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I will forever be eternally grateful to each and every one of you and especially Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Sebastian O’Kelly, Martin Boyd and Jim Fitzpatrick MP of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership who; upon hearing of my plight, immediately set up the “Home for Sonia” appeal. electricity flow chart My dear friend Tony Turner of the Park Home Policy Forum; knowing that my husband had passed away, has called and supported me through the darkest of days and acted as a conduit for those park home residents unable to access the Leasehold Knowledge donation site; while Paul Baker of PB Insurance did his utmost to advertise my stolen park home and set up a reward for information leading to the capture of the villains. Lord "Ted" Graham has kept in constant touch and has been like a father figure and I am so grateful for the support of all while I struggled to attend London meetings (to fight the residents corner) and keep the JUSTICE Campaign going until a decision could be made by government on our RPI to CPI and 10% Commission Charge Campaign.

It has probably not been moved too far as it has been a bit too hot to handle especially with the wonderful media attention from the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (especially Sir Peter Bottomley, Sebastian O’Kelly and Martin Boyd) who almost immediately stood up and supported me when I was at my lowest and were not afraid to put their heads above the parapet.

Equally, Paul Baker has written extensively in his Park Home News, Tony Turner has been a staunch friend, phoned me every day and has done his utmost to help me. Without their help and the kindness of so many Park Home Residents life would have been an awful lot bleaker – and I thank all those residents (of which there were many) who wrote to their own MP demanding action regarding the theft of my home. (Let’s hope that they take heed and stop this happening to any other residents who upsets certain site owners.)

Since the theft of my home, I have taken real notice of the homeless on the streets. I have to say that my heart goes out to them because if it were not for the kindness of friends who have put me up – that would be me. You cannot imagine how much it means to have your own home to retreat too, until it is no longer there. gas laws worksheet with answers That is why I am writing this because we must not let this happen to any other park home resident – but we must be allowed the freedom to stand our corner without reprisals.

Although numb and devastated beyond words I want to thank all those wonderful residents who have sent me emails and face book messages containing their kindness and support. Also sincere thanks to residents in many parts of the UK who have offered me temporary accommodation and the GOOD Park Owner who has offered me temporary accommodation in an empty home on their park. This has really propped me up in the darkest of days. save electricity images I am grateful to you all and can say that I am spending Christmas with my family. I am also so very grateful to The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, Tony Turner, Ann Barradine Insulation, Paul Baker of PB Insurance, IPHAS and all others who I am not aware of but have spread the word. The investigation is in the hands of the Police and has been circulated far and wide in the media. gas hydrates india I am not allowed to talk about that – but I have no doubt at all that this was planned. Yes, the threats did frighten me. Yes, they have stolen my home. f gas certification logo Yes, it is very likely that I will not get it back – although that would be wonderful. I can’t say that my future might not be difficult – but NO, regardless of the outcome, they will not win, as I will not abandon the Justice Campaign and what it stands for. Although, other residents are not having their homes stolen, many are suffering other abuses, harassments and intimidations. electricity cost per kwh by country We must stop this NOW and Government must listen. We need to put these perpetrators and their accomplices in JAIL and I will do all that I can to make them understand the torment that residents have to put up with.

The legal framework within which site and mobile home owners operate has developed in a piecemeal fashion. The Mobile Homes Act 1983 extended the rights of mobile home residents, particularly in respect of security of tenure, but various short-comings in its provisions were identified, leading to calls for its review and amendment. power per kwh In 1988 Shelter’s now disbanded Mobile Homes Unit produced a report on the operation of the 1983 Act which called for changes to be made, including having pitch fee levels fixed by rent officers; the development of an effective system of arbitration; and stronger duties on local authorities to inspect unfit housing on mobile homes sites.

Following a review carried out by a Park Homes Working Group in 1998, some of the short-comings identified were addressed by the Housing Act 2004. Concerns around malpractice in the park homes sector persisted. These focused on complaints about unfair fees and charges; poor standards of maintenance; and site owners obstructing the ability of home owners to sell. The Labour Government conducted a further consultation exercise in 2009, following which detailed proposals to strengthen the site licensing system were set out in Park homes site licensing reform: The way forward and next steps. These measures were not implemented prior to the 2010 General Election.

The Coalition Government published A better deal for mobile home owners on 16 April 2012. The Communities and Local Government Select Committee conducted an inquiry into the park homes industry and published its report, Park Homes, in June 2012. The Committee found “widespread malpractice” in the sector and concluded that the existing legislative framework was “inadequate.”