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Now – what do you think is action at a distance as well as perception at a distance, which most people refer to as "magick?" Is it spiritual? is it metaphysical? is it religion? is it rooted in faith? is it "higher esoteric knowledge?" Is it something, for which to master you need to be a life long slave of some secret lodge, sacred coven or other cult setup? …

enslavement: In other words: all of them are caught forever within the mechanisms of socio-economic-sexual repression. I am going to show you that this is not the case and that there is absolutely no need for you to accept those "rules" and to allow being controlled by them. In fact, we can show you that with the help of Orgone Generators® you can re-achieve even more rapidly those skills, with which you were born and of which vested interests have "educated you out" during your earliest childhood!

In fact, what many refer to as "magick," such as perception at a distance and action at a distance are many skills, which are as natural as walking, seeing, hearing and talking, and therefore almost all of us have these skill naturally: we were born with these skills, and therefore they are our birth-right !!! The problem is that because of vested interests of ruthless folks in power, humans always have been systematically "educated out of it," – brainwashed out of it … and that usually happens already at a very early age, of course! In fact, because what many refer to as "magick" is a natural skill of all of us, this skill of humans is extremely easy to master, i.e., to re-acquire. electricity edison You can do so in a few weeks rather than in many months, years or decades, as many cults (many of them too are victims of massive brainwashing) try to make you believe.

simple, and that this technology is based on the science – or physics – of life force, i.e., the energy of life: call it Chi, prana, orgone, od, mana, or whatever other label you want to use for this universal energy! As is the case with any technology, any person willing to do so can have access to it. gas station near me open In fact, you will find out rapidly that it is extremely easy for you to set up powerful magickal operations, which can be a decisive help in achieving manifestation of your deepest desires, especially when you are boosting your work with orgone-generators®!!!

Because magick is extremely easy to master (i.e., to reacquire the skills with which you have been born – which, in fact, are your birth-right) and at the same time it has been used to control large portions of the population throughout history, there have been very strong vested interests by those folks in power: by people who shamelessly were and still are using it for their own purposes of dominance and control, and quite naturally they invented and still invent idiotic lies about magick, they label it evil, etc., and consequently we have been "educated out of this" and in many "cultures" the word "magick" itself has been vilified throughout the ages by control-freaks in power, and this vilification appears in almost all of these fairy-tales, including doomsday fairy tales, which were hammered into us by way of forced-upon education – call it brainwashing. All of this quite naturally is the result of the power of folks and groups of people who have vested interests

rapidly how easy it is for you to perform this exciting technology of action at a distance and perception at a distance having your smartphone as the center of your "magickal" power: This is so, because the structural link, i.e. the wallpaper on your smartphone, provides you with life force, which is the energy at the basis of your work towards a better life, and this is so, because your wallpaper is connected to chi generators® in our laboratories !!!

When talking about “magick” most people are thinking of it as something esoteric, spiritual, religious and the like, and they are unaware that, in fact, magick is technology, which is based on science: the science of energies in general and the science of life force and its interaction with other energies (such as EMF/space, time, gravity, etc.) in particular: at the beginning there evolved the science of action at a distance and perception at a distance and later many other technologies, which evolved from this approach. For more visit

In fact, in “olden times” thunder and lightening too were considered being “spiritual” and miraculously produced by “gods of thunder” and so were lots of other things, which later were recognized as very natural phenomena and explained by scientific approaches, and based on such scientific mappings, theories or approaches, many new technologies could evolve, some of which we enjoy very much, and of which the people of the past who originally had started the scientific approach had not the slightest idea. In fact, such a type of scientific and technical evolution based on the science of life force happened almost immediately after I could explain scientifically magick and many other functions and experiences, which up to now were – and still are – explained by most people as “divine, spiritual, esoteric, new agey” and what not.

In fact, after having recognized the many phenomena and approaches of life force as applied science that uses natural energies, almost immediately amazing new methods could be developed. electricity physics problems Of course this is something that the many popes of esoteric approaches do not like at all and they may even condemn it as “of the devil” and the like! After all, those folks make pretty good money based on their rigid spiritual explanations. The same things happened in the past at the beginning of a scientific understanding of electromagnetism and the like: think of thunder and lightening – and the understanding and technology of electricity came in part from this basis, as did later a lot of electric machineries, all the way to computers, space travel and more.

And now just imagine how far technologies can go as a result of understanding many of those “esoteric functions” of life force, such as, but not limited to, perception at a distance and action at a distance, and from there is just a small step to texting with no need of network or amplifiers, to gravity machines, to teleportals, not just for travelling by way of teleportals, but also to pull “free energy” from powerful sources such as the Sun or drawing minerals (such as "gold") directly from asteroids, with no need to physically go there, … and much much more! These were just a few rather primitive examples of what we can expect, and I am certain there’s stuff out there that I cannot even think about yet: similar as people who in the past started building electric and other power machinery based on scientific understanding could not even think about computers back then, about fun with computer games, about refrigerators, about nuclear energies, about TV and other methods based on this EMF knowledge: technologies and machinery used in our times, some of those already sort of antiquated.

is an orgone generator® (Chi generator®), with which you can set the life force (chi energy, orgone) to precision frequencies of your choice. As you know, specific frequencies are at the basis of well-defined modes of interaction with the environment: from somnambulistic-hypnotic states, deep meditation, all the way to persistence, stamina, precision, aggression in sports, charisma, planetary energies, etc. Check out the frequency list in the manual, which you can find in gas news uk The PFC 2000 is Middle of the Line Power, and it works great in combination with the CEG 1000 or the CEG 2400! Click here and get additional info about this amazing new machine –

The difference is in the type structural link. electricity off The Magician uses physical structural links, such as incenses, symbols, hair and finger nails, while the radionics operator uses settings of the dials to establish linkage to trend energies or to targets of the operation. Precise frequency settings (PFC 2000 and 2400, Performer, RAD 5 and ATG 12 too can be understood "radionically."

Very popular top of the line orgone generator®, combining radionics and precision frequencies on five positions, which are ideal for very effective magickal work: Basic action, trend, trend in the environment, target and alternate target. Great for complex spell work as well as protection – and all simultaneously. 2 audio inputs for affirmations.

Top of the line Device with 12 orgone generators® in the ring, ideal to set up any astrological trend energy that you desire. This is the top of the line "astrological greenhouse" in which astrological settings help decisively in achieving the desired outcome of your magickal operations. Also it’s excellent for complex spell work on multiple targets as well as protection – and all this you can do simultaneously. 2 audio inputs for affirmations.