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@Nuget My dad is thee MD at this office. He has been there since around 2011 or 2012 with several hiatus periods where integrity and procedural disagreements became a stopping point for which my father ultimately won his way back. My father has integrity that has impressed me and all who know him for 77 of his life so far. He wouldn’t do stem cell injections because he hasn’t seen any evidence of it working and the cost was also highly incongruent to any proven remedy out there. They couldn’t find a doctor as good as my father and they agreed to have him back without stem cell injections. He has met some patients in the meantime that swear by it and he agrees that if they want it done, then he will at least do it the right way but makes no guarantees that it’s going to help and eagerly likes to hear himself they have improved or not. I’ve met a few patients in the waiting room and to say that this procedure isn’t helping some or most people is foolish and downright dishonest. He’s even talked some people out of the procedure once he found that their condition was missed by the initial consultation doctor. Not every procedure has 100% effectiveness. But until three is a more effective way to do it, this procedure is the best alternative to TKR and let me know when there is one. Morever, I don’t think my father and his staff ever buys lunch thanks to all the food brought in by grateful patients current and already treated. Their doors are closing soon because the law firm who owns their space isn’t renewing their lease. I guess they have some illegal aliens to help become citizens. And that’s OK I guess. But my father told me that he has never seen so many upset patients and demands to know where and when he’ll be working again. He’s overwhelmed with sadness and grateful humility towards these patients new and old. I hope he can continue to help those who need it. And for those who it doesn’t quite work for, try getting total knee replacement and see if that is what you were avoiding in the first place. This a a very good alternative to TKR. You couldn’t be more invasively contradicted than these procedures. It’s not the other way around.

I don’t if this business is competent or incompetent, what I do know is that this business did not try other means to help me with my pain issue. Prior to coming to this business I had an injection of a cortisone at another clinic. Before the cortisone I had never had a problem with my knees nor have I ever been to a doctor for a knee issue. Within in two week of the cortisone injection I started injections at the Osteo Relief Institute. I was told that 2 to 3 injections people start seeing some kind of relief, I was excited because I have never had an issue withe my knees. I thought after 2 injections I would see some kind of relief, that did not happen, so I came in for the 3rd injection…No relief. I was told to come in for a 4th injection…NO relief, I was told to come in for a 5th injection…No relief.

My issue is I would have loved it if this business would have said or even told me that "this apparently is not working for you" and suggested something else or directed me to another source rather than pumping an additional 4th and 5th payment out of me. I was told that the relief was good for 6 months, unfortunately the 6 months are long gone and as of March, 2015 I am still paying payments over $2, 000.00 total with no relief…yes I am unhappy because I was left out in

I have had numerous injections over the past four decades (three total hip replacements; back fused; neck procedure; and a few more surgeries). Now, I am comtemplating a knee replacement; however, I will "try" injection route first for obvious reasons. Just last week I had my ortho sug inject a steroid, and I am having some success with that. He also mentioned these multiple injections (3-4) of a Hyalgan based solution (Otho Visc and/or Effu sorry, do not have full name at present). While getting my haircut this past Saturday, a woman next to me heard me mentions this, and had this to say (she obviously has severe structural problems by observing her gait and severe limp) about Osteo Relief: "I have had the Effu and it has been the best treatment for pain relief ever. I have had three injections and am almost pain free. And, I am walking much better and tolerate standing as a stylist…" So, bottom line is that this can be effective. Or, maybe it won’t help me or you. I believe that you have to consider the possible benefits and the affordability of such, and then, make a objective decision instead of these emotive type of comments like "they are quacks; there is no sceintific proof; they are just riding your insurance." Insurance companies are not going to approve if there isn’t solid evidence that product is effective for most people. It’s an alternative to more expensive replacement surgery and the risks involved. Or, maybe your insurance plan will not pay because of your particular plan—not because this is "quackery". EdA