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Sarah Bush Lincoln Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is quickly growing to meet the demands of community members and area high schools and their athletes. Its spacious new facility is located in Prairie Pavilion 2 on the Sarah Bush Lincoln campus.

Staffed by six extremely skilled surgeons, Eric Brewer, DO, Michael Chioffe, MD, James Kohlmann, MD, Louis Mendella, DO, Donald M. Sandercock, II, DO, and Jeremy Stevens, MD, the clinic treats a wide variety of orthopedic issues and routinely performs procedures on shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and hips, sets broken bones and follows their patients through rehab.

Sports Medicine has invested in equipment and staff to help area athletes regain their strength and return to their games. Our athletic trainers are certified by the National Athletic Trainer’s Board of Certification, and are members of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association. Through this association and continuing education, they stay ahead of the trends. Their love of sports and standard of ethics make them great role models to the students with whom they work. For more information about Sarah Bush Lincoln Orthopedics and Sports Medicine call 217-238-3435.

The Orthopedic office, as well as many of SBL family practice clinics, offers sports physicals to athletes for $20 each. The clinics donate that fee back to the student’s school’s athletic booster club in an effort to help the area’s sports programs. Joint Replacement Camp

Twice monthly we offer the for people who will be undergoing joint replacement surgery at Sarah Bush Lincoln. The two-hour class includes a comprehensive overview including what to expect before the surgery and after, pain management, physical therapy, and arrangements for care after the surgery. Our goal is for a successful, positive experience and to minimize pain following surgery. For more information, contact Cynthia Edwards, RN, at 217-238-3422. Register Online 2018 Classes

The Sarah Bush Lincoln Radiology Department has worked diligently to stay on the cutting edge of diagnostic technology. Some of the services you may encounter include X-ray, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) ultrasound and CT Scan (computerized tomography). X-rays are often performed right in our office and over-read by a radiologist. Special care is taken to minimize the amount of low-dose radiation you may be exposed to in a test.

The Health Center has a wide-aperture MRI unit that uses one of the most powerful magnets available to create crisp images of your skeletal structure for the most accurate diagnoses. The ultra-fast CT Scanner is used to image soft tissue, muscle and organs. The scan is also highly detailed, yet takes just about 20 minutes. For more information about a particular test you may be need, please call SBL Radiology Department at 217 258-2141. Physical and Occupational Therapy

Our staff of therapy professionals is available for comprehensive assessments and is proficient in meeting all your needs. Physical and occupational therapists work in tandem with your physician to assist you in your recovery and transition back into your lifestyle. The new gym, adjacent to Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Prairie Pavilion II, is filled with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and staffed with certified therapists who tailor rehabilitation programs to better achieve the patient’s needs. A special gym has been developed that is better suited for infants and children to help them develop gross and fine-motor skills. Two other spacious gyms are used to therapy as well. Additionally, the new center offers a therapy pool with a lift chair and treadmill.

With stores in Mattoon and Effingham, Lincolnland Home Medical provides everything from wheelchairs to walkers and canes; slings, and bathroom safety supplies. The staff provides comprehensive training and education so you feel completely comfortable with the new equipment the staff just installed or delivered. Any referring physician or hospital can call our store directly and order the necessary equipment you’ll need to live more comfortably in your home.

You’re also welcome to come by the stores to purchase or rent equipment you may want in your home, like bathroom safety supplies, lift chairs or a hospital bed. In Home Medical staff members are on call for emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services are provided to area residents in their homes in a 19-county area including: Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Effingham, Moultrie, Shelby, Bond, Clay, Crawford, Fayette, Lawrence, Jasper, Marion, Montgomery, Piatt, Richland and Wayne counties. For more information about Lincolnland Home Medical, call toll free 1-800-345-3191.