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Over the years we have done this in various ways, however our primary focus has been on helping the next generation of Native Americans know Christ and receive a good Christian education (be well equipped for the future). The Apache Christian Connection or “Blue Bus” ministry and our boarding school has been our primary means of accomplishing this.

Back in 2012 the Board of Directors had a desire to expand AICM’s ministry on the reservations to help people with both physical and spiritual needs. The goal was to be more effective in our outreach on the reservations to all ages. This would be done while continuing to minister to children and their families. Our “New Vision in Outreach” program was developed to help those in need on the reservations. It is based on methods developed by the Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation (NT) also know as: Community Health Evangelism (CHE) – see their website for more information: www.neighborhoodtransformation.net. They teach church leaders, mission workers and individuals how to help the poor help themselves. j gastroenterol hepatol impact factor It is like the old saying “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”. Also two good books on this subject are: “When Helping Hurts” & “Toxic Charity”.

Sometimes it is necessary to help people with emergency relief supplies (like after a disaster); however, if that is the only type of help that is given and it is done continuously it will only create an unhealthy dependence. What we want to do is help bring about long term development, not just short term relief. electricity experiments for 4th graders This is done by helping them help them- selves. They provide labor, money or other resources to make home repairs, find jobs and/or correct destructive behavior (like drinking). We help them get started and provide any resources that they can not get on their own. We try to connect them with others in their tribe who have the skills to help with whatever work needs to be done. We want them to help each other (their own people helping to improve their tribe). We do occasionally give out food and supplies when needed, but we also help them fend for themselves once the immediate need is taken care of. We also tell them about Christ and try to connect them with a local Christ centered, Bible believing Church.

ask us for help. gas prices in texas If we do the majority of the work for these projects we ask the individuals or the Tribal government to invest money or send help for the projects. In order to bring about long term change for the better, the people on the reservations have to participate in the efforts to improve. Currently there is far too much dependency on the US government and others. On the Fort Apache and Navajo Reservations there is a real problem of apathy and a feeling like nothing is ever going to change. The goal of our “New Vision in Outreach” program is to try to stop the apathy and to provide practical methods and means to bring about real development on the reservations.

We began our outreach program on the Fort Apache Reservation by organizing an Advisory Council made up of Apaches. The idea was to have them identify the greatest needs on the reservation and then we would help them deal with the problems. It is important that they are involved in both the planning and implementation of the program. geothermal electricity how it works They told us that some of the greatest needs include: finding jobs for Apaches and starting up businesses on the reservation (currently 70%-80% unemployment), providing supervision for juveniles who need to complete community service, assist in homes repairs, and help Apaches recover from alcohol and drug addiction. We also strengthened our ties with the White Mountain Apache Christian. AICM has been associated with the church from its beginning; however, we recently agreed to coordinate our efforts in outreach on the reservation.

​So far, some of our outreach projects have included: assisting in some home repairs and restoring Williams Creek Camp. The Tribal Education Department asked us to repair the camp which is located on the reservation. gas city indiana zip code We also helped start a Christian Church in the Cibecue area. Our Outreach Director, Hayden Anderson (who is an Apache) has helped people start business and organized several horseshoe tournaments that have allow us to connect with more people and witness for Christ. ​

In the last few year most of our outreach efforts have been concentrated on the Fort Apache Reservation. Back in the 1970’s and 80’s we did a lot of our work on the Navajo Reservation, however because of our limited recourse and man power we had to limit our work there. Now we are hoping to return. There is an area near the Hopi Reservation that has many homes that need repair. We hope to take some Ministry Teams out there in the summer of 2018 to help repair these homes.

One of the big problems on that Reservation is a lack of electricity. Approachably 35% – 40% of Navajo households live without affordable access to the electrical grid. gas knife The Navajo Reserva- tion is one of largest reservations in the country. Because of the vast distances involved it can cost up to $27,000 to run a line from the grid to many of their homes. We have been looking at ways to provide affordable electricity to individual homes on the Navajo Reservation. There is a small local company that builds basic wind turbines with batteries and a small solar panel for around $2,600 each (per house). This is less then most manufactured wind turbines that produces the need power. electricity transmission costs We are also looking into an all solar system. We plan to have some Ministry Teams help install the wind turbines or solar panels for Navajo families. The families will have to contribute some money or volunteer time at a church on the Reservation (like Red Sands Christian Church). We are currently looking for additional funds and someone to head up this program in 2018 & 2019. ​