeping numbers down also leads to a more authentic and enjoyable trek and a win-win 9gag tv for all. Thanks for asking the important questions and choosing us for your tour. I hope you make it back to wonderful Laos one day and have success in your travels through Cambodia. All the best from Alex and the whole WEA team!

They weren’t kidding when they say it was remote. The villages we went to felt really inaccessible, and I was told it takes about eight hours of motorbike ride to get to town gas mask tattoo. My two day trek with White Elephant was a truly unique experience, not to mention an authentic one. We met some natives along the way, which to me, is a testament to the path we were trodding on. This was the very same route that the villagers used. Additionally, my guide, Aroun, was an amazing guy who could speak Khmu, Hmong, Thai, Lao and English. He was incredibly professional and took gas key bolt carrier great care of my trek buddy and I. Throughout our arduous journey, he would constantly crack jokes and goof around to keep our spirits high. We stayed at the Khmu village for the night. Food provided by the village chief was great and we were accorded impeccable hospitality. We also visited a couple of schools along the way, most of which were of the Hmong people. I bought some books from Big Brother Mouse at the night market in Luang Prabang gas evolution reaction for the children, which they seem to love. Too bad the books were rather expensive or I’d have bought more! One reason why I chose White Elephant was due to their active show of corporate social responsibility. I was told that the company was sponsoring some of the schools in the remote villages and I wanted to be part of this great cause. I’d recommend this trek to anyone who is adventurous and wants to do more than mere sightseeing. This expedition is part of what Laos can truly offer you. Also, go with White elephant, for they are reliable and probably experts at such electricity around the world tours! I’m actually a solo female traveller, but on this tour, i got to meet another fun-loving Dutch lady who made a fantastic companion throughout. It was definitely value for money. Price paid covered for transport, breakfast, lunch and dinner (for day one) and breakfast and lunch (for day two). Not to mention, transport. I’d do this all over again. 🙂

Dear gluttonsays, Many thanks for taking the time to write a review and also for uploading some lovely photos for others to see. I’m pleased to hear you grade 9 electricity test and answers had a great trek with us and that you appreciated how remote and authentic it was. Indeed Aroun is quite a character and actually comes from a village nearby the tour area with family in one of the trekking villages. Its also great to hear social responsibility is an important aspect for you on treks, for anyone reading we have installed portable libraries in each of the schools of the villages we visit, and continuously replenish books, stationary and sports equipment. We also have some larger projects in the pipeline via our partner NGO…to find out more details or to offer support please to send us an email. We do encourage people who visit Laos to buy books or donate at our office. We will then distribute these once there is enough for a whole school at once. Thank you for recommending White Elephant Adventures…and do drop by our office to say electricity online games hi if you make it back to Laos again. Best wishes from Alex and the whole WEA team!