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I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with the services you provide. I have been struggling with back pain for well over ten years. I have seen a countless number of doctors, and I was always given the push off with Physical therapy, medication, and rest. In receiving the Epidural shot series, as well as the nerve burn it has decreased a good portion of the pain in my upper back. I will continue to see you and your team for my back and any other services I would benefit that I need, and your team provides. I want to give a huge thank you to you, your Physican Assistants, and as well as the team in the procedure room for the excellent bed side manner, empathy, and professional etiquette. Your medical team does an excellent job addressing the needs of the individual, through active listening to make sure the can provide accurate service. I also want to thank you front desk staff and other staff for providing outstanding customer service, and empathetic listening ear to my needs, multi-tasking and assisting others. I will continue to recommend your services to those who need them because of the wonderful experience I have had and continue to have.

I had gone to several back specialist Northwestern and Rush. Both confirmed I have a disc problem and both prescribed physical therapy/PT after taking an MRI. PT did almost nothing for my back the pain was so bad some days I could hardly get out of bed. Went back to Northwestern and they said I was not a candidate for back surgery and If I wanted it they could not guarantee it would work. I ended up see Dr. Omar Said through the recommendation of my mother. Dr. Said mentioned that he could administer a shot in my back to elevate the pain and possibly strengthen the problem with the disc. Over the course of 2 years I initially was getting 1 shot every 4 months after 3 shots it was once every 6 months then I thought I may not need another shot till I was hit by a 17 year old kid and rolled my car for the second time. The first accidental rollover was caused by black ice. I am now receiving shots once every 4-5 month but they are helping again. No other doctor ever mentioned shot before Dr. Said. I am forever thankful. I am able to stay active maybe not as much as I would like but I am not bed ridden. I able to work, fish, kayak, and do other multiple actives I know my limits I don’t always respect my limits but at least I am able to enjoy life again.

I just started a course of pain relief treatments under the direction of an exceptional pain management Physician Dr, Omar Said in the MacNeal pain center. I like to take the opportunity to express my overwhelming praise for this great doctor, let me first say that I’m an elderly gentleman that is extremely scared and frightened of doctors. Under the advice of an overwhelming recommendation of my wife and disabled son. Dr. Said is it compassion thorough detail caring and sympathetic and very knowledgeable and explain things thoroughly prior to the procedure to make sure you entirely understanding prior and during the process to make you feel Very comfortable. Postop and after care is exceptionally detailed and thorough I felt like this Doctor helps you feel no pain before during and after your procedure. Dr. Omar Said is an extremely gifted medical professional with a superior awesome bedside manner. I with no doubt and hesitation give him five platinum stars. He takes the pain out of pain that seems like an oxymoron but it’s completely true. Thank you!