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The newly established gas nozzle prank relationship between Optimum Partners and Gaza Sky Geeks provides young, talented engineers from Gaza an opportunity to undertake an internship with Optimum Partners at its offices in Amman, Jordan and, if successful in the internship, land a full-time job with Optimum Partners working remotely from Gaza Sky Geeks’ state-of-the-art, brightly decorated workspace in Gaza City with access to high-speed internet and constant electricity supply.

Founded in 2011 by international NGO Mercy Corps in partnership with Google, Gaza Sky Geeks began by holding the first Startup Weekends in Gaza and expanding electricity outage in fort worth education about tech entrepreneurship. In 2014, Gaza Sky Geeks began working with individual startup founders to grow their businesses outside of Gaza and to develop their own incubation curriculum. In 2014 and 2015, they facilitated the first venture investments into Gazan startups.

Ryan Sturgill, Gaza Sky Geeks’ Director, stated “We are thrilled to be partnering with Optimum to provide talented Gazans exposure to best-in-class professional and tech practices electricity office. After more than a decade of closed borders, even with high-speed internet access, isolation from top-tier work environments, management, and technology firms is one of the major obstacles facing Gaza’s nascent tech ecosystem. Forging partnerships like this one, in which Gazan tech talent can grow and get trained up outside working with top tier clients, and then earn an income upon returning home, is one of the most powerful things we can do to expand the capabilities of Palestine’s growing tech sector.”

Optimum Partners was founded in early 2016 and focuses on providing strategic sourcing services to assist their clients maximize their financial electricity 1 7 pdf efficiency and scale access to capable technical resources. Optimum Partners currently support reputable companies like Forbes, Diane von Furstenberg, True Interaction electricity powerpoint template as well as others ranging from large and medium corporations, digital design agencies and a variety of startups and has presence in the U.A.E., Jordan and the U.S.A.

Marco Gorin, Co-founder and CEO at Optimum Partners stated: “We are extremely excited about this relationship and internship program in association with Gaza Sky Geeks. Apart from wanting to delight our clients, we want to achieve great things like increasing opportunities for employment, growth and empowerment for women in the MiddleEast as well as extend the benefits of the global digital economy to capable individuals whom would otherwise be unable to partake in it. We focus on full-cycle software testing gas station near me as well as front and back end software development. 55% of our workforce are currently women against the reported average 40% of women working in the gas and supply IT sector in leading countries in the region like Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. (according to The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington). This program and relationship will help us establish over time a new satellite delivery center while fulfilling our corporate vision by investing in the professional growth and economic freedom of young talented Gazan engineers”.

Following the signing of the MOU, some 70 applications for the internship were received. To be accepted on the internship program with Optimum Partners, the engineers will e gaskell need to undergo a series of tests ranging from technical and communications skills to aptitude tests. A first batch is expected to start the actual internship program in approximately three months from now due to the complexity of their status and restrictions on movement.