Other homebrew beta adventures of blood river – rpg crossing gas kush

Game Setting SettlersThe year is 1866, everywhere in the east is in the crapper, both north and south alike. Bankers, politicians, and social elites have pretty much pushed everyone else out. In victory or defeat, the cost was immense as our boys returned home missing limbs, broken spirits, and not even a pot to piss in. So you decided to make a new start, those land grants all over the midwest and northwest. Problem was them grants for Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa? They nothing but dirt farms and no real towns to speak of. You chose to follow the railroad, you figured you would find a decent town and then farm or whatever along that route.

You got yourself a big $120 from your parents/in-laws to make the move. Then bought an horse, wagon, rifle, bullets, rations, and some odds n ins to start the trip. After two months, you took up with a wagon train in Minnesota on their way out west, the group took several months with small bandit attacks, a few indian raids, but mostly you fought the crappers, the sweats, rough currents in the rivers, and boredom.

The wagon train finally arrived in a small town named Blood River Montana. It was large enough for all of the basic needs, but needed your specialty yet small enough to not be squished like Boston or New York. With a fresh water lake filled by the melting mountain snows, The town next to the B & W railroad, and plenty of opportunities. You decide to stay…At least for now.

Native American Story Native American tribes (Blackfoot and Crow major tribes) The whites have never cared much for sacred lands, they see no wood tent and they claim the land as their own. They see a single cactus in the desert and they take it. They have already declared war on the bison, taking the hides and letting the meat rot for the crows. We fought them once, a long vicious war. The elders finally gave in, realizing these demons would never stop and it was our people that had to learn how to live in their world. Most of their villages refuse to feed us, force us to walk in the winter without clothing or blankets. This village though, the lands where the river turned red as blood ten years ago. They are accepting of us though some still make statements of hate. The Army patrols this land as well, but this valley is peaceful. We share the waters, we trade, and we work together. Even in peace with the white man, war is here too. The Shoshone resist and survive off of the raids against the Crow and Blackfoot. We are stronger because we have new rifles while they shoot old and broken muskets from the Mexicans.

You live within either the Crow or Blackfoot tribes, this white town has accepted you though comments against the people occur. We have worked with these people by taming their wild mustangs, trading vegetables and fruits of the land, and now that you are old enough to choose your path, it is time to make your way.

Back Story of Blood River The town of Blood River Montana is dedicated to the battle between 27th U.S. Cavalry Regiment and the Koyote alliance ten years prior. The battle was brutal and after three days the ground created a large puddle of blood which looked like a lake.

The town was started by a retired cattle baron James Lawthorn once he discovered the railroad was going to pass through. The town has fresh water in abundance as the water source comes from melting snows from the mountains flowing into a deep ravine. There are mountain ranges that defend the town on three sides and the elevations are too difficult for most to traverse. People are pretty much forced to pass through this valley as the only northern pass through an enormous wall of mountain ridges. The railroad finally completed blasting its way through to the other side into more hospitable Idaho. The pass is wide enough to allow wagon trains through without disturbing the railroad, but travelling in such a manner requires a lot of supplies in order to complete the pass. Good thing those settlers have Blood River to take care of all their travelling needs.

SKILLSSkill Points 54 (one for one cost. Max 10 Min 0): Skills are used similar to attributes in respect to utilizing score bonuses to improve the chance to successfully achieve an action. When receiving experience points, the player has a choice to either use the experience points to build onto their skills (1 for 1 point cost; Maximum score of 10), Begin entering into a new skill, OR exchange experience points ($4-1xp)

House built; Out House $20, Shack $60, Poor Farm $150, House average $225, House Fancy $600. Characters can seek ‘free land’ and attempt to build a home at half the cost. Die Roll result + Power Bonus + Carpentry Bonus match or higher goal is (Out House DF 15, Shack DF 18, Poor Farm DF 20, House Average DF 22, House Fancy DF 26)