Our oregon trail electricity vocabulary words


If you read our last post and determined that we absolutely loved everything about Portland when we visited in January, then you would be correct! We returned home extremely excited, and anxiously waited to hear if I had landed any of the jobs I interviewed for. gas 78 industries What felt like a really long week went by, when suddenly, OHSU sent me an official offer letter for employment. The wheels to get to Portland we’re officially rolling. Tito jumped on the phone almost immediately and began the process of securing our new apartment. We signed our lease from afar, which included two months free rent by the way, and moving boxes flooded our room! I started boxing things up right away and had the tough choice of deciding what would go to Portland, and what would stay in Cali until we bought a house in Oregon. Tito, in true male fashion, waited until the very last minute to start getting his things together.

My work family at Stanford is truly incredible, I cannot even begin to tell you how much they all mean to me. gas near me cheap I had multiple going away parties, (i know I’m so spoiled!) One of them was hosted by my long time coworker Victor or, “work dad”, as I like to call him and his wife Grace. My radiology family, who I had not seen in some time, were all there to wish me farewell. I transferred out the clinic in Redwood City a few years prior, and getting to see so many familiar faces one last time really meant a lot to me. gas tax oregon I’m truly grateful to them for hosting, and Grace’s cooking is always so amazing. They even did a few tequila shots with me, backed by cinnamon sprinkled orange slices, yum! If you haven’t tried this before, you must, (thanks Matt). My Cancer Center homies threw a get together for me at a local happy hour, the same night Tito went out with his coworkers. My night was filled with swirls (those dangerous margaritas), laughs, tears, dancing, and some backseat karaoke. gas finder rochester ny My girls son reminds her of the day she cried saying bye to her “mermaid”, Haha. I hope he remembers that forever, its such a good laugh now.

On the day of our departure, we hit the open road towards Oregon in the early hours of the day. electricity inside human body Tito drove a clunky uHaul and I followed closely behind in our Jeep with our two kitties. The cats did pretty well overall, we only had one dirty crate and they slept most of the drive, (thank you baby Benadryl). gas city indiana We definitely got a few stares during our pit stops to let the kitties stretch their legs. I guess it’s not every day you see two cats being walked on leashes, sniffing around gas station bushes and trees? Who knew?

The week consisted of painting some accent walls, putting away our goodies, and making this little apartment our home. Ikea builds are so much fun, I think I did pretty good, nothing has fallen apart, (yet)! Tito and I have similar tastes in decor which makes it super easy to agree on our schemes. My Portland bestie says our place looks like a “pinterest apartment”. That comment marks the official seal of approval and is good enough for us. She’s not ready for the amount of nonsense that will go into decorating for the holidays.

Ok, so our Oregon Trail wasn’t nearly as long as the official trail, no one died, we didn’t have to ride in a wheeled wagon or trade furs to get by, but it was still rough! All jokes aside, we made it here safely thanks to our previous trip which gave us a much needed idea of what the trek would be like. Our kitties are happy, getting fatter (maybe just one of them), and well adjusted overall. If you’re planning on making a similar trip up north, give us a shout, we think we have it figured out and may even have a few furs left to spare!