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There are a few things you’ll need to do before moving your appliances. In some cases you will have purchased your new home with the appliances, but if you have not and you have not sold your old appliances with your home, these are the steps you will need to take before the movers get to your home. Remember the movers will not be responsible for disconnection of these appliances or any dismantling you would like to have done before your appliance is moved. There will be some prep work to be completed by you before your move. There are a few safety and legal issues to consider before packing your appliances. Some of them may need to be serviced before the move and some may need to be disconnected from a gas hose before the move. You should contact the company that sold you the appliance to check into service of that particular item.

Gas Appliances Contact a certified plumber before removing a gas dryer from the wall. The unit will have to be shut down by a professional for the move. Also, the connection will have to be shut off and signed by a professional for legal matters. Always be sure to do everything legally with professionals when moving procedures call for them. It is always better to ask first before doing these types of things yourself. Gas dryers and gas stoves will need a professional. Ask a professional moving company if anything else in your home will need this type of service to be moved.

Refrigerators and Freezers Refrigerators and freezers will need to be defrosted before your move. Do so two or three days in advance to be sure they have been properly defrosted and have a chance to dry completely. There are moisture absorbent crystals available to help prevent mildew. Also, secure all of the interior fixtures before the move. Wrap them with packing material if necessary. It might be more convenient to move these fixtures separately if you think they might be damaged in the move. Use your best judgment, but this decision should be made before the movers arrive.

Stoves Any stove, whether it be gas or electric should be unplugged from the wall before the movers arrive. Secure all unattached items inside the stove so damage will not occur during the move. For gas stoves see the instructions listed in the section entitled “Gas Appliances”. It is also a great idea to thoroughly clean your stove before your move so you can start with a clean stove and oven in your new home.

Televisions and Stereo Equipment Again, contact the store where you purchased your television or stereo to see if it will need to be serviced before the move. These appliances should be disconnected from satellites or other unmovable equipment before the movers arrive. If possible, use the original boxes that this equipment came in. This will prevent damage from happening. Have it ready to go for the movers. Most movers will not help you with service or detaching technical equipment.

Washers and Dryers Have washers and dryers serviced before the move if need be. Again, contact the retailer for those appliance specific instructions. Have these appliances unhooked and ready to go for the movers. See the instructions above for gas dryers.

Miscellaneous Any playground equipment, such as a swing set or doghouse should be disasembled and ready to go for your moving company. When moving your appliances, any dismantling or service required before hand should be done before the movers arrive to your home. Moving day will go a lot faster if you take a few steps before hand to make sure your appliances are ready to be moved on moving day.