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Kill zombies until you get a Blue Key. Use it on the northwest door. Then kill Melzar the Mad until you get a Magenta key. Melzar the Mad uses fire strikes, weakening spells, and bare hand fighting. Lower levels are recommended to use armor that has a good magic defence. Go through the northern door.

To obtain the second map piece, go to the Oracle located above the Dwarven Mines on Ice mountain with your Silk, Wizard’s mind bomb, Unfired bowl and Lobster pot. She’ll tell you about a door in the mines. Go down to the mines and the door is near the northeast part of the mine. Use the Wizard’s mind bomb, Silk, Lobster pot and Unfired bowl on the door to open it. Check the chest in the room and you’ll get a Map piece.

Drop by a bank and take out either A) A bow and arrows B) Some runes to mage Wormbrain to death or C) 10k. If you brought the 10k, you don’t need runes for telegrab. If you plan to kill Wormbrain (Located in Port Sarim Jail), you’ll need to telegrab the Map piece.

B. Melee Pures/People unable to telegrab need to talk to Wormbrain. Ask him about the map piece. He’ll eventually tell you he’ll sell it to you for 10k. Talk to him again and pay him. He should give you the last Map piece. Use the Map pieces on each other to form the complete map.

Go to Lumbridge and talk to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle. Ask him about a shield to protect you from a dragon’s fire breath. He’ll give you the Anti-dragon shield. It’s advised that you drop this one, get another one, and pick up the first one. If you ever need more shields just follow the procedure again.

Pick up your 2000 coins, a Hammer, three Planks, 90 Steel nails, and your completed Map from a bank. Head back to Port Sarim. Go to the dock east of the food store. Talk to the guy on the dock named Klarense. Keep talking until you can offer to buy the ship. He’ll tell you the price. Buy it. Now, go on board and go down a deck. Use a plank on the hole near you. Keep using planks until the hole is filled. Talk to your swabbie to go off the ship.

Now, go to Draynor. Talk to Ned and he’ll offer to take you to Crandor. Give him your Map and he’ll tell you to meet him at the ship. This is the big fight you’ve been waiting for. Pick up potions, food (tuna and up is recommended), armor and weapons (magic equipment, or crossbow/darts), teleport runes (optional), AND YOUR ANTI-DRAGONFIRE SHIELD. Since a shield cannot be wielded while using a regular bow, this is NOT recommended (dragon fire frequently hits for 26 damage); a Crossbow and Bolts (or Members throwing weapon) that allows you to use a shield is one alternative for Rangers; run into the ruins along the walls of her chamber, she will ignore you, and her fire can’t reach you. This is good for rangers and mages. Full rune with a chainbody and scimitar is recommended for Melee.

When you get to Crandor, your ship’ll be banged up. Walk off the ship and go up the hill. Follow the path until you reach some King Scorpions. Evade them and walk north until you get to another up point. Go up past here, and dodge the Lesser Demon. Go down the cave opening.

Dodge the Skeletons down here and walk further past the stronger Skeletons. Head south past the Lesser Demons (level 82) and go through the "secret" wall at the end of the tunnel. The command should be "Open". Your character will "memorize" the location for future use. This is to ensure that in case you die or teleport away during the fight, then you won’t have to repair the boat again and simply use this shortcut instead. Once completed, go back to the stronger skeletons at Elvarg’s cage and climb through the wall to fight Elverg.

When you’ve killed her, take her head. You can either teleport to Lumbridge, or leave the cage and continue walking out of Karamja dungeon from the secret passageway at the Lesser Demons. Head east-southeast, and amid the skeletons you will see a dangling rope. Climb it to reach the outside world, where you will find yourself on top of Karamja’s volcano. To get off Karamja, try the following.