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It is urgent to seek the release of Meng through diplomatic channels. gas news In the meantime, China’s top priority is to stabilize financial markets – the stock market, foreign exchange market and commodity market – because financial markets may quickly overreact to a major event. A few days ago, Chinese and global financial markets rallied amid optimism following a meeting between the top leaders of the two countries. Yet, news of the arrest on Thursday immediately hit the stock and foreign exchange markets.

The China-US trade row could become a protracted war, pointing to a long-term impact on other countries and regions, particularly those in East Asia. Given the shadows looming over the global economy and a possible US economic slowdown, financial market authorities and exchanges in Northeast and Southeast Asia should discuss the establishment of a coordinated action mechanism to ward off economic and political risks.

It is hard to believe that the US would end its broad trade war in the short term. electricity deregulation choices and challenges China should still prepare for some extreme scenarios, like the combined impact of US tariffs on all Chinese exports and a US economic slowdown. The US government is very likely to further resort to trade protectionism measures once it faces an economic slowdown or financial crisis. Moreover, US President Donald Trump’s political enemies will use the trade war to find fault with Trump himself.

The incident shows that the US and some other countries that follow the US didn’t abide by the bottom line of international law at all. From now on, we should reduce or cancel important people’s visits to the US, Canada and some other countries like the UK, Australia and New Zealand. electricity questions grade 9 The warning applies to not only Chinese citizens, but also citizens of any other country.

Since the China-US trade war appears to be developing into a protracted one, some companies may consider moving their supply chains out of China. But they should calm down. electricity in salt water experiment Trump has launched trade wars with almost all major economies in the world this year, and even started a trade battle with Rwanda, a small African country, over used clothes. How could Vietnam, India and other countries be spared from trade wars with the US?

Despite its negative impact, the China-US trade war may also mean opportunities. High-technology industries such as semiconductor production are expected to enjoy development opportunities as a means of making alternatives to imported products. The export-oriented vehicle industry may see new business opportunities. In the foreseeable future, many global exhibitions are likely to shun the US and the UKUSA countries due to the Meng incident, and so exhibition, tourism and other related industries in China and other countries may benefit.

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