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First of all, try to pick a tour by Roberto, just try. He offers five joinable day tours, and each sounds better than the next. We ended up on the Valdichiana / Val D’Orcia, primarily a wine-making / wine-tasting tour that focuses on Montepulciano and Montalcini. Roberto electricity trading jobs is a hoot. Yes, he’s knowledgable. But he is also a first-class jokester. Once you get used to the fact that the groaners are tgask not going to stop, just let go and enjoy them. We started throwing our own one-liners right back at him, which just encouraged him even more. Great fun during drives between towns — unless you’re French (if you’re a Francophile, be prepared to file your phile away for one day). Roberto was gracious enough to start out picking us up at our hotel in a small, out of the gas works park seattle way town (which, it turns out, is his home town). He showed us around Montepulciano before taking us five stories down from street level to a winery, where we saw an ancient Etruscan tomb, learned the origins of Groundhog Day, and were taught why cheese and wine a such a symbiotic pairing. From there, we went electricity youtube to Santa Giulia, a winery and farm near Montalcino, where we were shown the inner workings of a small family run vineyard, specializing in the world class Brunello di Montalcino. Lunch was homemade by the proprietor’s mother, all of it made from food grown at the farm (except the bread, which was from a local bakery). One of the highlights was their own prosciutto and f gas certification logo pecorino, made right there on the farm. The food gas utility worker was just awesome, the wine was the best, and the camaraderie was terrific, fueled every step of the way by Roberto’s patter. After lunch, we stopped in the small hilltop town of Chiusura, home of the annual artichoke festival (which we missed), and learned that electricity worksheets much more about that corner of Tuscany. A full, rewarding day of food, wine, history and culture. Thanks, Roberto!

My husband, parents, and I were in Tuscany for ten days. For two of these days we booked Roberto, and my only regret is that we did not have him as a guide for more of our time there. He is amazing. The four of us were very blessed to have him all to ourselves both times, which meant the tours were intimate and 93 gas near me personal. I have never been on any tour like them. Roberto took us to the most amazing wineries, where the experience electricity static electricity with the people who made the wine was even more incredible than the wine itself. On our second tour we were able to see the archaeological museum dedicated to the Etruscan people. Roberto has contributed widely to this museum and has an extensive knowledge of the culture, the people gas pump icon, and the artifacts. Make sure you do this tour with him. It was unbelievable. He then took us to two beautiful medieval towns that are off the beaten track. Everything about his tours was lovely. The wine, the food, the history, the conversation, the scenery; it was electricity kwh cost very special. Just beware, he likes to tell jokes, as does my father. There were a lot of groans from the rest of us – which just made our experience with Roberto even more fun. Thank you for being so passionate about your work, Roberto. We will definitely be back!!!