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Information from the research allowed her to instinctively access the knowledge of the Key and had been able to, before jumping in before Buffy could, change the portal’s destination to somewhere safe, to the Infinite Warehouse and eventually gain a job there for the protection offered by virtue of employment in order to protect her from Glory.

Now she worked in various Departments where she could assist and occasionally helped her own and the numerous versions of the Scoobies that found the I.W. while also taking various courses in her downtime. She shivered as she recalled one or two electricity receiver versions of Anya who were actually obsessed enough with bunnies to either eventually create a ritual to get rid of them world wide in a gruesome manner or one too many hits to the head during a battle or a ritual to turn everyone world wide into anthropomorphic bunnies/rabbits like Bugs.

She also learned to use her Key powers and abilities and began studying the different variations of magic available at the Warehouse and saving up to take a deeded ownership of her own empty dimension to build her own home and afford the wards and protections to make it safe for her own piece of mind on top of ones she was going to add on her own.

Willow walked through what looked like the Magic Box before it was destroyed the year/summer before with her Dark/Darth Willow episode. As she walked toward the center of the shop where the meeting table is/was, she saw a book/tomb laying open on it to a page titled Top Secret: Pocket Dimensions: A Dumbies Guiden On/Of How To Create and Control Your Own Pocket Dimension on the page it was opened to. Feeling she only had a short time to read it, she quickly read and memorised the whole book/tomb.

By the time she had finished the book/tomb, she already knew she was going to copy everything on earth, minus people electricity units to kwh, vampires, demons, etc,. Her dimension/Pocket Dimension would have different planes/realms, planets for every major time period with the harmless artifacts, documents, building, books, etc,. The last book she read was about reincarnation and the Gods Chosen.

Dawn looked around where she was a sighed. The Temple/Monastery of the Order of Dagon. On a few off wall was a bookshelf with a sign pointing down at it saying For the Key in case the Old Watches Council turns traitor on the New Watchers Council along with a table of a long range of potions from comprehension expansion and concentration enhancement to power boosting and one to allow a finer control over the power of the Key. And one to awaken and fully activate the powers and abilities of the Key and Absolute Immortality within her eventual spouse.

Six years later, he was still building. He had long ago figured out that the location of where he was, was a plane of existence all of its own. He hadn’t even scratched gas house pike frederick md the surface of the capabilities of wherever he was. Anything he willed into existence, appeared; anything he willed to happen, happened; he could also control how much Time passed while he was and wasn’t there. He used that ability to make the general atmosphere and mood peaceful and healing for troubled souls and champions.

Whenever the death of a God was about to occur, he always put a clone in their place while sending feelings of peace and comfort to those left behind. When the Twilight of the Gods was about to happen, he shifted all of the faithful followers of the Gods, the Gods themselves, Mt. Olympus, etc, and the Underworlds/Afterlives, to a higher/different plane of existence, leaving behind copies and confused fighters who’s memories he fixed of the last few seconds. After gas meter reading doing that, he systematically destroyed all Hinds Blood and all knowledge that it even existed in all of the/his Multiverse.

While he started putting the defenses together for his Realm, he opened a portal to a Harry Potter reality and sent a human avatar of himself to learn and train a version of mortal magic to implement in his Realm, one of a number of them including ‘Once Upon a Time’ magic, under Merlin, the Founders, the Flamel’s who he adviced to give a fake stone to Dumbledore in the future when he asked for it, Grindelwald, Dumbledore and Voldemort under various disguises and aliases, all the while creating his own spells, wards and enchantments for the defense of his Realm, with a modified Fidelius Charm covering the other wards.

Searching the futures of different realities, he came across a version of his home reality crossed with Stargate, one where he noticed SG-1 of the SGC trying to turn the (real) Greek Gods’ followers, and by extension his, against them, quite obviously mistakenly thinking they were Goa’uld. He also sensed/noticed/saw an Ori ship in the distance.

Getting angry that they had interrupted the peace of his descendants followers, he sent a rumble and crack of thunder and lightning to the cloudless sky of where they were. When they ignored it in favor of continuing the futile effort of turning them against the Gods, he sent a stronger rumble/crack of thunder and lightning and once again they continued to ignore it he gathered the shadows near them and formed gastronomia y cia them into a giant vaguely human shape and spoke.

In the meanwhile, he sent out bursts of power that cut the connections to various points/places in that reality; a burst of power cut off any access in or out to the Deeper Well; a burst of power cut off the connection to the Oracles; another completely rebuilt Sunnydale; another raced through the whole of the planet, copying/recording everything in the past and the present ever written/drawn/typed/recorded and compiling them in an infinite library/database that completely stops the aging process of anything/anyone as long as they’re doing work and another burst of power shifted Stonehenge to his dimension.

Powers: In addition to her inherent Domains powers over Hearth, Home, and Family, she can communicate with Flames/Fire, create Fire Sprites as servants, conjure/create/control Fire/Flames, travel in a burst of Fire/Flames and thanks to her brother Poseidon’s blessing thousands of years ago, breath under water and minor resistance to water (so she doesn’t drown nor is she harmed by it). As well as proficient use of the Mist and giving Life to Fire Servants, golems, constructs and clones. And use fire to Scry. That’s in addition to the powers/abilities she displays in canon. Creations can take on human form.

Hestia’s brother Hades’ last act was to transfer his Domain as the God of the Underworld to Hestia in order to send a small Afterlife Pocket Dimension fragment (along with a fragment of Olympus as the Last Olympian and Final Hope) along with the souls of the latest generations of Demigods living and dead electricity laws in india, both Roman and Greek, in order to rebuild in a new world. After finding a way to re-embody a small number of the souls at a time. Currently only Percy, Nico and Jason have bodies again as the strongest and the ones to protect the ones who come after; still in toddler stage of growing to get their powers and demigod essence used to their new bodies; can summon them to her from anywhere. Blood adopted as Hestia/Taylor’s sons.