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As part of our little family trip around NSW (New South Wales) and ACT (Australian Capital Territory), we decided Jervis Bay and Booderee National Park were among the best places to go. We had some family coming from Europe, and to them, it was exceptionally important to get in contact with nature, experience some of the wonders we have almost every time we want, see some Australian animals, and obviously have a great time. After a little drive from Sydney (about two hours), we arrived at Green Patch for a stay of 4 days. Out of the camping grounds, this national park has to offer, I think Green Patch is one of the best. It has everything close by; good showers and electricity kwh cost uk decent toilets, cooking facilities not too far (some of them are right near the beach), easy access, and pretty centric. The beach close to the camping grounds isn’t bad either, you can go there at any given point to swim or just chill out. If you have kids this is probably one of the best places monroe la gas prices to go as the parent rooms are well suited. The park also has lots of activities to do; from kayaking to snorkelling, surfing or swimming, there is always something to do whilst listening to birds singing or kangaroos hopping around. Some recommendations: – There are times at the park that mosquitos get a little too insistent to bite you. Between November to January I would pack some long sleeve shirts and long pants when at the campsites to prevent too many red marks. Some tea tree oil or rubbing alcohol works really nice if you do not want to wear too much clothing. – Avoid feeding any animal as is more probable you don’t know their good diet. If this happens by accident make sure is fresh fruit. We love our animals and feeding them bread isn’t something nice for them. – Some parts of the national park have snakes, some of them are venomous. If you see one, it does not matter how much you love extreme experiences. DO NOT GET CLOSE. Some of them, like the redbelly as not aggressive but can kill you swiftly if you get them annoyed. – There is one shop close to the camping sites (2 kilometres away). but is highly recommended you bring everything you are going to need to prevent too many electricity demand excursions to this shop. The owner is quite a nice guy and he will be very happy to see you walking in, but you don’t want to spend most of your time there with so much to see. – This last recommendation is to everybody: If you come here and you can’t see a rubbish bin close by, TAKE YOUR RUBBISH WITH YOU BACK TO YOUR CAMPING SITE. I get extremely annoyed by visitors packing beer (or spirits), and snacks to then leave all your rubbish at the beach or in the walking trails. The park is pretty big and there are no enough rangers, which make the activity of carrying your garbage quite important to prevent pollution of such a wonderful place. There are lots of animals at the park, some of the choke or get stuck on this rubbish.

I am writing to share of our experience and warn future travellers to the area as a warning of a poorly organised National Park. Firstly it goes without saying that the National Park is beautiful, the beaches are beautiful and the wildlife on show is spectacular. What has been created however is a prime hotspot for tourism theft. We were camping for 5 days at Cave beach camping site part of the Booderee National Park. The campsite itself is situated 300 meters from the car park which means that to set up camp you have to make several trips with all your belongings to your pitch. There is an access road right next to the campsite which the national park locks for no obvious reason and insists that all campers struggle for 300 meters with their belongings. I must first point out that we felt extremely safe gas house gorillas in this National Park for several reasons. Entry to the national park was ticketed and a fee to enter was required. Also the fact the you are a significant distance from anywhere and entrusting yourself to the security and surrounds of the rangers in the park. What then ensued was disaster. On the penultimate day because it was such a struggle making the unnecessary 300 meter trip with all your belongings we decided to pack some things away earlier on route to the car as we were heading to the vehicle for a lovely day out. We were actually setting ourselves up for destruction. The following morning of the check-out I arrived to the HIRE CAR to find that the window had been smashed and the car had been ransacked. The thieves had stolen our two large bags including many gifts we had in the car which had no reason to make the 300 meter trip to the tent and of course hp gas online booking mobile number our wallets and valuables. You may be thinking it is a cardinal sin to leave your wallet in a car and your right. As a couple this is something that we never do however we fell under the spell of the beautiful area, the security of the national park and the assumption that it would be safer in the car as opposed to a tent that isn’t 100% attended to. The Ironic thing about this experience is that whilst we actually felt safer than usual in this environment we were actually sitting ducks and a prime target for theft. This area has all the ingredients thieves are looking for and the national park goes some way to aiding in this crime. A car park 300 meters from anybody with zero security, zero cameras, zero electricity and zero barrier to any thieves checking out the area is actual theft heaven. Accompanied by our later understanding that the nearby town of Nowra is ravaged with examples a level physics electricity notes of theft we were handed on a plate to thieves. After our bags were stolen they were driven 200 meters down the road where they had all the time in the world to go through them with a fine tooth comb and take exactly what they wanted which they did. Some items of clothing were taken, male and female clothes, hair straighteners, wine, gifts and of course two wallets with all cash and cards. I have attached an image of how some of our clothes were left ransacked on the floor. We of course called the ranger and the police. The police in realistic terms were of little help and had nothing more than a smug look in his face and practically laughed in our face with an I told you so look when he said why did you leave your things in the car. Although ultimately our fault for n gas in paris lyrics entrusting our belongings and dropping our guard for one instant inside this national park I do feel that the national park should take some responsibility for their negligent behaviour. The National Park failed to highlight that thieves operate in the area with zero signage indicating that belongings are at risk. The national park has no justifiable reason for not allowing the access road down to the camp site to save 3-4 trips just to camp. What is even more disappointing is that they have no measure of security on who can come in and out of the national park after hours which could enable thieves, rapists, murderers or all of the above to target and pray on helpless tourists. Boom gates or security are an obvious solution to high risk areas. Needless to say our horrific holiday ended with a clambering attempt to replace a smashed in window of a hire car and minimal our financial loss. I feel it important to share this experience gas hydrates ppt as a couple of people who maintain a strong guard and usually eliminate risk. On this occasion we dropped our guard and the national park handed them on a plate to take all our things. Booderee National Park, until you clean up your act we won’t be visiting again. I feel anybody that does visit this National Park is at risk from the parks negligent behaviour and could cause theft and more importantly physical harm whilst camping.