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Hi i’m so worried sick I am 22 and have 3 year old son and about 4 weeks ago noticed lump under my right armpit. it don’t hurt which this worries me. I am always exhausted etc.. I’m ill at moment with flu and sore throat and feel terrible. I have been depressed and stressed since my son was born as i’ve had so much trouble from my sons father. i’m worrier I’m worried that me worrying have brought on cancer. also my nipples have been leaking now and again on and off since my son but I never breastfed at all and i’m not pregnant. even when i’m healthy this lump don’t go. everywhere read everyone says their lump hurts which is good sing. is about pea sized. I know see a doctor haven’t been easy with 3 year old to look after and if I have cancer I have no family to look after my son. His father isn’t stable enough to look after him. he was always violent to me and my son thats why we left and he was awarded supervised access so whats gonna happen. probably have to take my son to doctors with me as he not started nursery until January so was oing to wait until then but I probably can’t. thanks xxxxxx

Hi, I am 28 years with 3 kids and have a hard pea sized lump underneath my right armpit. Over the years, I have noticed it growing very slowly. I first noticed it in 2006 I think it was, it was very painful. My armpits would get sweaty and that’s when I notice pain and lump. The lump was then treated with antibiotics and since then the lump would come and go and I was treated various times with antibiotics. I was told by my doctor at that time (in 2006) that it was a blocked hair duct and if it didn’t improve with the antibiotics, the only way to resolve this was to get surgery, surgery never happened though cause the lump eventually did go away but then after 2006 the lump (most of the times painless lump(s)) would come and go and sometimes it would appear on my left armpit. Four years later, I now have a lump which is currently situated under my right armpit and is painless, I can feel it but it doesn’t hurt. I have a family history of breast cancer, my mother, who is very strong and brave, went through the works (masectomy, chemo and radiation in 1995). In 2006, the doctors suspected that the cancer had come back into her lung, she was in hospital that year for a week or two draining fluid out from her lung. Since then, she went back to being perfectly healthy. Now it has gone into her bone, but my mother hasn’t given up yet. She fracture her hip bone (that is where the cancer is) in October. She didn’t know for 2 weeks that she had a fractured bone until I and my father took her to the emergency because I just couldnt bear watching her in so much pain. My mother recovered and is my biggest inspiration. She is only 60 years old.

I go through breast checkups every 1-2 years. I just went through a breast ulstrasound last weekend and I find out the results tomorrow. I am quite worried about this lump underneath my armpit, actually I am mortified and all I can think about is my family (3 young kids and hard working husband). Please God I hope this is nothing very serious……I am quite scared now.