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We have terrible digestion in my family and I’ve always been gassy but it never gave me leg pain. I also have a sluggish lymph system and a chiropractor treats me periodically and works on pressure points to get the lymph moving. If I massage the legs with movements going upward toward my torso, like with your daughter, it relieves the pain for a while.

I have purchased a copper jug and will try the treatment recommended above but I wouldn’t try that with a two-year old. Eliminating the gaseous condition is what we need. A good chiropractor can manipulate muscles to improve your digestive system but I left my wonderful chiropractor behind in another state and I can’t find one here that is as talented.

Any doctor who thinks Tums is the answer should find another profession. I don’t have food allergies that I know of. I recently did a juice cleanse that lasted five days. The leg pain disappeared because I wasn’t eating solid food – just thick vegetable broths and juice. So I think the answer is in the lymph system moving well and eliminating the gas. I hope the copper jug will help.

As part of our conversation I mentioned that I had attended a pig roast in the Caribbean in April and felt a funny stomach on my return. Not sick, just bloated with a hard feeling. The leg pains started about 8 weeks later and have persisted at various strengths for the following nine months.

I tested positive for parasites, probably from the pork. I was put on a regimen of Zymex II three times a day along with an addition of two types of probiotics. One is four times a day and the other just on weekends for a total digestive cleanse. The Zymex II is made up of enzymes that simply dissolve and digest the parasites. It must be taken on an empty stomach because you dont want the enzymes digesting your food instead of the parasites. I take one at bedtime, one as soon as I get up, and the third one in the middle of the afternoon. The first few days can be rough as the dead parasites are putting toxins into your body. This has caused at times worse gas pains than normal and more leg pain. Its just a matter of getting worse before you get better. I

The normal regimen for this product is 5 per day for 8 days, then one week off, then another five per day for 8 days. My doctor prescribed something different after running me through various tests. It took three weeks before I felt I had real evidence that it was working. The leg pain has gone but my legs are still weak after months of having this problem. I still feel discomfort at times walking up stairs but its not as bad. It will take time for the strength in my legs to come back.

Warning about tests for parasites. If your regular doctor sends a stool sample to be tested at a lab, there is a high incidence of a false negative. Half of the time you are told that there are no parasites when there are. Allopathic doctors will prescribe a treatment that is basically an insecticide. It does the job and probably does it quicker, so the choice is yours.

There are other herbal treatments for parasites but the Zymex II is not too expensive. You can buy it from your health provider or on the Internet. I may be taking it for quite a while but I dont mind if the cure is complete. I am experience far less gas now and much less leg discomfort. If you take Zymex II you will notice an increase in gas a short while after each dose. That means it’s working.