Osprey farpoint 55 travel pack – moosejaw electricity vs magnetism venn diagram

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Love the features on this bag I bought four of these backpacks for my family and I (including a tween and a teen) after exhaustive research. We’ve been trying to pare down our travel kit to be able to move light and fast where ever we were going and this pack fits the bill perfectly. We fit more than enough clothes for a trip to the PNW in December while being able to navigate through airports and train stations easily. I appreciated being able to stow the harness so nothing got caught while going through the airport luggage handling system. Being able to lock the zippers for train and bus travel was a nice perk.

The detachable day pack, while quite small, held electronics, a sweater, food and a water bottle for each of us but it was a challenge to attach to the front of the main pack while full. Being able to kangaroo the daypack on the front was a big hit with my kids as they were able to access their things quickly and easily without having to take off the main pack. The main pack was ever so slightly too large for my tween but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle nor was he uncomfortable while carrying it. Their only minor complaint was that there was no zipper access from the outside of the daypack to easily reach the electronics sleeve without having to open the entire daypack.

We all used packing cubes (color coded for each of us) to help organize the inside as the large panel opening made it easy to access whichever cube we were seeking, even if it was on the bottom. There is no dry bag compartment so we carried large plastic zipper bags to hold wet bathing suits.

When Osprey celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2009 they launched The Osprey All Mighty Guarantee. What that means to you is ANY Osprey product purchased at ANY time is covered. Any product, any reason, any era – the all encompassing Osprey lifetime warranty ensures their dedication to superior design, craftsmanship and quality of their products is backed up by their actions to replace or repair a pack so it lasts a lifetime. Or two.

Here are some details…. Osprey will repair for any reason, free of charge, any damage or defect in their products, whether it was purchased back in 1974, or ordered right now from this site. If they are unable to perform a functional repair on your pack, they will happily replace it. Osprey proudly stands behind the All Mighty Guarantee, so much so that it bears the signature of company founder and head designer, Mike Pfotenhauer.

If you live in the United States and need a repair done on your Osprey pack, you will first need to obtain a Return Authorization number. You can do this by reaching their Returns Department at 866-314-3130, or using the information that is provided with a new Osprey pack.

A little bit. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the pack to Osprey, and they will pay shipping to return the pack via UPS or FedEx. Osprey cannot be held responsible if packages get lost in transit, so make sure you get a tracking number when you ship your pack out. Also, if you use expedited shipping be sure to let Osprey know (866-314-3130). They, in turn, will give your pack priority processing and return it using a similar expedited shipping method.

JUST A HEADS UP: If your Osprey product is not repairable and is replaced, the original product will not be returned to you. They will try really really hard to repair your pack, but if they are unable to make a functional repair, they will replace it. For products that are no longer in production you will be contacted by Osprey to discuss replacement options.

• A Osprey Hydraulics reservoir is covered by a limited 1-year warranty, which is the reasonable lifespan of a reservoir. Pouring and storing of warm/hot or boiling water in your reservoir WILL VOID your warranty, so don’t do that. Reservoirs are NOT designed to contain or handle liquids at temperature.