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The first indication that our plans would be in jeopardy was when my brother called to inform me that given the weather forecast they intended to get to Rapid City as soon as possible and would not meet us in Cheyenne. We of course began to pay attention to weather reports (and I asked about snowfall depths in this forum) – by the time we were flying to Denver we decided we should drive to Rapid City directly, not stopping in Cheyenne, in an attempt to beat the storm (about a 6 hour drive).

We arrived in Denver around 2:30, as scheduled, and proceeded to Alamo, where we had reserved a Jeep Cherokee or similar at Alamo electricity diagram flow near the airport. As it turned out, the car we ended up with was a Jeep Compass, hardly the same class car, but at least it had 4wd. (as an aside, a horrible car compared to the Honda locate a gas station near me Cross-tour, Toyota Matrix, and Acura RDX, all 4wd, we drive at home).

I somehow convinced my wife to drive out of the airport in Denver, probably because she has wanted to buy a Jeep for years, and I have always managed to talk her out of it. I called our hotel, The Historic Plains in Cherokee to cancel – I don’t know yet if they will still charge me for the stay – and called the Alex Johnson in Rapid City to ask if we could come one night earlier than scheduled. No problems, but I am resigned to having forfeited all kinds of pre-paid reservation fees. Thems the break.

We made good time getting out of Denver. Stopped in Wheatland for gas and I suggested to my wife that we check 76 gas station credit card login out a restaurant near the gas station called Western Sky’s Family Diner – this was an excellent choice as it turned out – not touristy – lots of local color. I had a burger and fries and my wife had biscuits and gravy (breakfast all day) – something that she really like but we never see in New England.

After our waitress brought us our check we were a little confused about the process for paying so we left cash on the table with a generous tip and and made our way to the door, slowly putting on our coats. A busboy asked us politely to not forget to pay our check at the cashier, which we had not taken note of, off to the side of the entrance, so we paid at the cashier and then I think left additional cash on the table for the waitress. This was the first of a number of occasions in Wyoming when we wanted to tip our waitress and couldn’t figure out how it was expected, if expected at all.

After leaving the Western Sky we thought it would be prudent to buy alcohol before arriving late at night in Rapid City (it must have been around 6PM p gasol stats at this point) so we drove down the street looking for a liquor store. We found a Bar, Discount Liquor, and Drive-in nearby and stopped there, walked in, and were so baffled by the display of bottles behind glass in a kind of lobby near a bar, with some kind of Drive-in facility attached to the building, that we walked out and drove on down the road.

We found another Drive-in liquor store and stopped near it. Walked in what appeared to be actually the electricity quiz ks2 back-door to this place that I guess people normally drive-in to (utterly baffling system to us). After examining the prices of bottles on the shelf – all jaw-droppingly expensive – we settled on a smallish bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila. We chatted with the couple in the store who gave us all kinds of advice about how to get to Rapid City – utterly confusing to us, but they were very friendly (we basically we just following our gas after eating bread GPS).

My wife drove on through the night. Following the GPS we found ourselves driving in the rain in the darkness on 270 north – at the time it felt like we were deep in a canyon with trees on all sides although based on the terrain we had seen earlier we thought that rationally it was more likely tree-less, open space. I just checked with google streetview, and sure enough we were NOT driving through a wooded valley. Very miserable, tedious, exhausting driving through the darkness.

By the time we got to Lusk, my wife wanted to make a pit-stop – by now it was raining heavily – so we parked at Subway, figuring we could use the bathroom and maybe buy a diet coke as I had volunteered to take over at the wheel and wanted some caffeine. Before we could exit the Jeep I realized that the Subway was shutting down AT 8PM. One wonders what one does for the munchies in Lusk with the sub-shop closing down at 8 PM IN THE EVENING.

We drove a bit further and bought a diet coke at a nearby gas station. I was now driving and drove about electricity pictures information 8 miles north out of Lusk when the fog was so thick and the rain so torrential that my wife suggested we turn around and drive back to Lusk, so I did. I had previously considered stopping in Lusk on our way to Rapid City but thanks to TripAdvisor had conluded that stopping in Cheyenne would make sense (something that seems incredibly obvious to me now).

