Opinion take it from me, i’ve been here for weeks – the griffin canisius college electricity transmission


While the first semester of college hasn’t been as outwardly difficult as I expected it to be, I can admit that a few aspects of it have blindsided me and tested my independence, confidence and pride. I’m hoping that through my pain and newfound maturity as a second semester freshman that I can educate anyone who may have not experienced these trials.

If the NFTA Metro taught me one thing, it’s to never make eye contact with anyone ever. electricity a level physics If you think someone looks friendly, just know they probably aren’t. On the bright side, public transportation puts a lot of people under the impression that they can talk about their personal business with anyone which is 30 percent scary, 70 percent entertaining. At this point, I probably know half of the bus riders’ life stories better than I know what’s going to be on my chemistry final.

Another big lesson I learned is to use your meal swipes. Honestly, even if the meals suck like they usually do, go and get yourself a soda and a breadstick. electricity kanji Anything to milk the money out of that thing. Currently, out of pure spite and financial rage, I am going to the cafeteria to eat ice cream and drink lemon water eight times a day. k electric bill statement Is it worth it? Maybe not. Does it taste good? Eh, kinda.

Speaking of utilizing what you have, go to the library! I just went there for the first time the other day, and it’s actually kind of dope. They have tables in there, and you’re allowed to sit at them basically forever. a gas has I haven’t really messed around with the actual book sections yet, but they have a great movie section. Next semester I’ll be sure to exploit it more than I have. They’ll be begging me to leave by the time the year is over.

I also genuinely regret not going to more office hours. gas bloating nausea They practically beg us to go to them, yet every time I think about going I assume they’ll think I’m a total idiot or super annoying. At this point, I don’t even care if they do because I need help. Sure, my anxiety will require I create a flashcard-ready presentation as to why I’ve decided to bother them with my presence, but at least I’ll be getting the help I need and deserve.

One last tip I can give is to ask if you’re unsure of something. I came to Canisius with the mindset that I shouldn’t complain or ask questions I thought were stupid because I didn’t want to seem like I couldn’t handle the transition from high school to college, but in doing that I messed up some pretty big opportunities. When I finally confided in a teacher that I was confused or that the way something was happening felt wrong or unfair, it was too late to fix it. gasbuddy touch Now I just have to deal with the poor decision knowing that it actually is wrong and unfair!

Overall, just know that people are here to help. electricity billy elliot karaoke Sometimes, they may not actually care, but usually it’s their job or they’re decent enough to just sit and listen. Also understand that the amenities are here to benefit you in your journey to graduation. I too feel like I’m playing grown up, but at some point you’ve got to learn that you can actually go there and do that because guess what? You paid for it, so why not use it?