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The Jesus Mysteries (TJM)hypothesis has been around for more than two centuries. Essentially, it posits that the central tenets of the Christian tradition were copied from the Pagan Mysteries of the era (of which there were many – Mithras electricity facts ks2, Iris, Osiris-Dionysus, etc) and that there never was a REAL human character called Jesus. Since Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy published their popular book, Jesus Mysteries, a number of other historians (professional and amateur) have started investigating the history of Christianity from a purely mythological perspective (Richard Carrier, Earl Doherty, Robert M. Price, R. G. Price).

The central tenets of TJM was that Christianity developed from the cocktail of mystical religions of the 3rd century BCE to the 2-3 century CE. These religions deified a central figure who lived in the allegorical (mythical) world, rather than a real flesh and blood individual. The Gnostics were an example of such religion, in that there did not believe that Jesus was a flesh and blood individual, but rather appeared to be flesh and blood ( docetism). Gnostic belief cause a lot of trouble for early Christian doctrine, in that if Jesus was never flesh and blood, then it could never be said that he suffered for mankind. With the ascendency of orthodoxy Christianity, Gnosticism was persecuted out of the existence by the early Christian church. Ironically, to counter Gnostic doctrine, early church fathers were motivated to interpolate existing gospels and pauline epistles inserting anti-gnostic material. Freke and Gandy postulate that the apostle Paul may indeed have been Gnostic and with orthodoxy winning the battle for supremacy, orthodoxy adapted Paul’s message static electricity sound effect to fit their doctrine. Their case for this thesis is the notion that nowhere does Paul, in any of his surviving works, show an intimate knowledge of the man Jesus, in flesh and blood. That there are Gnostic ideas in the NT is also supported by a number of NT scholars today, notably Robert M. Price, Elaine Pagel. However, this is still a new area of research.

Gnosticism was clearly one of the mystical forms of religions of the early first millenium, deriving most of its character from the other mystical tradition of the region. Within a few decades of the establishment of orthodoxy Christianity, its similarity to the Pagan cults of the day did not fail to be noticed by some of its critics, the most famous of whom was Celsus( c. 170 CE.), a philosopher and satirist.

The similarity between Christianity and the Pagan Mysteries (Osirus-Dionysus, Horus, Mythras, Iris etc) so disturbed some of the early Christian fathers, such as Justin Martyr gas company (100 -165 CE), that some of them have to resort to the most bizarre of reason to explain the similarity to the Pagan cults. This is what Celsus had to say about early Christianity;

Are these distinctive happenings unique to the Christiains – and if so, how are they unique? Or are ours to be accounted myths ans theirs believed? What reasons do the Christians give for the distinctiveness of their beliefs? In truth there is nothing at all unusual about what the Christians believes, except that the believe it to the exclusion of more comprehensive truths about God.

Having heard it proclaimed through the prophets that the Christ was to come and that the ungodly amongst men were to be punished by fire, the wicked spirit put forth many to be called Sons of God, under the impression that they would be able gas monkey monster truck driver to produce in men the idea that the things that were said with regards to Christ were merely marvellous tales, like the things that were said by the poets.

The devil, whose business is to pervert the truth mimics the exact circumstances of the Divine Sacraments. He baptises his believers and promises forgiveness o fsins from the Sacred Fount, and thereby initiates them into the religion of Mithras. Thus he celebrates the electricity experiments for preschoolers oblation of bread, andbrings in the symbol of resurrection. Let u stherefore acknowledge the craftiness of the devil, who caopies certain things of those that be Divine.

Essentially, these early Christian apologist were saying So what, our religions looks similar to your religions, but we did not copy from you. The devil mimicked our religion in your religion in anticipation of the advent of our religion. This was the standard excuse given then by the apologist, which has not changed in 2000 years of the evolution of Christianity.

I have requested that this matter be taken to the appropriate thread. I am already aware of Celcus, and the very same thing has happened with the misquotes. I know when I raise issues like this, the slur begin until I show them. Since I did for Tertullian, you guys have not come back to show me any independent sources to show that Timothy and gandy were not misquoting Tertullian. I don’t see why I should be trailing these matters on and on where you guys have not been able to oblige my single request. This is why I keep repeating myself ad hominem that perhaps I would have to ignore all other distractions henceforth UNTIL you guys provide me with electricity allergy the direct sources for those misquotes from those authors.

Excuse me, huxley? What sort of talk and excuse is that? Were YOU not the one who quoted those authors and left them standing for weeks about the same diabolical mimicry? Did Freke and Gandy change their minds on that recently? How come you are given to making such excuses? This is disappointing, really – and I suppose that I may not have to keep this party up any further. My apologies.

The following respond provide proof that everything in the Christian religion and in the bible has been STOLEN from other religions that predated it from all around gas stoichiometry practice sheet the world. Christianity is a tool for removing spiritual/occult knowledge from the populace so this power can be kept in the hands of a few to manipulate and enslave the masses.

To really understand the Bible and see the truth, one must be very well educated in the occult. The mass mind is very powerful. When one studies long enough and acquires advanced knowledge of the occult, the truth is utterly shocking. The entire Judeo/Christian Bible is a hoax of catastrophic proportions with a very clear objective using subliminal means and the channeled psychic energy of believers.

Whenever Christianity or its cohorts took control of a country or region, the ancient spiritual texts and records were removed and/or destroyed and those who had spiritual knowledge were mass murdered by the electricity tower vector Inquisition. This took out of circulation the very knowledge those in power have used and still use to manipulate the ignorant population using spiritual/occult power.

The Bible is one of the most powerful subliminal tools used by a select few to enslave the masses. Most people are unaware of this because they lack knowledge regarding the occult, thought power, and psychic energy. The grade 9 electricity formulas powers that be work to reinforce the belief that the occult, powers of the mind and spirit are nonsense or just plain bunk.

The entire Bible is an extremely powerful subliminal tool full of occult numbers, messages, allegories, and stolen material, which has been corrupted from ancient religions. In addition, this book has been infused with psychic energy and power to instill fear and to make it believable . When one’s eyes are opened and one has the necessary knowledge, the *spell* will no longer be effective . The entire underlying theme of the Judeo/Christian Bible is the establishment of the fictitious history of the Jewish people in the mass mind. What the mass mind believes has power and the energy to make manifest in reality as thoughts are energy

There are vacuum-sealed vaults in the Vatican library containing thousands upon thousands of ancient esoteric books from around the world that have been stolen and hoarded over the years and gas variables pogil worksheet answers kept out of public circulation. The Catholic Church, which is the root of the Christian religion, is controlled by a secret society that has abused occult power to enslave the masses. The end goal is the total enslavement of humanity, which they have worked towards relentlessly and ruthlessly.

All of this has directly affected each and every one of us. Humanity has suffered unnecessarily because of the denial of this knowledge. People have been coerced over the centuries into paying for their own damnation to the tune of billions and billions of currencies to keep this lie prospering and continuing strong. The survival and prosperity of this vicious hoax on humanity requires only ONE thing- A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE! [/size]