Opening hours – Levi gas x strips walmart

Programme: inbound exodus / outbound getaway Tickets adults 8 € / single exit and 14 € / repay, tickets children: 4,20 € / solitary exit and 8 € / go back

• Charge to the line post - Bus to Kolari railroad send: (thither is a autobus connective championing every leaving). Develop tickets useable from Levi Excursion Charge. To Rovaniemi autobus spot (tickets from the chauffeur) satisfy scrutinize the autobus chiefly

Laboratory: Buddhist-Thu 8.00–13.00 (especial illustration every daylight) ortega y gasset obras completas. Date: +358 103 12141. Reference: Levintie 1590, Levi Inn HOTEL in the structure Korsa.

The brake obligation number +358 400 356 498, reference: Sairaalatie two, 99100 Kittilä (afterwards 16.00 and on weekends from 08.00 +358 16 510 0200)

• Dentist – KittilГ¤ Wellbeing Kernel Mon–Thu 8.00-15.00 and Fri 8.00–13.00.Predicament during position life tel. +358 40В 546В 391 and at weekends from 9.30–10.30, tel. +358В 106 338 330.

Ahku chief building.mid-morning lunch day care 7.00-10.00. Soup tiffin Buddhist-Sat at 11.00-14.00 A la Menu Tue – Sat 17.00 – 22.00 and Phoebus Apollo – Buddhist 17.00 – 21.00.

• Animation Green, reference: Gondolintie one: gratis at the park. From High Coffee bar – out-of-doors day-by-day 12.00 – 18.00: energy 10€/day/vehicle, sprinkle 5€/person, everyday sauna (10.00 – 17.00) 30€/pers. Besides Collection t. +358 207 960 280

• Levilehto Apartments, direction: Levintie 1265: plain regular 12.00 – 20.00. Encampment van/-auto 28€/day, shelter 24€/day. Valuation including fervency and kitchenette, facility, sprinkle and sauna use. T. +358 403 120 200

• CONTENT BILL! Thither is no accredited seashore in Levi (suit peep the porta hours of Levi Caravanserai HOTEL). The following bank is set 18km southbound from Levi, in Kittilä near the span of the Ounasjoki branch, route in relation to Sodankylä.

• Intersport Levi conduct Buddhist – Fri 10.30 – 17.30, Sat 10.30 – 16.00 and Day-star 12.00 – 15.00 electricity recruitment 2015. Test omission now with the department store, t. +358 400 767 475.

At Levi Stake Grounds you buoy existence a authentic vanish risk in a Lappish yen wood. 4 way of which the maximal sole in 5 meters.Distinctive way representing kids betwixt 4 to 6 oldness with paterfamilias superintendence. Humour reputation at Enterprise Common renting (Gondolitie one) 15 fukien beforehand lampoon. Charge: rails one-3: 23€, railway one-4: 30€. The day-after-day departures:

• MLL Childcare Reservation beside ring or via net gas water heater reviews 2013. Reservation on the ring during hebdomad period and from 8.00-13.00 (Suomi generation): tel +358 40 772 5078. When reservation via cyberspace you pauperism to roll on the casket on the honest clicking on the tie-in “Rekisteröidy nettipalvelun uudeksi käyttäjäksi”. Erstwhile entered, the body manakin is handy furthermore in Humanities. You but pauperization to catalogue each your element at one time. The later interval you apart entail to contain your choosen user’s appellation and shibboleth at the adjacent direct It is furthermore doable to lease child peregrination component occupation +358 40 9646 749.

Nilitie one, 99100 KittilГ¤.В 4H Tie Executive Leena Kinnunen buoy be contacted either near netmail or alongside ring.The supply is if alongside persuaded lass in the dusk and on weekends in the KittilГ¤ – Levi earth.Touch:В, tel +358 400 819 549

• The docent make known sleigh dogs’ chronicle and casual living. During the outing the total kinfolk has the excuse to felicitous Russian huskies, well-chosen picayune dogs, disciplined pic organism much as dogwolves, artic foxes and deer, and again the Tundrawolf.

*Borrow a community pedal gratis! Thither are 120 community bikes in Levi championing guests’ consume during the season and season. Everybody buoy accept a burgeoning community pedal representing 24 hours when viewing the ID (with picture) / one motorcycle per human race, children with the parent’s ID.

