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I am in UK. Have just had left hip replacement, my 6th joint replacement. It has never been as painful as now. Oxycodone 5mg 4-6 hourly & Oxylan 15mg 12-12 hourly + 1000mg paracetamol. I am home on day three post op & these drugs have not relieved pain at all. I told medics but it makes no difference. Previously Co-Codomol has worked for me but have not been given this time. I am lifelong renal patient with 2 transplants to date. Function is great. I feel let down as it seems I am not believed the pain relief is not working. I cannot do anything without excruciating pain in various places. I have always coped well post op with this surgery & any other. I can’t continue like this with being unable to work through the pain when it has been abated by working drugs. What can I do, to convince docs how bad it is? They still sent me home knowing all this but apparently not believing. They state my Kidney as reason for not increasing dosage, but there is no problems with kidneys. A lot of this confusion I believe to be due to lack of communication between my renal team & orthopaedics. In the past they always conferred. Can an expert please help me? Thank you

KVK TECH Oxycodone 30 mg Tablets Do Not Work. My pharmacy carriers this brand. For whatever reason they had a different brand the month before and it was a god send. It worked amazing for pain and gave hours of releif. I go this month and my pharmacy filled with KVK TECH again, This brand KVK TECH has left me in severe uncontrolled pain, and withdrawls on top of that. I am fed up with this and I am filling a complaint with the FDA. There is no way the amount of active ingredient (oxycodone) in this medication is anywhere near the legal level as required by FDA. KVK TECH is Undercutting all the legitimate oxycodone manufacturers in order to get the pharmacys to carry their brand. The way they are able to give these pharmacys such a "discount" on their medication is by using less than the legal amount of active ingredient (oxycodone) so that it is cost effective. The pharmacy is able to purchase these pills for pennys on the dollar and they are using less than required amounts of oxy. The medication is worthless, it has left me to suffer with a medication that is not working & leaving me in withdrawls. Why are these manufacturers not consistently and regularly being checked by the FDA??? They need to do "random" checks and test these medications for the legal amounts of active ingridients to make sure the manufacturers are using the amounts they are by law required to use. I am filling complaint against this company with FDA IMMEDIATELY, also filling complaint with the pharmacy as well. My insurer should not be paying for a medication that is sub-par and does not work. This needs to be stopped. If you google KVK TECH you can clearly see MILLIONS of posts/forums of people stating KVK TECH Oxycodone is GARBAGE, It does not work. Why has nothing been done about this??? If its a problem with the filler/binding agents than change it…if its the fact they are using less of the "active ingredient" than required they need to be SHUT DOWN. This is wrong.