The next morning, Friday October 4th we eventually concluded (after talking to my brother who was had arrived in Rapid City) that 4 gas laws we should not attemp to make the drive to RC that day given that we were in the midst of a blizzard in Lusk and the storm was moving towards South Dakota. We spent most of the day holed-up in our spacious room in the Best Western, watching the Red Sox on TV, as I recall, but eventually deciding to walk in the blizzard to a nearby restaurant/bar called The Triangle Four (see my TA review). A very cheefull employee at the Best Western had informed us earlier that a really excellent Pizza parlor had burned electricity notes physics down just two days earlier, according to USA Today, the best Pizza place in all of Wyoming.

We trudged our way to the Triangle Four around 3PM – I convinced my wife that we should eat somthing because we wouldn’t know for sure where our next meal would come from. Our waitress was in a horrible mood, complaining loudly to no one in particular how much she hated days like this and how she wished we would lose power so the restaurant would shut down for the day. I got the distinct impression that wait-staff in Wyoming do not work for tips, but after paying her at the cashier I gave her an excellent tip. We really enjoyed our burgers. Really excellent.

Returning to our room we watched the rest of the Red Sox game and tried to access the internet. I noticed that at the Best Western the internet throughput was attenuated and intermittent during peak usage times – as a result I actually resorted to reading the Gideon Bible, not having anything else to read on this trip without emitra electricity bill payment internet access.

Around 6:15 PM the front desk called to tell us that the hotel would be serving a spaghetti dinner at 7PM – I thought this was a terrific gesture – we had planned to return to the Triangle Four to get sloshed and eat appetizers static electricity zapper for dinner but felt we couldn’t pass up the experience of free food with our fellow stranded travelers. It was kind of fun.

In the morning the skies had cleared and we figured we could make the drive to Rapid City. This was Saturday October 5th. So we packed up, loaded up the car, cleared it of snow, managed to get it out of our snow-bound parking space with some difficulty despite having four-wheel drive. Checked out at the front desk and said farewell to the friendly staff.

We returned to the Best Western, somewhat in disbelief that we could not get out of Lusk, but realized there that all the h gas l gas roads out of town were shutdown so we needed to spend another night. The Best Western was happy to accommodate us but had already designated our room for another incoming reservation. To make a long story short, we sat in the lobby for four hours contemplating having to spend the night in the lobby while we waited for a room to free up, which in the end turned out to be the same room we had just spent two nights in.

At this point my neice’s wedding was postponed by one day – we thought about driving to Rapid City on Sunday but because our plans included pre-paid reservations in Thermopolis, Jackson, and Salt Lake City and because I was so freaked-out about the entire concept of actually closing down roads in Wyoming we decided to forget about the wedding and head west to Thermopolis.

Our original plan had been to drive from Rapid City to west of Cody but because of the government shutdown our accommodations in Cody had shut down early for the season so based on some quick advice I got on TA before leaving Boston I booked a room at the Best Western in Thermopolis instead. It wasn’t horrible but I don’t recommend Thermopolis or that particular Best Western gaston yla agrupacion santa fe in any case.

The drive from Lusk to Shoshone is pretty boring, for the most part. I had last passed through this aread in July, 1970, and specifically remember Casper as being pretty much a one-street town, much like Lusk is today. On July 4th, 1970 my parents and I had bought fireworks along the way to Casper and then that evening drove just out town to ignite them in a sandy area off the road. Today Casper appeared to be urban sprawl, as we drove by.

The drive from Shoshone to Thermopolis is however pretty spectacular. Given our abbreviated itinerary, arriving at Thermopolis from Lusk and not from Rapid City, we ended up having to drive that 30 miles between Shoshone and Thermopolis twice – driving south on the following day on our way wikipedia electricity generation to Jackson Hole that road had very little visibility due to fog and was in no way spectacular.