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A friend recently picked up a 2003 Honda AquaTrax F-12X (turbo) that has 118 hours on it from it’s original owner. With single ski trailer it was $3500. I had the chance to take it up to the lake this weekend and put about four hours on it. Feels solid, pulls firmly all the way up to 65. The reverse works fine, but might need a little adjustment. It’s stiff to engage and it’s a pull up handle on the hull, not a lever on the handlebars like some of the newer yamahas I’ve ridden.

Bilge looks very clean. Turbo has the lightest bit of rust in a few spots, but doesn’t look like it was ever in salty or overly wet conditions. I meant to check the oil when it was warm and on the lake. I don’t think I have the adapters to run it on water in my driveway.

Hull is largely free from major defects. Climbing underneath, there are what I would consider some typical beaching scratches in the bow area. There are about three atypical gouges down to the fiberglass that I found, some the size of a pencil, the other about one inch long. I think these would be easy enough to patch up.

Wanted to chime in on my Honda Experience. Bought a 2003 Honda F12x turbo for $200. Couldnt pass it up. Had a leaking exhaust manifold which most will get (strike 1). Buying new will cost you $700 to 900! Found a good used one for $250. Tested no leaks. Then had to remove the engine to get water out and replace the rusted starter bendix. Not a too bad of a job. Then the turbo was shot.(strike 2) New turbo $2500..you cant rebuild.got lucky and got a brand new one that was used in a marine school. $500. Did some cosmetic stuff new blacktip mats and seat cover and pump wedge. Then the reverse and steering nuts break…fix those $60. Take it out a few times best on gps was 61mph (they arent very fast). Then got the infamous code of death…Needs an ECM.(strike 3) New $1200….got a used one $450. Rode another 2 times and the new turbo went…parted that b*tch out!! New turbo went because there is an oil feed line that has a small screen and it got clogged. So lets recap. Honda issues not just with my ski: Exhaust manifolds, ECM issues and Turbo. 3 main expensive parts. But they are sooo reliable…..I bought the ski for $200. Would I buy another for that price hell no. Free..no thanks. There is also a recall on the GAS TANKS for leaking!!. Dealers do the work for free and have to remove the motor but and BUT they are finding worn motor mounts, swollen hoses bad clamps etc…added to your bill.

Sea Doo was good with the 2 stroke engines but I do not like the 4 stroke models I owned 2 supercharged skies one was the Kawasucki , by far the worst experience I ever had from the lack of reliability to the nose heavy wet ride to the warranty or lack there of and the corrosion of the metal on the engine even with anodes added like all my skies have.

My experience with Sea Doo is their hulls are rock solid their 4 stroke engines are ok . They have a lot of issues like motor mount failures that lead to other issues and when water gets in the hull you end up with a lot of electrical issues but I had so many issues with the pumps cavitating and blowing bearings so often that I carried a spare pump on my van still have it actually, so I refuse to ever consider another Sea Doo it’s all about reliability ! Yamaha takes the lead but I will never buy a supercharged Yamaha again, my experience with the low quality bolts corroding in my venue made more work for me , I do a list of things to a ski before it ever hits the water, changing crappy bolts is one of the things I always do. If Yamaha had a more solid hull It would be a total winner. I also mingle with a number of ski owners and I get feedback on their skies and their problems with those skies. I ride the hell out of a ski so if it can handle what I put it through it should handle what the average person needs from it with ease.

As for the Honda skies I never had any interest in those and never rode one. But since they discontinued those a long time ago I figure they know the shortcomings better than any one so if they don’t want to sell them I don’t want to own one.