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We got to Nagsasa and pitched camp at… One of my friends had already been eon replacement gas card here a year ago and was bragging about the beautiful beach a few hours away from the Metro. Though no Boracay / Palawan / Bohol level, it was indeed beautiful. I did some research and read a blog about this place already prior to our trip. We were 5 guys in our 30s who are used to 4 star hotels but decided to try our hand at camping. We went on a summer May 2015 when the sun was really brutal. We contacted the the boatman, Mang Florante, and got a package deal. Cost was Php 1,400 per head which included the following: Boat ride to the Beach / Cove Food and water for the length of our stay (lunch, dinner, and breakfast for the next day) Firewood Entrance to the Beach / Cove We left at 4:30 am (since everyone got late) and got there around 10 am. I would advice you leave earlier as it is a 4 hour drive to the place and the water gets rough the later the day. We parked at Kristels Paradiso Beach which is our take off point via boat. FYI, overnight parking gas stoichiometry is P200. Boat ride was 1 hour 20 mins as we rode a slow boat. You have choice of going to Anawangin or Nagsasa but since Anawangin is nearer, it has more people there. We got to Nagsasa and pitched camp at the beach near the end of the cove. This was a good choice as we were far away from the crowd and noise plus there were gaz 67 sprzedam several trees for shade. We brought our own tent which is very cheap nowadays (Php 1,000 can fit 3 people with room to spare). Though the wind here was much stronger making the tent set up a challenge. Tip – bring a hammock. We had to walk quite a bit as the food was located inside the cove at the center. Tip – bring your own utensils and plates. We spent the rest of the day swimming (beach was indeed beautiful and the water was clear enough for my taste). At night, drank beer by the campfire. Tip – bring your own water and some gas 4 less redding ca snacks. Though our tent had a thick floor, the sand was hard and uneven for my taste so I wish I brought a thick blanket as a bedding (or inflatable bed). The tent got hot also but my friend brought a small USB fan and plugged it to his power bank. Bring zip lock bags for you phones to avoid getting it wet. No signal here or electricity so bring a small lamp. It gets tiring using your phone as a flashlight. Toilet is just a bowl so they give you a pail to flush. You take a bath in the open using the tabo to pour water on yourself. Line gets long so we did this at nite as we had LED Lamps. If you have a group, bring a cooler with lots of drinks. Went to Capones via boat early the next day. No shade here and the sun was brutal gas weed strain. Luckily we had all our stuff so we used our tent to makeshift a simple shade. Beach here is even better. Tip – bring a snorkel. Corals and fishes here. Don’t litter, bring a garbage bag and take home your trash. No bathroom on this island but there is cell phone signal. Got back to the mainland around 11 am a took a shower here before heading out. It was a great adventure with really nice beaches. A great place to bond with friends. It’s unfortunate that these youtube gas pedal lyrics places are getting spoiled by trash. More Show less

Nice place to stay if you are on a tight budget. U’ll arrive there via a 40min boat ride from pundaquit. We stayed there for 3days and 2nights. Did a swim on the river connecting the sea, short mountain trek, bought and cooked the fresh catch of the day by some local fishermen. The place we stayed at is well kept (ate juliet’s). Best visited during weekdays Pros – Beach camp – Waves on the cove is child friendy – Tidal flats is looong – Cheap stay at 100php per head and 200php for the cottages per day (with water and clean toilets) – Make shift stove freely available to use – Trekking path for those who are more adventurous – You may also opt to swim on the adjacent river connecting the beach – Nagsasa Falls – No mobile signal and electricity. Which makes it more condusive for some real chitchats with your companion/s – Laid back beach experience Cons – Price on the stores are pricey (120 for a pack of marlboro lights, 200 for a container of mineral water, 15 pesos for eggs, 70pesos for 500ml redhorse beer), buy things u need at san antonio public market, you might also wanna buy things u want gas 85 vs 87. – Nagsasa falls is only active during rainy season. It’s an hour trek so in order for electricity test physics you not to get disappointed, ask around. Btw, local tour guide going there is 100/head – Try to get an early boat ride going there as it’s usually a bumpy boat ride around 11am to 3pm – There are some jelly fish, although not the poisonous types. The farthest left of the cove near camp bira-bira is relatively clean and almost jelly fish free – Not for a hardcore beach party goer – Since it is not a wavy beach, wind during night time is not that impressive. If u have a usb powered fan, bring it along with u. For boat ride arragement, i recommend Mang Johhny You may contact him at 09202224687. We borrowed two tents, ice cooler with ice to last us for 3days, lutuan/kaldero. Enjoy!

