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Solar energy is simply the conversion of sunlight into electricity. This can be done directly, or through the use of photovoltaic (PV) or indirectly by the concentrated solar energy (CSP). Photovoltaic energy is created when sunlight strikes the protons of a solar panel that is produced electrical currents. Concentrated power (also known as thermal energy), on the other hand, extracted directly from the sun emits heat. This solar energy is also popularly known as "green energy" due to the fact that it is driven by nature and the environment. It is also the safest way of resources to date and truly renewable, but solar technology is still not very popular in some places.

Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15th century, one of the biggest brains in the design of industrial use of the sun. Da Vinci came to design a system to heat the water in the concave mirrors. In 1954 by Bell Labs, were discovered the photovoltaic properties of certain silicones. Were subsequently developed the first functional photovoltaic panels, for use in satellites. Later, the solar energy was first used in Australia. Since then, more than 60,000 installations have been successful.

Albert Einstein is famous famous scientist, who has experienced the photoelectric effect. He won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for their outstanding contributions to solar energy and photovoltaic. In the 1950s the first true solar panels were working. Furthermore, in 1954 Bell Labs found silicon photovoltaic properties determined. A remarkable fact of solar energy is that all communications and satellite television are also powered by solar energy with photovoltaic cells.

Solar energy is measured in kilowatt-hours. Briefly, 1 kilowatt = 1,000 watts. Furthermore, it is estimated that about 1366 watts of direct solar radiation per square meter reaches the atmosphere, about 1000 watts per square meter per hour reaches the earth. This is a fascinating fact and a lot of energy, to be precise. Another example of the fact that the solar energy is, on average, would use a normal domestic 860 kilowatts per month.

This energy goes into effect when the light of solar energy systems, such as solar panels, is converted into heat. However, sunlight, can be reduced when there is a blockage of the wind and solar contamination.La clouds can be used for different purposes such as heating water, providing a household lighting, as well as feeding a number of drivers to cook . Solar energy is also free, but the installation cost is high.

In recent years, the cost of energy were down, and in order to make them accessible to everyone. One of the most popular in recent years to reduce the high cost, have been guides DIY solar and wind power and success was huge, with many thousands in savings over 50% or more in energy costs, or to be completely off the network.

However, solar technology has come a long way. Instead, a world record was set in his favor around 1990 when a solar powered plane flew 4,060 kilometers across the U.S., without fuel. Likewise, solar energy systems such as racing engines have been in use since 1985. In fact, for the promotion of this initiative, World Solar Challenge race, held annually in Australia and the USA. In these races, it is reported that the engines of solar technology, a speed exceeding 90 kilometers per hour.