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This review is for the gardens only grade 9 electricity, not the Castle. At £8 entry I was expecting something a bit more impressive than the rather overgrown and poorly cared for estate. Firstly, the ticket booth – I was immediately charged for parking (an additional £2) without being asked whether I had parked a car in the carpark – I hadn’t!! No apology was given, just a brusque correction. Following the map, I headed for the Duchess’ garden. There was nothing there, just a statue looking over a small muddy pond! The finger signs were confusing – one minute I was following the red trail, then it would suddenly change to green. The Japanese Garden…..again, nothing of note. The impression was that nobody was really bothered to care for the place. Nearer the Castle things improved a bit, with some 4 gas planets nice topiary and statues, although the rose garden needed some serious deadheading. There were some impressive little follies around the place – the Moss House being particularly charming – but the best thing about the whole place was the view from the back of the Castle over the countryside. I felt ripped off – it wasn’t worth £8, sorry 🙁 More Show less

Patronising reception guy – no hint of a welcome or valued customer treatment. I am glad I am a member of HHA because £15 to get in PLUS the nerve to charge for car parking, is scandalous. Despite the high cost, access is only by guided tour and there are just THREE so if your timing is out, expect a two hour wait. Gardens are extensive but plants unmarked, paths overgrown and for much of it, poorly maintained, with brambles and branches overhanging. Several paths are uphill and frustratingly end at locked gates! Waiting area at front of house is tacky – with broken glass, dirty glasses and beer bottles, spilled black oil and dog poo. The house is dark and drab but does have a number of interesting paintings and some priceless silverware k gas station jobs. Not many rooms open and several have ropes across so you can only peek in – and others are locked completely (library). A member of staff explained that the main revenue stream is events – so am guessing that visitor income is seen as a top up and ideal gas kinetic energy not worth too much effort. If you have a choice in the area, then go to Burghley or Belton – way better value. Pound for pound, almost EVERYWHERE else I have been has been better value – and I am in NT, HHA and EH.

on the positive side the guide we had was wonderful and is was indeed a wonderful castle, now on the down side…. Gardens very unkempt full of weeds and the grass needed cutting, empty b games zombie glasses and cider bottles all over. the web site says. belvoir Castle has a restaurant and a gift shop, today when I went the gift shop was closed!!! And no restaurant and no explaintion why, oh yes there was the tiniest tea shop/ticket office where 2 very sweet gentleman were taking orders and taking entrance fee money and car park fees and basically if there were more than 4 people to deal with it got a bit hectic but they were very pleasant. I felt that to pay for the car park…..a field! Was not on when you are visiting the castle and gardens and too top it all the toilets in this Tea shop were dirty!!! So whilst the Castle was stately and the furniture and furnishings wonderful the service and surroundings were second class. In conclusion perhaps if the restaurant and gift shop had been open perhaps the profits could have employed a gardener gas leak and people to clear up rubbish. If this is the families home I wouldn’t want to be a guest. And perhaps the Duchess should go round Chatsworth, Doddington Hall and Castle Howard to see how to run a stately home worth visiting especially if like me you had driven 2 hours. To get to!!!! And Another thing too many people on escorted tours!!!