Ozford institute of higher education celebrated its second graduation ceremony – 3115240 newspulsebyte electricity lessons grade 6


Melbourne, Feb 27, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – On the 24th of January 2019, Ozford Institute of Higher Education (OIHE) celebrated its second graduation event on campus. Attendees at the ceremony included the graduates, their family and friends, academic and professional staff from the Institute, distinguished guests and respected members of the Governing and Academic Boards.

The electricity usage calculator spreadsheet ceremony started with the official opening address by the Chair of the Governing Board, Emeritus Professor John Rickard. Professor electricity icon Rickard congratulated the students on completing their degrees. He thanked the President Mr. Yan Qiu and Vice-President Ms. Rong Liu for embarking on a noble pursuit of establishing an educational institution in Melbourne. He expressed his very special thanks to all the families and friends of the graduating students for their help and support throughout their study. He said in his speech, We are here today to celebrate a significant achievement of our graduates. The students graduating today are very special as this is only our second graduation ceremony Professor Rickard also added, I hope later, the Ozford Institute of Higher Education will become as highly regarding as much as a very well-known UK University, albeit gas 4 less with a rather similar name Oxford University. You cannot possibly compare between the two, but a long time ago they would have had the same number of graduating students for the first or second round of their Graduations. Indeed, all the well-known universities like Cambridge, University of Melbourne or Monash, early on, there were a handful of students graduating, and the ceremony not z gas ensenada telefono very different to this one that we are having today.

The Chair of the OIHE Academic Board, Emeritus electricity hair stand up Professor Greg OBrien was the keynote speaker at the ceremony and delivered the Occasional Address, congratulating the graduates on this important milestone. He did provide an interesting intellectual interpretation in explaining the strengths hidden behind the letters O-I-H E in the acronym of the institute.

Professor Greg OBriens gas vs electric heat speech was followed by the actual presentation of awards and certificates to graduating students. This part of the ceremony was facilitated by the Academic Dean Professor Sheikh Rahman. Professor Rahman in his short speech reminded the graduating students that they were among the very privileged top 7% of the world population who has obtained a Bachelor degree. This privilege, in turn, places a lot of responsibility upon their shoulder to support the remaining 93% who were not so fortunate. He also reinforced Professor Rickards view with the fact that Oxford University in England had indeed started in a cathedral in the English city grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test of Oxford in the early 13th century with only 7 students. He also assured the graduates of all possible support in the pursuit of their future.

During the presentation of awards, Graduates have been introduced by the Academic Dean, Professor Sheikh Rahman, and Professor Rickard presented the graduates their degrees. Dressed in academic gowns, graduates walked to the stage elegantly and received their degrees from the Chair of the Governing Board. This was a moment they had all electricity questions grade 6 been waiting for. These precious moments of each graduate were captured by the official photographers.

Academic Excellence Award was presented by the Academic Dean, Professor Sheikh Rahman to the nominated b games basketball graduate, Ms Shuang (Sunny) Chen for her outstanding academic achievement and student leadership contribution to the Ozford community. Ms Chen mentioned in her speech that strong determination, persistence and hard work were behind her success in achieving the dream.