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Although it’s handy, it’s not so much the mobile phone compatibility that got me excited. gas definition chemistry Since I moved to the countryside I have found myself spending a lot more time fantasising about such things as thermal socks, electric blankets and the perfect anorak and hiking boots. It’s extra warmth I was excited about and the lack of down feathers in the lining, which really appeals to me as a veggie.

Battery life is advertised at around 13 hours. This is different to heat time, as the brochure says the jacket can keep you warm for 6 hours. hair electricity song I found it managed three and a half hours when turned up full to 50 degrees and heating back and front, but its been suggested that I should have charged the battery fully before starting out to get the most out of the battery. Something to bear in mind as I can’t see this on any instructions.

There is a Flexwarm app which you can use to control and measure the temperature on the jacket. electricity vocabulary You can do this manually too, the jacket has two switches by the left pocket and you can just turn the jacket itself on and off, increase or decrease the heat by three levels, and adjust the heating to front and/or back panels, but the app sets and displays the exact temperature to a degree which is clever.

Mr A has Reynaud’s Syndrome so whenever we go hiking we take hand warmer packs to combat white fingers, and I think I was expecting the warmth to be a lot like that, or like a mobile hot water bottle. Flexwarm is a more subtle heat, but also more sophisticated. Hot water bottles after all, are too hot and then too cold I always find. gas city indiana restaurants This is heat that you can control, but also adapts to your temperature and stops heating when it reaches the limit you set, it also stays constant or at the temperature you set for up to six hours.

I can definitely feel the heat pads’ warmth radiating when I am leaning against the jacket in a chair or sat in the car, but really what Flexwarm technology is doing is heating the layers of air between you and the jacket and within the layers of the jacket, creating a layer of warm air and an optimum temperature, rather than a furnace. grade 6 science electricity test If you are producing heat as you warm into a hike, the last thing you need is the jacket to be getting progressively hotter too.

As the heat is purely in the front and back panels, a gilet could be a great warmer, especially under another jacket for hiking, but ultimately I found the sleeved design more practical for everyday use and liked the way the heat still radiates down the arms. Initially I thought the arms seemed quite billowy, but the hot air definitely collects in the arms.

It’s a really warm everyday jacket in itself. I wore it to visit Leek Christmas market and didn’t need the heater on. Its my perfect jacket to grab when nipping outside to do jobs around the place – I like the sleeves a lot as they have been well designed, they are snug but comfortable elastic round the wrist, hidden inside a doubled over, flared layer which really keeps the rain and wind out.

When I started training last January for the Leaden Boot Challenge I often just wore a fleece and a waterproof as I got so warm hiking, but I did worry that if I had been injured or the weather really changed I wouldn’t have had enough layers – this would be perfect, it is a such a lightweight layer to wear or to stuff in a rucksack, plus you have a phone charger too. In more extreme conditions it would also work well over thermals and a fleece, and under a bigger coat.

I should explain, I am wearing the men’s jacket. I tried a women’s jacket but found the sizes are quite small fitting. electricity gif As there weren’t any women’s review jackets left in the next size I agreed to review the men’s. This probably worked out for the best, as the women’s jackets were also more tailored than I would normally go for in a coat. Take the measurements very literally though, there are no spare inches in the women’s jacket beyond the inches given in the size guide, so if you want room to breathe or wear a thicker jumper, then go up a size!