Pan seared salmon recipe with lemon butter sauce gas efficient suv 2008

I can’t even tell you how happy I am to be doing this Soigne [swan-yay] videos again. I loved doing them back a few years ago but dang did I get busy in between then, and honestly just didn’t have the time. Well, things have chilled out a bit and I’ve re-introduced the series with my bone-in ribeye steak recipe with whisky cream sauce a few weeks ago and am following up with this Pan Seared Salmon Recipe with Lemon Butter Sauce. I know that these recipes may sound a bit on the elegant side but honestly they are some of the easiest recipes on all of I know, even the video looks like it’s all class but don’t let it fool you because it’s super simple. I mean the bone-in ribeye only had 11 ingredients and that includes, oil butter and salt and pepper. Super easy, promise!

Salmon these days seems to be sketchy with all of the farm raised fish, so I always advise buying wild caught. Farm raised fish are these small pools that have way too many fish in them. They can’t grow properly or get the sustainable food they need so they are small and swim around in their own feces all day, it’s hideous. So words of wisdom, buy wild caught even if it means spending more money. While this salmon recipe with lemon butter sauce is as classic as it gets, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s ridiculously delicious. You can actually leave the skin on as well if you prefer but I took it off so I didn’t freak anyone out in the video. I know how sometimes I get harassed if people see things they aren’t used to cooking.

Once the fish is seasoned you then want to cook it in a very hot saute pan with a bit of oil in it. While it’s cooking you want to add in a whole gang of butter, no this recipe is not healthy. After the butter melts, don’t worry it’ll only take a sec, you then want to get a huge spoon and baste the top of the salmon after you give it your first flip. This is nothing new, although everyone seems to think this technique was invented 6 months ago. This helps add flavor to whatever it is you’re cooking while assisting in caramelizing it as well, so do it! All fish cooks pretty quick so once it’s golden brown on both sides remove it from the pan and set it aside. Also you’ll want to drain the fat from the pan.

To make the sauce, go back to that pan the fish was cooked in and add a few tabs of butter, repeat this is not a healthy recipe. Throw in some shallots and garlic and caramelize, which literally will take a few minutes since the pan will be so hot. Deglaze with some fresh lemon juice and cook it until it is au sec or the liquid is almost gone. Next deglaze again with some chardonnay wine and also cook it until the liquid is almost gone.

Pour in some heavy whipping cream and cook it over medium heat until it becomes very thick, like alfredo sauce. No this is not the classic way to make a beurre blanc, however if you ever want your sauce to hold use heavy cream first, it’s a guaranteed solidifier. Whisk in some butter, did I mention this is not a healthy recipe? I know you must be thinking I’m crazy that this recipe has so much dang fat in it, and the only consolation is that it will probably feed 4 people so at least you’re not eating all of it?

Finish off the sauce with some capers and some fresh chopped dill to just add a little bit of extra love to this Pan Seared Salmon Recipe with Lemon Butter Sauce. The sauce takes a max of 5 minutes to make so no worries that your salmon will be cold, because it won’t. Pour as much, or as little of the sauce as you’d like over top of the salmon and feast son!!!