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Paying for your living, flat rent, insurrance and such, comes before saving the planet, Catfish. electricity and water If you cannot make it over the last week in a month, cannot save for your old days, and state raises fees and taxation and talks about people not making it over the month needing to save the planet or paying for forign people in other countries, than resistance is only the natural thing to expect.

Savingtheplanetarism has turned into a gospel nowadays. Its claims must not so much undergo critical review, but must just be believed for the collective mass happening becoming real. Thats where it has turned now into a surrogate religion. People do not want to believe in mere deities anymore, but it seems to bear life and its uncertainties (or to fight boredom) they nevertheless must believe in something, even if it is just anything. Its like that with food as well. electricity consumption Sugar. Self-optimization regarding health. gas block install The latest Apple smartphone and watch. Avoid meat, and save the planet (nonsense). Avid sugar, and dont get diabetes (nonsense). gsa 2016 pay scale Plaster houses to catch even the tiniest bit of warmth inside, and you save the planet (nonsense). E-mobility is ecologically better than gas-saving cars (so far mega-nonsense). Mediterranean diet is healthier than others and extends life (nonsense). electricity labs high school Acrylamide kills you if you eat it, by cancer (nonsense). Saving plastic bags in germany will make a difference for plastic in the oceans (nonsense). Jogging in frequent intervals reduces weight (nonsense). gas utility The limits of Diesel dust emissions mean that if you overstep them even a bit, they pose a risk to your health (nonsense). There is so much rubbish out there that people blindly believe because somebody said "Scientists have proven". "A new study shows." "Science has revealed that." Nonsense. Most, very very most of these claims come from dilletantees (including professionals!) that abuse methodology or have not learned or forgotten to master it correctly, and who cannot discriminate competent use of statistics from incompetent or corrupt abuse. All the examples I mentioned, have never been proven so far by anyone, and showed to be unprovable so far. But people stare at magical correlations only, and layman prioritize subjective own feelings and beliefs anyway, and so the nonsense turns into dogma that claims it has been causaly proven that this A does B. gas arkansas Nonsense. gas and water Correlation coefficients are the most overrated statistical value beside mean values given without variation, excess and other values putting means into relation, that one can think of.

But when you, yourself, cannot pay your bills anymore and do not know what to do for the money is just not enough, and you cant buy your schoolkids the books they need at school, then maybe your forget about all this superstition yourself, too, and start gettign angry about a government that always talks about investing your money into glorious visions, monumental ideas, and foreign places, and that slowly but surely taxes you into your economic ruin and the ruin of your family.

Yes, global warming happens, its quite obvious. But our ways wanting to command it how far it may go, and us wanting to define its conditions of unfolding, have little to do with adapting to it. Mostly it gets abused for the one people executing power over other people, and trying to massively redistrubute welath collected by the economy of the industrialised world to the places that have not developed. This redistribtuion is what dominates climate confernes of the UN by far. And to justify that, nothign works better than talkignWetserners into a massive gult complex. As a German and thus by nature a Nazi suspect, you should know this mechanism all too well.

You cannot have ecology without a materially well-seated economy, and deindustrializing like the greens want it, hardly is the way to go to supply 8 billion people, growing. The always demonised mass production is what keeps these many people afloat. Give up big industry and mass production and intense farming, and see it all going down the drain. Be ready to burn huge heaps of bodies everywhere.