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Ugh I hate to give bad reviews (I am writing this as I am wearing this eye cream) but I think that you should know this…… Its a peachy pink colour with a hint of sparkles in it, and when you put it on it shows that you have a pink-whitish cast under your eyes. I am dark skinned this did not work on my skin tone and frankly I do not think that any eye cream should be pigmented! For heaven’s sake who thought that pigmented eye cream would be a good idea?! FYI I tried it under heavy duty concealer and the colour still showed through my makeup. This should be marketed as an eye bb cream or eye cc cream. Does it work? Honestly I have tried a lot of eye creams, and in my opinion vaseline worked better than this. For starters, vaseline is moisturizing and this eye cream is drying! THIS EYE CREAM WILL DRY YOUR UNDER EYE. I cannot comment about puffiness, I do not suffer from that but it did nothing for my dark circles. I would never buy this and I got this for free last year and still need to finish it. I will try it as a eye lid primer before putting on eye shadow soon. It kind of makes sense, its drying, its pigmented …. why is this an eye cream again? CONS: PINK WHITISH CAST WITH SPARKLES UNDER YOUR EYES AFTER APPLICATION DARK GIRLS CANNOT WEAR THIS DRYING DOES NOT WORK FOR DARK CIRCLES PROS: YOU FEEL A REFRESHING SENSATION UNDER YOUR EYE WHEN YOU PUT IT ON… THAT DIMINISHES AFTER A COUPLE MINUTES. SO IT GET ONE LIPPY FOR DOING ONE THING IT CLAIMS TO DO LOL.

I’m shocked this doesn’t have better reviews. First off I started using this when it was offered as a 100 point sample at sephora. I loved it so much I ended up using my free shipping as VIB to get like 6 more. So it’s definitely not a moisturizing eye cream, in fact I use a balm under it during the day, and wouldn’t use it at night because I like really thick eye creams overnight. I use this during the day because I have awful hereditary purple under eye circles and this helps hide them. You need to use makeup with this though, it has a pearly shimmer that looks bananas. What I do is i do my oil/lotion base and let those sink in. Then I use a primer all over and apply this on my eye area. Once it’s dry I do my foundation/concealer routine. I think the shimmer and brightening of this helps hide my circles but I definitely need something over it because it doesn’t look normal in the sun, plus it won’t take those hereditary purple circles away, I need all the help I can get there. I was sent a sample size of this for free for review in my voxbox but the opinions are mine own. #DiscoverOrigins

I used this eye cream AM and PM for quite some time, and it never impressed me. It isn’t that moisturizing, and it really stung my eyes as it migrated toward my waterline. I think it actually dried my eyelids out even more! I ended up layering it with another eye cream just to get enough moisturization for my makeup to look smooth or to last through the night…not what I wanted out of a $30-$40 eye cream. It also did nothing for my dark circles, though I wasn’t expecting much in that department. After a few months, I purchased Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel eye cream out of sheer desperation, which I ended up loving (and am still using). I’ve applied my leftover Ginzing on occasion just to try and finish the tub, but it feels so harsh and irritating now…the last time I used it, I got a red milia-like bump on one of my lower lids. I am now trying a sample of Origin’s Eye Doctor Moisture Care for Eyes, but I have a feeling I will still end up going back to basic old Neutrogena. I have yet to find an Origins product that works for me…

To debrief, for an 18 year old, my under eyes are similar to those of a middle aged woman. I have dark circles, puffiness, dryness, fine lines, darkness and just very visible veins under my eyes. Trying to cover it up is hard, but trying to reduce the problems under my eyes is even worse. I bought this because i’m currently on the search for a holy grail eye cream. This, however, is quite an average under eye cream. I use this with my clinique eye serum and it really works decrease puffiness – trust me, i have been dealing with puffiness everyday, especially with hay-fever and just waking up. However, the whole ‘brightening effect’ is probably only because it has some shimmering ingredient. Don’t get me wrong, it makes my under eyes look brighter and more awake -only because of the shimmering ingredient. Moreover, i not sure if this really hydrates my under eyes. My under eyes still feel dry as per usual even after using it. If you don’t suffer from fine lines, dark circles and what not, i would recommend this. However, if you’re like me, keep on looking because this probably wont help.