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In the spirit of strong finishes, Head of School Charles A. Tierney III P’16, ’19, ’20 has issued his own challenge — “Charlie’s Challenge,” as it’s been dubbed — to NMH parents, employees, and the Class of 2019. “I’m aiming for 100 percent participation in giving to the NMH Fund by the end of the school year,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you give $1 or $1,000. gas and supply acworth ga My goal is to harness our collective energy and dedication, and leverage the idea that we are all in this wonderful venture together.”

Tierney is serving as NMH’s head of school for the 2018–19 academic year. In July, he hands over the reins to Brian Hargrove, who was appointed head-elect in October. gasoline p After nearly 20 years as an NMH employee and parent, Tierney believes he’s in the perfect position to engage and challenge the community. He said, “Each of us steps up every day in our own ways and in many directions — our family lives, our work and school work, our social interactions. electricity through wood Now let’s step up together to support our remarkable shared endeavor: the educational mission of NMH!”

Today, he is the most decorated male mono-skier in history, with 13 Paralympic medals. He’s also a track athlete, winning nine World Championship medals and earning medals in both summer and winter Paralympic games. electricity projects for grade 7 He was honored by the Dalai Lama as an “unsung hero of compassion.” And Skiing Magazine named him one of the “25 greatest skiers in North America.”

After retiring as a professional athlete, Waddell used a hand-cycle to become the first nearly unassisted paraplegic to summit 19,340-foot Mount Kilimanjaro. The “nearly” was because he had to be carried 100 feet, over boulders that were larger than his cycling rig. static electricity zap When Waddell told one of his climbing companions that being carried made him feel like a failure, the friend reminded him, “Nobody climbs a mountain alone; everybody does it as part of a team.”

What promotes physical fitness in the beautiful outdoors and produces “New England gold”? NMH maple sugaring! Students interested in working in the maple-sugaring program over spring break must submit their applications by Friday, Jan. 11. Sugaring is a great way to earn two terms of workjob credit during non-school time. It’s hard but satisfying work that requires walking as far as 50 yards carrying a full sap bucket in each hand. electricity transmission efficiency The work is mostly outdoors, and takes place regardless of the weather.

The great NMH holiday event: On Dec. 16, NMH will host the “great NMH holiday event,” an opportunity for students to display their holiday traditions and a way to give back to others. At a variety of booths, students can write thank-you notes to campus staff, enjoy healthy holiday treats, and help at a toy-donation and gift-wrapping station, among other events.

NMH collaborates with leading researcher: In January, NMH will continue collaborating with Dr. Suniya Luthar, a leading researcher on adolescent health and wellness from the University of Arizona. Students will take an anonymous survey; please look for an email in the next few weeks with more information about the survey and Dr. electricity lessons grade 6 Luthar’s work.