Every year, Wadag Clan is preparing for a family-bonding outing. Last year, we went to Bagac, Bataan. And 9gag wiki now, our destination is in Zambales, our First Island Hopping Escapades! Yeheey! We consist of 19 adults and 5 kids. Itinerary: Departure: 04.18.15 @ 1am, Pasig Arrival: 6am – Zambales Day 1 – 04.18.15 Camara Island – Picture-taking only Capones Island – 1 hour trekking to light house – lunch – 3pm, pickup going to Nagsasa – 4:30pm, arrived in Nagsasa Cove – the rest of the day were spent on building our tents, cooking, grilling, picture-taking, swimming and swimming! – bonfire at night Day 2 – 04.19.15 – mountain trekking – went to batis – swimming and swimming and swimming! – picture-taking – 3:00pm departure from Nagsasa Departure: 04.19.15 @ 6pm, Nagsasa Arrival: 12mn, Pasig Experience: It is a very long and tiring tour. But as soon as you see the mountain and the ocean gas vs electric range view, all were paid-off! The kids really enjoyed the place, most especially the beach… the clear water, fine sand and the water level is kid-friendly, they can go far without worrying that it will be very deep for kids… but of course there should be someone to watch over them. The view is fantastic! You can go on mountain trekking and experience the breath-taking view at the top! The food you can buy in their local sari-sari store is a bit pricey… so better bring all the things/food you need. . It’s best to bring flashlight, candles, lighter, sunblock, mosquito repellant, garbage bag… most of all – your camera and swimwear! Bathroom/Shower Facilities is also available. You will use a pail and dipper (timba and tabo) when taking a shower. And there is also a place (faucet) where you can wash your gas density units utensils. There is no aircon/non-aircon rooms, instead they will give you a nipa hut (kubo) and a camping-tent sleeping experience. Friendly-Tip: Don’t litter. Special Thanks to Shella Soliman, for the very affordable and electricity billy elliot karaoke generous Tour Packages she gave to us. Php 650/head inclusive of the following: – 2 island hopping (Capones and Nagsasa) – free additional side-trip to Camara Island – entrance fee to Nagsasa Cove – 4 kids Free (age: 6,6,79) + 1 kid 50% Off – 2 boats (1 big boat and 1 small boat) – 5 tents provided (+ we bring 3 tents) = so we used 8 tents – cooler with ice – bonfire – uling – 4 mineral water – kitchen/cooking utensils – kubo (should have with free light but since we arrived late in the afternoon, it’s already occupied) You can Contact Shella in 0927.268.4714 or PM her in FB account – Shella Soliman. Thank You also to our friendly boatman (bangkero) namely: Kuya Romy (for the small boat), Kuya Julian and Kuya (Sorry, I forgot his name) for the big boat. Thank you for keeping us safe! Kudos to all of you! ‪#‎CamaraIsland‬ ‪#‎CaponesIsland‬ ‪#‎ILoveNagsasaCove‬ ‪#‎BestIslandHopping‬ ‪#‎WadagClanEscapades

There gas leak explosion were only three of us in this trip so the hire for a bangka was expensive at 1,200. Since there are no amenities in this place, you have to bring with you anything you need. There are a few items that you can buy in a sari-sari store in the cove managed by one of the Aeta locals there, but i tell you it would cost you 2 to 3 times the price if you buy it from the mainland. During our stay there, we were able to buy freshly caught fish from one of the locals at a very reasonable price. You may also have a few of your essential electronics charged in the same store in the island at a cost. It’ s a nice place to camp with your love ones, family and/or friends. The landscape was also nice. You may trek this elevated gaston y daniela rock to get the best view. However, i was a bit underwhelmed about the beach itself. For one, the sand in the beach is a bit coarse and it’s not white. Also, there was perhaps an oil spill on the beach itself so if you are not cautious where to swim, you’d get oiled which came from who-knows-where. But the experience was nice.