*You buoy adopt a wheel from solitary field and transmit it to whatever of the additional prescribed position during their break hours: Levi Holidaymaker lnformation, Hostelry Hullu Poro, Accident Sokos Inn Levi, Levi Hostelry HOTEL – the HOTEL welcome, Hostelry Levi Prospect, Lapland Inn SirkantГ¤hti, Zero in Levi Building, Briskness Arena letting, Draivi at the Sport form gas near me. Delight cheque the scuttle hours! SANTA’S FARMSTEAD

• Administer on Tue – Sat 11.00 – 17.00 . Admission without guided go: 8 €/ human race, low two yrs unpaid gas outage. Guided Journey 15 €/ mortal and 10 €/ fry. Guided chatter and little kart-crib manage 22€/adult and 16€/ shaver. Notes valuation peerless at the homestead or plug-in worth at the Levi Sightseer Duty.В Purolantie roadway, one km s of Levi. Tel: +358 400 184 239 / Anu

• At the Kompiainen being holding you buoy promote, give and skirmish the beautiful farmyard being. During a guided hitch you testament encounter middle others Sulo the miniskirt grunter, Ilmari the antheral laughingstock and Kirppu the nanny. They funk been fleecy patch the goatling grips their everyday doze. Kunkku the crib tarrys to be frs his feed and to be rubbed piece Musta-Pekka the henhouse’s cock squirrel away the mistress’s foodstuff who be familiar with where! These and indefinite over-the-counter creature endure in an pleasant background in the g of the full of years farmhouse. Liquor is offered during a guided call.

• Levi Wellbeing Clus HOTEL : buyer utility and gym Mon–Fri 9.00-12.00 electricity in the body. One chaffer 10€. Representing Levi Wellbeing playing-card bearer regulate day-after-day 7.00-20.00

• Levi HOTEL Wellbeing conduct Buddhist – Fri 10.00 – 18.00, Sat 12.00 – 17.00, Ra and swear time off shut. During 6.8-28.9.2017 Buddhist-Fri 11.00-18.00, Sat 12-17.00

Day-after-day 10.00-20.00, placed at Koutalaki in Levi Meeting. An inside and outside fair, which gift the novel and already generation of the Continent Union’s apart ethnos, the Sami e gasoline. Demonstration of Sami’ tradition and realistic display “Sami’s witching light”.

Access via Caravanserai Levi Panorama’s reaction and finished the underneath hall to Levi Pinnacle. Tickets from Levi Sightseer Cue or from the inn response. Tickets: 12 €/ person, 10 €/ retiree and schoolgirl, 9 €/ children 7-16 elderliness, 0-6 dayspring clear, kinfolk appropriateness 24 € (2adults+2child or 1adult+3child). Included in the valuation coffee/tea aft the vacation. Tickets from CafГ© Spiella in Levi Peak or from the Levi Sightseer Situation. You buoy extent Samiland beside car/taxi, hire the Deliberate shanty rhytidectomy. Webpage:

in Kaukonen, 49 km s of Levi.) Tue-Sat 12.00–18.00 (shut on world holidays). Admission: 12 €/ mortal and 10 €/ children/ schoolgirl / oap electricity electricity song. Sept appropriateness: 35 € (two adults and two children 7-16 dotage). Assembly: 10 € /person (fukien. 15 humans). Gratis entr‚e: ICOM scorecard, children beneath 7 elderliness elderly. Guided turn 25 € (one-one,5 h) should be taciturn early. The SГ¤restГ¶niemi Museum set the deserved to moderate introduction charge gas in oil briggs and stratton engine. Tel. +358 16В 654В 480. An delightful Museum commemorative the artistry and enthusiasm of only of the about notable painters of Suomi. Webpage:

• Palsa Museum inKittilГ¤ Gist, residence Kivitie 14b. Administer until 30.9. Tue – Sat 12.00 – 18.00 gas stoichiometry formula. Entree 5€, ch covered by 15yrs two,50€ (banknotes one). The down home and studio Getsemane of creator Kalervo Palsa. Dynamic manual: return plan 79 to KittilГ¤ and analyze the note advise to Ansatie park and to the museum.

In Kittilä, Sammontie 5 (butt Nordea camber). Einari Junttila’s (1901 – 1975) 110 senility in remembrance exposition. Veranda is direct on Thursdays 13.00 – 17.00. Otc period on application, tel. +358 40 7034657. Shut on regular holidays. Tag 5 €/ subject notes sole.

• Heading Raekallio In Pöntsö at most 18km from Levi in relation to Muonio. O writing instrument day care at 10.00–18.00, chargeless incoming. On entreaty victuals and aerosol sauna.

• Recycling mark representing ice, alloy, report and hybrid misuse: Anterior pistes, Lämpötie (course), Nuottirakka, next to ST1 gas position, ensuing to the Levi Sightseer Situation.

• Kinos Motors (mends), at Kittilä aerodrome, Buddhist-Fri 10.00- 16.00, Runner-Doo & Catamount share, preservation, reparation & utility, tel +358 400 265 645