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There will be heavy duty plastic bags for sale, however, these are really no better as very few people seriously reuse them and the inherent problems still exist – the use of non-renewable resources to create the plastic and the waste which invariably ends up in waterways and the oceans.

In an online forum, I recently mentioned that I bought very little at the supermarket and could generally place it directly in my cloth bag as it was scanned through the checkout. I place the handle over one arm and with the other hand I load the items into the bag. I think this comment raised some interest about how I actually achieve this.

We live near a small town with a Woolworths and an IGA supermarket. I buy a few things at the IGA and also go to the local butcher and our Co-op which stocks a wide range of organic products from both Australia and overseas. Most of my supermarket shopping is done at Aldi which is about 10km away in a different direction. The fruit and vegetable vendor that I go to is not far from Aldi. I buy the majority of my dry goods at a family-owned shop with bulk bins. It is about 45km away so I plan my trips and stock up about twice a year.

By shopping at small, independent retailers you will find it much easier to use and pack your own bags as there is generally more counter space, less pressure and the seller will probably be much more supportive of your decision. I also take my own containers/bags to have them refilled in almost all instances but that is a discussion for another day.

I am sure you can see items missing from the lists, so please feel free to ask questions. It may be that we simply do not use it or that I make it myself. For example, I make tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, jam, peanut paste, onion flakes, pasta, pizza bases and GMan makes bread.

It is hard to believe that it is almost 3 months since I wrote this post about my new labeller. Although that post was about labelling the small drawers in my sewing room, if I am really honest, my main motivation was so that I could re-organise my pantry and label everything.

Unfortunately, the labeller has languished in the cupboard while the state of the pantry went steadily downhill. Until yesterday. The thing that finally prompted me was the arrival of some more Mason jars that I had ordered online. They would not fit in the cupboard as it stood so this required some major re-thinking.

I am really very fortunate to have plenty of storage space so it was simply a matter of utilising it better. I have a large corner pantry as well as a floor-to-ceiling cupboard on the other side of the refrigerator. There had previously been a mix of both food and other items in both cupboards so the first step was to remove the remaining foodstuffs (mostly canned goods and jars) from the cupboard.

The second shelf has 2 plastic tubs of glass jars and bottles which I use for storing juice and homemade sauces. I have culled these considerably over a period of time as I have invested in more Mason jars. In fact, I was able to swap them from a large and medium tub to a medium and small tub and move them from the top shelf of the corner pantry to this shelf which means they are much more accessible. The large plastic tub fits neatly in the bottom of one side of the wardrobe in the sewing room so I will utilise it there. But first, I have to finish the cupboard and the corner pantry.