Pamutan trail – the happy path towards having a cebuano hiking trail gas prices


Kevin and Kit, our friends, invited us to go hiking on a Saturday morning. J and I jumped at the chance as Kevin and Kit regularly join hiking competitions. We had wanted to go hiking, but being amateurs, we were not sure how to start. gas and supply Being amateurs, we decided to pack for the end of the world. This made us tremendously late, and I panicked in my western mind. However in the Philippines, friends value friendship over time or other western values. So to my great relief and Jem’s “I told you so”, Kevin and Kit happily greeted us. In fact, they never frowned on our slow pace or amateur skills. gas 10 ethanol Instead of worrying about the destination, we enjoyed the journey. This is why good guides are at the top of the list for a happy Cebuano Hiking Trail. Many thanks Kevin and Kit!

In our pictures, it is easy to see who is an expert and who is an amateur hiker. Let’s focus on our expert friends. They wore athletic clothes including protective arm and leg sleeves. The protection is for the many needle palm trees in the jungle. They also wore trail shoes which were very useful when the trail was crumbling. Of course, they had excellent sun protection which is necessary in any tropical environment. Instead of water bottles, they carried water bladders like the camelback. In the Philippines, there is usually a calenderia (food stall) somewhere along the trail, so it is not necessary to bring food if you know the trail. gas 0095 Some simple snacks for energy boosts are sufficient. I’m just happy we remembered to pack a bottle of Powerade. Hopefully, this will help you have a happier Cebuano hiking trail.

As we started up the first mountain, we quickly realized how out of shape we were especially under the intense heat. At first, I didn’t know if we were going to keep up with our friends. To my relief, we took breaks under each oasis of shade. In addition, this allowed us to take in the beauty of the moment. electricity nightcore lyrics Near the top of the trail, I became a little panicked as I just wanted reach the end. In doing so, I pushed my body too hard and felt a sharp pain in my knee. Everyone helped calm me down and gave me a salt remedy for the cramping. In the end, I learned that pacing is about keeping your mind over matter. This is necessary for a happy Cebuano hiking trail.

On the backside of the mountain, we were happy to find ourselves under the shade of the forest. Despite the increased humidity, it was a relief from the pounding, direct heat of the sun. At the base, there was a capped spring with fresh water flowing out of a pipe. electricity worksheets ks1 Even more surprising were the women gather around the spring washing their clothes by hand. They told us that they climb over the mountain every day to wash and collect fresh water. Our inflated ego of conquering the first mountain was quickly deflated. From the spring, we followed a river bed up the next mountain. Further up, the dry rocks gave way to a small stream of water flowing out of the mountain. Despite generally hating a bath, our puppy was especially happy to cool off in the cool water. types of electricity consumers These recharging spots kept us happy on our Cebuano hiking trail.

After another steep climb to the top of the second mountain, we felt like Ironman contestants regardless of having only hiked about 5 kilometers in total. Desperate for food and water, we were elated to find the carendaria that Kevin had told us about. Stationed at a three-way intersection, the sight of freshly cooked food and cold drinks looked like salvation. We especially recommend the chorizo lumpia (fried spring roll). After feasting like ravenous lions, we eased our aching muscles with a couple of bottles of beer. static electricity jokes Feeling recharged with a happy belly, we set off on the second half of our Cebuano hiking. trail. ( Click on the Map)

In my experience, hikers usually greet each other with a smile, a short small talk, or a simple hello. Hiking in Cebu was a completely new experience as each person we met along the way treated us like an old friend. The common interest of hiking was grounds enough to feel like trusted friends. gas in back symptoms Some of our new friends hiked with us until the path parted while others heading an opposite directed stopped under the shade for chat and sharing of snacks. While most topics revolved around a 34 kilometer Spartan cross-country race, other topics included tips to new hiking trails and even events to join other hiking events. After the last goodbye, it was clear to see that hiking in Cebu and the Philippines is a community and not just a weekend event.

After reaching the summit of the third mountain, it was a mind over matter march back down to the main three-way intersection. Our bodies were completely exhausted, but the encouragement and smiles from our expert friends kept us focused on the moment and not the end. It was learning to take in the moment of each step that kept our energy positive. When we focused on the finish line, our hike quickly turned only into a work project. In contrast by keeping focused on each step, view, and conversation, we felt connected to each part of the journey and experience regardless of our feeling. I suppose this right path for both hiking and happiness. Experiencing the moment we are given relieves the mind of thinking about any future or past. Keeping focused on this moment likewise keeps the mind in this state of bliss. Happy trails! ~ Jem and Zack