Owner financed land for sale – $495 down – 3 and 5 acres gas buddy


Is that your dream? More people are turning to homesteading, depending upon themselves for their food and making a living off their land. If you long to get off the office treadmill and onto your own land, then you have come to the right place. At Georgia Country Living we are making land ownership dreams come true every day.

Being situated in the Southeastern part of our Country, Georgia is in a climate zone that allows for growing some of the best and most productive vegetable gardens and crops. Since produce has become increasingly expensive in our grocery stores, we are seeing that more people are turning to self gardening their own land. Georgia has its very own gardening FM radio show that is dedicated to to discussing gardening of all types, its locally known as the Walter Reeves show. The show airs on FM 95.5 on Saturday mornings. Walter has a great website for the urban Gardner, you will find planting calendars, what to plant, when to plant and how to fertilize your garden. The University of Georgia, (UGA) is another great resource for getting your new garden started. UGA has several extension offices located across the state that you can contact for assistance or call 1-800-ASKUGA-1.

You don’t need hundreds of acres, but if you want to live more of a self sufficient life, you will need at least 3 to 5 acres. Live in town? Consider selling or renting that house and building a smaller home on a small 5 acre mini farm instead. Many people do it and live quite comfortably – and debt free. Join the many others that have decided to invest in having a self sufficient life style.

At Georgia Country Living we specialize in offering a wide variety of land sizes for sale. Our land sizes start at 1 acre, 3 acres, then to 5 acres, 8 acres and 10 acres all the way up to 40+ acres. Our 5 acre tracts for sale are the most popular sizes that we have available. A 5 acre parcel has plenty of room for a home, garden, barns, sheds and animals, because of this reason, many people refer to a 5 acre parcel of land as a mini farm or hobby farm.

This is an illustration of a football field demonstrating just how big 1 acre of land is. One acre of land is 43,560 square feet or 1/640 of a square mile. The highlighted white color would represent one acre of land. While the shape configurations of land are limitless, we strive to divide our tracts of land in such a way that allows maximum usage of the property. For a moment, just envision five football fields, its a lot of land isn’t it? This would be approximately 5 acres of land.

We also offer Owner Financing on all parcels of land on our website. Over the years we have developed the simplest and easiest Owner Financing program that can be found anywhere. With our fixed interest and no prepayment penalties, you can relax knowing that your payments to us will never go up *[1] for the life of your loan. Is your credit not so perfect? No problem, our program doesn’t require a Credit Check.

After we receive your processing fee and down payment, we mail you a package with all the owner financing loan documents to be signed. Once you review the seller financing package, you will sign it, and return it to us in the enclosed envelope.

With the advent of the internet making it unbelievably easy for us to present you with photos, plats, directions and other valuable information right to your living room, we decided, why not develop a feature that allowed our customers to make payments online? So, we did! Our online payment method features a Secure Socket Layer, which is an industry leading standard for safely making payments online.

[1] The principal and interest is fixed for the life of the loan, however, we do collect the county taxes from you on a monthly basis and pay your county property taxes at the end of each year. Every county in the state reevaluates the fair market value of properties and their millage rates, therefore you can’t assume that your property taxes will remain the same year after year. At the end of each year when we receive your tax bill from the County Tax office, if we have not collected enough from you through out the year, you will be expected to pay the short fall. We may adjust your monthly tax payments from time to time to have enough to pay your tax bill at the end of the year.

We offer five acre tracts of land for sale in Georgia. The sizes of our acreage tracts range from 1 acre to 5 acres and up. We are currently offering Owner Financing on all of our land for sale. We have land for sale in North Georgia, Central Georgia and Eastern Georgia. These properties would be great as an investment, country living, camping and family fun or a mini farm type environment. Our Eastern and Central properties located off Springfield and Edwards road were originally part of a larger Plantation. The hunting is great with an abundance of turkey, deer, dove and quail. We also have property located in the foothills of North Georgia, these properties have 40 year old hardwood timber all throughout the property. We have recently added land for sale in Greene County, Georgia.