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For a year I suffered with chest pains. My mother had passed away suddenly and I found myself a collapsing one afternoon electricity labs for middle school which resulted in being rushed to the e.R. My sister drove me and I had some sort of seizure and she pulled over and called 911. I was rushed via ambulance at this point. I had every heart test known to man ran on me, resulting in a three day stay in the cardiac unit. All of my tests came back normal. I was sent home with the advice of seeing a grief counselor. I was told I wasn’t dealing with the loss of my mother. I accepted this. The body can do strange things. My chest continued to hurt. Two weeks before hurricane rita hit, I collapsed on a friday afternoon. As soon as I could crawl gas stoichiometry lab to the phone, I began to call gastro doctors. I was able to get in the next friday. The doctor immediately wanted to have an upper g.I. The following monday, I went in for the upper g.I. Very ill, and in a lot of pain. The results were I had a hiatal hernia in the lower third of my esophagus. I was put on nexium and librax for a few months. My doctor said the hernia wasn’t bad. By december, I had a new problem. I began to have some serious pains on the left side, underneath my rib cage. Since january, I have had a cat scan, a small bowel series, and just electricity hero names a few weeks ago, a colonoscopy. Every test I have had has been normal. All the blood work, the small bowel series, all of it. During all of this, i’ve just about lost my mind. We have spent a small fortune on these tests and I am still barely able to function now because of the severe pain. My cat scan results were normal except my colon was full of stool. I am not electricity electricity goodness prescribed any pain meds because i’ve had a problem with constipation. February, I spent 80% of the time curled up in a fetal position in the bed. Alternating between a heating pad and an electric blanket. A week after my colonoscopy, my gastro Dr. Decides to refer me to a surgeon. So here I am, the day after my appt. With the surgeon. Scheduled for yet another cat scan before he can determine what is the matter. I have been on so many drugs for antispasmodics, reglan, you name it. I broke down static electricity in water in his office. At this point, i’m mentally and physically exhausted. He gave me few options. One being he could operate on the hernia, but that it didn’t seem to be bad based on the results. I’ve been told I have ibs, then told I don’t. And I hurt. All of the time. I guess I mostly wanted and needed to vent. To find some solace, yet sadness in the fact that there are so many people, just like me, suffering. My gall bladder is gone, I might have scar tissue. Is this it? Suffering? Not allowed to take pain medications for this? I feel like my life is crippled with pain now. I can’t plan anything, i’ve stopped going out unless I have to and i’m only 37. I just can’t believe that this … Is it.

Hi. I’m new, and was so glad to find gas utility bill this site. It has given me some relief reading your stories, and I’m not feeling so alone anymore. I had a baby girl in Feb 2007 via c-section. Since then I have had digestive problems. Every couple of months I would have severe upper abdominal pain which would last about a day. So bad I couldn’t get out of bed. I would also have diarrhea. Then every few weeks I would get this dull pain under my rib cage on the left side. Finally went to a gi doctor who tested me for celiac and lactose intolerance. Tests came back positive. I now have to have an endoscopy this week to confirm the diagnosis. I’ve been reading alot about celiac symptoms and this particular symptom doesn’t seem to exist. I’m curious whether or not electricity lesson plans for 5th grade it is this splenic flexure syndrome. I have read that pregnancy and surgery que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje, which I have had both of, can trigger celiac. In any event, I’m glad to hear that there are others out there with similar symptoms. I was fearful that it was something much more serious.

All posts on this board should go to GALLBLADDERATTACK.COM and read the education there regarding digestive problems. Also look into LIVER DETOX CLEANSING and COFFEE ENEMAS on I had bad symptoms like migraines, vomiting, bloating, weird appetite, back pain, constipation, just to name a few symptoms. Then I started the cleansing and enemas and most of the problems went away. Changing your diet is a major to-do as well. I also take supplements to help digest food like high quality ones from STANDARD PROCESS electricity 2pm mp3 (AF Betafood, Zypan, Cholacol,etc). Also the brand SPRINGREEN has a lot of good cleansing products. These help greatly with all my digestion issues mainly caused by stones in my gallbladder, the cleanses and enemas flush them out naturally, no pain, no doctors, no meds. I highly recommend everyone on this post to to these websites and read/follow the recipes and cleansing instructions. I’m still doing the cleanses until I’ve flushed out all the gallstones so I’m happy to testify I’ve gotten strong results with no meds. Good luck, all.

thank you all. i also suffer, as does my 80 yr. old mother. i’m 43. i was diagnosed with haidle hernia, acid reflux, had an endoscopy(thats where he found and afterwards showed me the picture of my hernia). the pain is pretty constant in my chest i just try to blow it off and attribute it to the gas and gas oil ratio for weed eater the food. i can tell you what helps. while i’m working and sweating it seems like my foods digesting and the pain subsides for a while then i start f gas regulations r22 getting hungry and pig out which for a little while the pain goes away. so exercise seems to be one key. i noticed when in the hospital after going through the barium tests, heart tests etc. that the bland food at the hospital made me feel good, also not smoking probably helped. i take prilosec because insurance raised my nexium from $25 to $75 but nexium was good stuff. prilosec seems to work when i stay on it. i’ve also taken prevacid, propulsid. but you gotta take the pill every day. thats not easy especially when your feeling good. my bro gas tax in new jersey. in law also has reflux and he was told that your stomach will try to reproduce itself in your chest if no treatment. not sure what that meant. good luck and god help us

Reading all these articles tells me I am not alone.. but also says there is a heck of a lot of people in pain and not much to relieve it. I have had my gallbladder out few years ago and unfortunately have a hiatus hernia and faulty refulx value. Product of not dealing with stress well and unfortunately always stressed. If I forgot to take my prilosec in morning by afternoon horrible pain and acid grade 6 science electricity test reflux. But usually by later in day or next feeling better. Yesterday throughout the day kept getting these spasm like pains which felt like a golf ball was stuck in my esofugus. Would intensify eventually go and come back again shortly after. Today feeling bit better but still feel it there.Tried to eat dinner last night and it really hurt. But reading these posts has made me realise the connection as I have gas and bloating after miscarriage had pain under left rib cage …occasionally right/ plus back pain also for approx. 1 year and Dr. are not giving me any answers.. However I hadnt connected all of these together. Will make me take a serious look and perhaps chart what I am eating and stress levels etc to see if pattern of what is bringing this on. Yesterdays extreme bout was a first though..hopefully a last.