Ordnance area at siegelsbach army depot in bad rappenau, germany (google maps) hp gas online registration


I was there from Feb 82 to Jun 83 in Second Platoon. I worked the last six months with Supply (Voluntarly before a large drug bust occurred so they had me go back to the Hill to protect my reputation [I am a Christian and everyone knew I did not do drugs so it was senseless but I appreciate the jesture]). circle k gas station locations I wound up at Siegelsbach when at our Brigade Headquarters some guy in line when they said: Siegelsbach or Fishbach; what the ‘H***’ is a Fishbach! Glad I was not standing next to him. The SFC said you Five (which included me) go to Siegelsbach and YOU TWO go to FISHBACH (man Siegelsbach was bad but Fishbach was far worse and on a Y in the road not even a town near by! So glad I stayed in the Middle! Anyways I was confronted at Frankfort: Ah you are an MP! Did you do any White Cap Duty? I Said NO I was in 1st CAV and spent most of my time Deployed (Ft. Chaffee twice & Ft. Irwin before it was ever called NTC) He asked did you work the Road? I Said YES! Oooops! Well he sent me to our Brigade HQ where he knew I would get some very choice duty! Hence I wound up at Siegelsbach!

The beginning of the end for Siegelsbach came in the spring of 1968 when a new weapons assembly building was approved by NATO. electricity icons free When the plans arrived on post, it was obvious that to build it as planned would require shutting down explosive storage in a large number of the igloos due to explosive safety problems with the building. It was too late to change plans that had been approved by all the NATO countries but a number of munitions were already scheduled for transfer to temporary storage in another installation. I don’t know if the plans were ever implemented because I transferred out that summer but know that major disruption in construction and operations occurred.

The installation was a "Closed Post" operated by the 525th Ordnance Company, a part of the Advanced Weapons Support Command. It was located on an old Wehrmach installation and consisted of two parts. One was new with NATO Earth Covered Magazines and tightly secured with high fences, dogs and tall wood frame guard towers. The guards carried live ammunition and often on those pitch black German nights when jumpy guards would be disturbed, probably by deer, shots would be fires. grade 6 electricity project ideas Often to reduce boredom the guards would remove the propellant from their cartridges and replace it with straw. There were numerous burn marks on the floors of the guard towers from the flash of the propellant when it was ignited. All of us were amazed that none of the old wooden towers ever caught fire because of it. Each year as the guards had to requalify, we would have numerous misfires due to the lack of propellant in the cartridges.

The unused part of the depot was an old Wehrmach ammunition storage area, reputed to have been used to store the NAZI rocket warheads. power outage houston report It was heavily wooded with of the old storage bunkers and roads imbedded in the ground about five feet. It was mostly unused in the late 1960’s. A few old magazines were used by the 23rd Ordnance Company to store ammunition (mostly Honest John Rocket motors) for USAREUR/Seventh Army units.

There were old concrete pads out behind the depot used to store inert and mostly obsolete munitions parts. Early in the 1960’s they became the subject of a major Stars and Stripes story about a "Nuclear Warhead" sent to the Heilbronn power plant to be burned. gasco abu dhabi email address Actually it was a NON NUCLEAR WARHEAD, NON EXPLOSIVE SKIN SECTION that had, inadvertantly been left inside its box when the box had been sent in to be burned. gas stoichiometry examples Several others were discovered in those outdoor pads and transported to another installation for eventual distruction. One of them eventually became the steeple for the chapel at US Army Fischbach Army Depot.

Siegelsbach was my first PCS station as a Lieutenant. I was assigned to the Storage and Issue Platoons from 1983 to 1985. I worked with great guys like Chief Al Kenyon, LT Bob Best, LT Gerhardt Schneider, Lt Kim, SFC Dock, SSG Morales, SPC Shindler, SPC Herring, SFC Brown, SFC Tiller, SPC Toussaint, SPC Copani, SPC Malarett., SPC Koons, LT Mark Jolly, LT Sylvia Enz, SGT Woods, SSG Hugg, SGT Wilmoth and many others. Like everything else I had good and bad moments there.

The convoy training and field training were good experiences. Thankfully I never got lost. electricity freedom system I remember one night in the woods the Captain I was with apparently got disoriented. I told him where we had to go to get back to the platoon camp site and he didn’t heed me. We rode around for a while and he became frustrated. I told him again where we had to go. His response was “why didn’t you tell me”. u gas station I got the impression he wanted to save face. I also remember in training we provided better perimeter defense than the field Artillery guys. Here’s another one…Take those rocks out of the tires! Dennis Vega reedbro@comcast.net